One of the best places to look for discrepancies in proving the existence of a subterranean society, apart from our surface population is in energy usage. In searching usage of crude oil produced annually, one finds an immediate flaw in calculation of the number of barrels of oil used in the world as opposed to the number of barrels of crude actually pumped.

The United States for example, is said to consume around 18.89 million barrels of oil a day. One would think with the industry in places like China, Russia, India, and the United Kingdom, for example which mostly covers the rest of the world, would consume nearly double the official amount of barrels of oil a day. However, the world oil production record was set in 2011 at 83.6 million barrels, a far cry from what is consumed. Thus, the official calculations of world crude oil production and consumption are simply wrong.

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So, based on the flaw in calculation and the fact that everyone in the world seems to get their daily supply, we have to assume supplies are meeting demand. If the official calculations were correct, everyone would be looking at crude oil prices at around $250.00 a barrel, yet the current market price of a barrel of crude is at the $90.00 range, which makes no sense.

Since we have no real market gauge on crude oil production or consumption, we are left with only guesses of an exact number of barrels of oil traded in the world.

The flawed numbers in the crude oil industry are a dead giveaway that someone somewhere doesn’t want the actual numbers known to the general public. This is more than likely because actual consumption numbers do not add up to the number of barrels purchased. Because…more crude is being bought than used.

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With the misinformation associated with crude oil production and that purchased, it would be fairly easy for multiple countries to hide a few million barrels each of crude per day from the general assessment.

This would be absolutely necessary in supplying energy to a secret subterranean society.

Next, we have the outrageous inflated prices of food that have skyrocketed in the last few years. The official excuse for the rise is said to be due to drought in many areas of the country and high energy prices.

In the first place, if you follow crude oil prices you know prices have been much higher a few years ago than today. From 2017 to 2011, oil prices were much higher ranging over $100.00 per barrel. 

The US has had drought situations in ranching and farming areas for decades, yet we are supposed to believe the ridiculously inflated prices of food currently are related to this. This simply is not true based on several years previously, where food prices have remained stable with only slight rises in price.

Yet, another sign that more food is being sold somewhere than is actually being sold here on the surface. This would put demand as the main culprit for the massive rise in food prices.

There is also a vast discrepancy in areas where drought is said to exist. In years past, we measured drought by the lack of precipitation in a given area. For example, if an area has an annual precipitation of 30 inches per year and only received 10 inches or less for the last year or two, drought conditions would be called. However, in recent years drought conditions are called in areas that have received their normalannual amount of precipitation. This method of calculating drought conditions is not based on the lack of precipitation over a given area, but based entirely on an area’s water consumption. 

This method bases drought conditions on the amount of water available as well. If an area’s aquifer level is well below a safe level, drought conditions are called. 

We can say the increase in population is responsible for a good deal of water usage in most areas, however population levels in many places remain only slightly increased while these same areas seem to be running out of water.

Yet, another sign that more water is being used than our surface society actually needs.

Another indication that more things are being produced than actually used is the clothing industry. Here we have most of our clothes massively produced in sweatshop environments around the world. This affords both massive production of product as well as the ability to keep prices at a reasonable level. This massive increase in production began with the NAFTA agreement during the Clinton Administration and has virtually made American garment production nonexistent. Yet, another indication that more people need to be clothed than the actual number suggests.

The sudden loss of interest in the space program is also an indication of a subterranean society when you consider that space exploration is ultimately to find planets that we could exist on at some future date. However, after the moon landings, no further manned space flights were conducted and no interest in putting humans on the planet Mars were ever seriously considered. Yes, we have had several promises of putting a human on Mars in several decades, but nothing concrete. This total lack of interest in exploring nearby planets for the ultimate goal of expanding human civilization in the face of over population on earth makes no sense. Unless, you already have a solution to the problem by having a hidden society beneath your feet.

The subterranean civilization would be interested in preserving human history as well. This leads us to hundreds and perhaps thousands of missing history in the form of artifacts, art, literature, etc that have gone either missing or stolen during every war since WWII.

Hundreds of missing artifacts and historical information have either simply vanished or officially been considered stolen from Iraq and Afghanistan alone since 9-11.

A commodity necessary for the subterranean society would be gold since it could be used regardless of a currency or entirely in place of it. This brings us to the missing gold at WTC 4,(World Trade Center) which is considered the biggest heist in history, a necessity for the hidden civilization.

Too many indications of the subterranean society exist here on the surface, way too many for mention in a single article.


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