From Mars To Earth, Matteo Ianneo’s Archaeological Research

I have devoted a great deal of time in research into archaeological discoveries on the planet Mars, beginning years ago with the discoveries made by Richard C. Hoagland’s analysis of pictures of the Martian surface, sent back to earth by Viking 1 in 1976. In his analysis of the pictures he discovered he found a defined face, unnatural pyramid formations, and evidence of an ancient city in the Cydonia region of Mars. 
More recently, in the last few years a new extraterrestrial archaeologist has come on the scene with even more amazing discoveries, pointing to Mars once having an ancient modern civilization as well as the possibility that certain structures and formations were constructed on earth to be viewed from space. This man is Italian researcher Matteo Ianneo who has discovered many artificial structures and anomalies on the Martian surface from that of new faces, symbols, evidence of water, and even that of once great cities. Matteo’s amazing discoveries can be viewed at the link below.
Recently, his research has taken his interests to exploring ancient sites and structures here on earth. His discovery of a face on one of the rocks at Stonehenge and speculation as to how the huge rocks were transported there, gives new meaning to the purpose of Stonehenge itself and possibilities of why the rock structure is in the area it is and who may have constructed it.
A full report of Matteo Ianneo’s Stonehenge discovery can be viewed here.
In Matteo’s own words:
According to my theory, man has already arrived on Mars and other planets for some time. And we are only a genetic experiment of other civilizations in remote space.
My passion began several years ago when I began to study the maps of purely devoted to agriculture.
I am 48 years old and living in a country where people get up early in the morning to go to take care of the fields and lands. Living in the suburbs and not having the fast internet service, I had to do my research with great effort while using an old modem and thanks to it; I have done my study of this with some great difficulties.
It was hard for me to tell friends the results of my research. Everyone looked at me surprised, and I must tell you that I indeed have looked at the Devonian Era in the face.
Stonehenge Analysis:
This monument’s facets and peculiarly in fact, cannot have been created by nature or erosion, I see an eye, nose, the head, and a mouth. So, I appeal to all students of the Stonehenge phenomena, what fate or revelation have we discovered with this face? These sculptures now contradict the studies conducted by many great scientists and archaeologists, if it was brought to its present location by humans, they should only be bare stones. But if there are faces carved on the surface this means that these stones came from another part of the world, perhaps a great ancient city, even from a place such as Atlantis, it may have been stolen from them because the stones have a value of considerable importance.
According to my hypothesis, if faces are imprinted on each of the stones, then the thesis by the great observatory scientists must have been speculated incorrectly. In my opinion, the face represents much more than what has been found out about Stonehenge so far. It means that there is a different story to be told from what is assumed today. The figures could be from a people more ancient than was previously thought. Perhaps, stolen by someone and put into the position which we see today, and they represent something more important. Perhaps even from the gods of some ancient Egyptian city or from Africa.
The Stonehenge faces do keep within them something of a mystery. If you look closely, the faces are very large. This means that they may have come from a big city with a proud culture. A city still undiscovered. Many scientists say that the stones were originally from 30km away from the place where it now sits. So, I wonder if the stone was cut somewhere else and brought to its present location. What can we learn from the face and what culture is portrayed on the stones?
Matteo Ianneo’s work continues with new discoveries being made on a constant basis. One day in the near future, his discoveries are likely to lead to a new ideal of our own origins as a species as well as answer the question of why we are being visited by beings from the cosmos

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