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The most astounding lie from the IPCC regarding rising sea levels is their claim that ocean levels can be higher in certain areas of the planet while remaining normal in other locations. This is physically impossible and scientifically nonexistent as the earth would experience an overall rise in ocean levels, not just in particular geographical locations.

It’s like a bathtub or swimming pool, the water level is the same from one side to the other on level surface. The same concept applies to the planet’s water level with the only exception being gravitational forces both terrestrial and celestial. 

As I have stated in many previous articles in various publications, Al Gore wouldn’t have spent millions of dollars in purchasing a beach front house in S. California a few years ago, if he truly believed in an imminent threat of rising seas.  

For someone who knows weather, climate, and the mechanics of atmospheric physics as I do having studied it since childhood, it can clearly and immediately be seen as a falsity; this seemingly and sudden concern for so called Greenhouse Gasses. 

I will address the concentration of CO2 in the overall atmosphere of the earth rather than any other classified Greenhouse Gas, since other gasses in this classification have much less atmospheric concentrations than CO2.

The claims of rising CO2 levels made by the IPCC, WMO, and other UN climate organizations is entirely false and has no concrete evidence to back it up.

It is a scientific fact that the current level of overall CO2 concentration in the whole atmosphere of the planet is 1% of 1%, making it an inert gas in the grand scheme of our gaseous envelope surrounding earth.

The UN based climate organizations who operate CO2 monitoring stations around the world are always reporting high concentrations of CO2 all the time. In a very deceptive manner they most likely aren’t lying and probably do get very high readings. What they hide from us is the fact that all of the CO2 monitoring stations around the world are located either right on top of or very near natural CO2 producing areas of the planet such as volcanoes, fault lines, seamounts, and in some cases high traffic locations, assuring an above average reading of CO2 concentrations to show the public.

The perception of atmospheric CO2 being responsible for warmer periods in the earth’s past as told by these counterfeit climate organizations is an outright lie. In reality, it is the exact opposite. Times of unusually warm periods actually precede higher levels of overall atmospheric CO2 as seen in geological evidence everywhere on the planet.

The planet Mars can be used as a prime example in the fact that most of its atmosphere is composed of CO2. However, the planet never reaches a high temperature of above the 80 degree range, even in its warmest areas. The planet does receive enough radiation from the sun to generate warm temperatures, but the nights are very cold, as most of the sun’s radiation escapes back into space, indicating no Greenhouse effect.

 One could argue that Venus has an atmosphere mostly of CO2 as well and it has a runaway Greenhouse effect, but upon further inspection, Venus would be very warm regardless of its atmospheric composition because of its close proximity to the sun. 

So, what we have here is a bunch of lies, wanting us to believe in a warming planet when the evidence just won’t cooperate. These pseudo climate scientists have egg on their faces because of all of the past lies they were caught at such as the Michael Mann hockey stick graph. Mann like most of his fellow colleagues lists himself as a climate scientist. Yet, he has absolutely no degree in meteorology or atmospheric physics, making him and the rest of these clowns unqualified in every aspect of weather and climate.

Just because a mechanic may be able to diagnose any problem with an automobile doesn’t qualify them to practice medicine. Within the UN based climate organizations we have just such unqualified people for weather and climate science.

What is needed is a worldwide ban on anyone holding a weather and climate position who does not possess a valid diploma in meteorology. Interestingly enough, if such a law was passed all UN based climate and weather organizations would have to be disbanded due to lack of qualified employees. 

We must assure that no one holds a position who only has an honorary degree in meteorology as well such as is the case with WMO President David Grimes. 

The latest climate report is proof of these unqualified individuals, issuing these false reports. 


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