Frankenfoods Monsanto Responsible for Push to Add Aspartame in Milk

The proposed addition of Aspartame in milk has quite a few outraged throughout the US and with good reason. The Food and Drug Administration has banned Aspartame twice in the past because of health concerns.

It is a scientific fact that phenylalanine is a component of Aspartame which adversely affects children with phenylketonuria which is a genetic disorder found at birth in which the body is unable to break down the amino acid phenylalanine which limits other important chemicals from getting to the brain.

Those with PKU have to follow a phenylalanine restricted diet and for children it is of the utmost importance since their brains are still developing. Since phenylalanine is a component of Aspartame all food and drinks containing Aspartame must be limited.

Other dangerous components of Aspartame are methyl alcohol and Aspartic Acid; a deleterious substance which over stimulates nerve cells, pathologically exciting the cells and creating a breakdown of function.

The many side effects are abdominal pain, anxiety attacks, arthritis, asthma, asthmatic reactions, bloating, edema (fluid retention), blood sugar control problems (hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia), brain cancer, breathing difficulties, burning eyes or throat, burning urination, can’t think straight, chest pains, chronic cough, chronic fatigue, confusion, death, depression, diarrhea, dizziness, excessive thirst or hunger, fatigue, feel unreal, flushing of face, hair loss, headaches, migraines, hearing loss, heart palpitations, hives (urticaria), hypertension (high blood pressure), hysterical pregnancy, impotency and sexual problems, inability to concentrate, infection susceptibility, insomnia, irritability, itching, joint pains, laryngitis, marked personality changes, memory loss, menstrual problems or changes, muscle spasms, nausea or vomiting, numbness or tingling of extremities, other allergic-like reactions, panic attacks, phobias, poor memory, rapid heartbeat, rashes, seizures and convulsions, slurring of speech, swallowing pain, tachycardia, tremors, tinnitus, vertigo, vision loss, and weight gain.

In addition, Aspartame can mimic symptoms and actually worsen such diseases as fibromyalgia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease, lupus, multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), diabetes and diabetic complications, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, birth defects, chronic fatigue syndrome, lymphoma, Lyme disease, attention deficit disorder (ADD), panic disorder, depression and other psychological disorders.

It might interest environmentalists who have put their faith in climate based international organizations such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), The World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and other United Nations climate change wings now have close affiliations to UN food organizations in general and Monsanto in particular. The addition of Aspartame in milk as well as 17 other dairy products such as sweetened condensed milk, sour cream, and yogurt to name a few, actually originate from international dairy associations closely related to these climate change groups.

The two main dairy groups pushing for the addition of Aspartame in milk and dairy products is the International Dairy foods Association (IFDA) and the National Milk Producers Association (NMPF).

Monsanto Corporation whose business is genetically modifying food from beef, fruit, vegetables, and grain the world over has been involved in many legal actions to keep harmful ingredients in food products from being labeled over the years. Monsanto is the primary advocate of the addition of Aspartame in dairy products and primarily responsible for the push to keep that fact from the public—via not labeling it in the contents of the product. Monsanto has some 70 facilities scattered around the world.

Essentially, what we have here in the push for adding Aspartame to milk and dairy products is the inundation of genetically altered foods which adversely affect the general population in making them more susceptible to disease and allergies as well as increasing the likelihood of more cases of mental disorders. The addition of dangerous chemicals such as Aspartame in our foods also increases the number of psychological disorders via the disruption of natural chemicals needed for mental health.

The interesting fact about the proposed addition of Aspartame in dairy products is the public outrage over health concerns, since basically nothing was mentioned by anybody about the dangers of genetically modified food products in the years before. However, if we are to refuse Aspartame in dairy products based on mental and physical health concerns we must also reject the implementation and commercial sale of genetically modified food, since it poses an even greater threat to human health.

Contrary to the idealism of government, all people have the right to reject any food product as unacceptable when there is a potential for health risks. We have a right to determine what we put inside our bodies and to know what we are polluting it with when we do.

The implementation of foods by the government via international companies such as Monsanto which are tainted with chemicals such as Aspartame and harmful food products that have been genetically modified have the potential of damaging consumers both physically and mentally must no longer be tolerated.

Monsanto’s influence over dictating the foods we consume must stop. The push for Aspartame in dairy products is clearly the desire of Monsanto since they purchased NutraSweet in 1985.

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