Fear Of Contact A Human Condition

By Tony Elliott

The intentions of the various civilizations who visit our planet and make contact with us is a debate that rages on here at the Digest and other places, where the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon is pondered these days. Are they good guys? Are they out to torture us? Are some from a weird B&D/S&M civilization,only interested in having forced sex with the inhabitants of of lesser intelligent civilizations such as we humans? Or perhaps,they are good guys and have our best interests in mind. 

Such questions and assumptions arise within the UFO community, mainly because of the following reasons.

(1) There are those who are new to the ET experience and want to find out as much, as they can about their events. Some of these people are frightened because the visitors come when their mind is in twilight, usually just at the point of falling asleep and feel violated because they have no control over the experience.

(2) We have those who either are religious or have a dogmatic based set of personal morals, standards, and ideas. There isn’t a great canyon of difference between the two, the latter just live their lives, believing in God and some religious figures such as Jesus, without claiming any affiliation to a particular organized religion. These individuals will fear the very idea of life existing in the universe other than that of Earth bound humans, much less than remember any paranormal experiences they may have had as good in nature. Thus, the fear of ETs exists within their minds at all times. 

(3) Those who wish to intentionally create fear.

(4) The de-bunker who intentionally creates debate for the purpose of discrediting evidence, and personal experiences.

(5) People who are afraid of change.

(6) Those who harbor personal mental problems such as a traumatic event, molestation or the loss of a loved one.

(7) Those who have not taken the time to realize the evolutionary stage of the visitors.

It is for these reasons, the intentions of the ETs are questioned and such reasons for debate arise. Every one of these 7 before mentioned reasons for debating the intentions of the visitors, have one thing in common. This being fear of the unknown.

The newbies to the UFO and paranormal genre share both the learning experience of the who,what,wheres of the extraterrestrial beings. The possibilities of spiritual growth in their experiences and learn from our community, how to deal with the fear associated with subliminal contact. If their minds do not get corrupted from lousy and inaccurate information along the way, they will benefit greatly because of their realization in the universal scheme of things and their integral part in it. They will realize their personal experiences are stepping stones to to higher being.

Those who are religious, feel threatened in even the idea of a extraterrestrial life because this would essentially nix what their dogmas have taught them. Exposing organized religions as mere baseless mythology, aside from the thought that humans are God’s special exclusive creation. Religious idealism comes with it’s own built in protection mechanism. Teaching fear of the paranormal in the form of labeling esoteric life forms as beings, whom are either demonic or from the Devil himself. Thus they are quick to paint all ETs as evil, with evil intentions.

Those who claim no organized religious faith affiliation, but still hang on to the mechanics of it by praying while referring to religious icons in time of need. They continuously maintain a religious based idea of God and have similar fears of the unknown and change. Thus, the claim of not being religious and still following dogmatic doctrine is oxy-moronic in the field of ufology and the paranormal. The two are one and the same in nucleus.

Those who wish to spread fear among as many as possible, are usually those who are afraid of what societal changes will bring via extraterrestrial experiences. Therefore, these people who have a preordained mindset of fear, will experience contact as a frightful event. The same applies to those with hidden mental problems, arising from traumatic events earlier in life. The whole act of contact will release all fears from the human subject’s mind, because it is necessary for the spiritual advancement of the contactee. Psychiatrists and Psychologists here on this planet, use the same method in curing mental illness in human patients. For example, if you fell off a chair and broke your arm during childhood, a sensation of falling or visions of looking down from a high vantage point will be experienced during contact. This must be experienced by the contactee to rid his or her mind of excess baggage, for the purpose of accepting higher learning and the mind’s freedom to realize divine knowledge.

Those of us who research, have ET experiences, and photograph UFOs are painted by De-bunkers as either a bunch of lunatics who are just in it for the fame and financial benefits, or as misguided individuals who can not tell the difference between stars or airplanes. To them, we are all nuts and we more than likely, believe in Superman.

As far as those not realizing the vast evolution in mentality, physical composition, and spirituality of extraterrestrials related to contact experiences are concerned, they can only speculate.

The visitors who come in the night are so advanced above we humans it is mind boggling. Some have advanced beyond having a physical form and exist only in spirit and or entities, made up entirely of mentality.

Lets make one thing crystal clear. Our visitors who come in the night and enter our minds, do not need to conduct any form of medical or mental experiments on Earth bound humans. Nor do they have any primordial desires such as sex, hate, greed or any other evolutionary deficiencies. They already know all there is to know about us. This is entirely an Earth bound human condition, due to our stage of evolution. There are many life forms existing in the universe, many far below our stage of development, many where we are presently and many far above where we are in evolution. The one fact that we humans can rest assured of, is no life form advanced enough to visit Earth in the first place, will have primordial desires as we do of any kind. The act of being here, dismisses that possibility entirely.   

 Since the act of getting from point A to point B requires multidimensional travel, as well as insane speed, they assuredly can see our planet at any given time period. They know that they must bring realization among our population, or we will destroy ourselves.

We must get rid of our fear factor and replace it with a free flowing mind, for realization of higher learning. 

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