We have yet another shooting that took place at LAX 11/01/13 involving a shooter that, as we are told, suffers from a mental condition, is sick of the US government, and used an assault rifle (AR-15) as his weapon of choice. 

The gunman was identified as Paul Anthony Ciancia, a 23-year-old New Jersey native who lived most recently in Los Angeles.

Authorities declined to discuss the gunman’s motivation publicly. But a law enforcement official told The Times that a note was found on the gunman expressing “disappointment in the government” and saying that he had no interest in hurting “innocent people.” Ciancia also sent a sibling a text message last week suggesting that he was prepared to die, officials said.

The stats can be viewed here.

The TSA officer killed was identified as 39-year-old Gerardo I. Hernandez who was supposed to be specially trained to spot suspicious people who may have sinister intentions. Apparently, he missed Ciancia.

What we have here with this shooting is a carbon copy of almost every shooting incident since the Aurora Theater Massacre. The same scenario overall, the exact same gun used, and the shooter being mentally unstable. What this says is these mass shootings are orchestrated events, following the same script, same type of actor, and perhaps the most important of all, the exact same weapon used. Thus, the script being used in these incidents is the same, only the theater of operations is different.

Interestingly, the AR-15 is a US government weapon of choice used by the military since 1958. In a government orchestrated event involving shooting, it stands to reason this weapon would be used. The AR-15 would be the most difficult gun to get a hold of by a regular citizen because of the government scrutiny involved with anyone wishing to purchase one.

Realistically, no one would have been able to carry an AR-15 into LAX, concealed or not because of its size and shape without encountering airport security, LAPD officers assigned there, various Federal Air Marshals, and the TSA. Yet, we are supposed to believe a kid like Ciancia pulled it off. Impossible, since as we are told Ciancia was walking through the airport asking everyone if they were TSA agents. It would also be impossible for a 23 year old who was never officially trained in urban conflict and terrorist operations to get as far as Ciancia did. 

What this says is Paul Anthony Ciancia accomplished this because he had help and the training to do so.

Ciancia was also listed as having lived in Pennsville, New Jersey, just some 15 miles from Wilmington, Delaware before moving to Los Angeles. The fact that Ciancia lived so close to Wilmington, Delaware where major CIA and NSA businesses are sets off alarms pointing to his training in clandestine operations.

The name Ciancia reeks with CIA, C-(see)-I-(I)-A-(am)-N-(in)-CIA-(CIA). Under any other circumstances not involving murder the name would be hilarious. It is like advertising who is behind the crime by putting it on a billboard for everyone to see.

More important than the actual shooting incident is the reasons behind why it was necessary. For one, such shooting incidents grab the headlines and push other news aside. It would also help in accomplishing the UN Small Arms Treaty which was signed recently by the US and allow the government the freedom to confiscate guns from American citizens. 

It also takes the attention away from other news such as the awakening of the American people taking place to the Treasonous acts of the US government in helping terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood with billions of dollars in aid, military equipment, and actual help militarily taking place in Washington. 

Senator John McCain for example, can’t seem to attend a single Town Hall meeting in his home state of Arizona of late, without being confronted by citizens demanding answers why we are supporting Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in the Mid-East and abroad while being told for over 10 years that they were our enemy. McCain and the Obama Administration are also accused of being Traitors by committing Treason at these events.

People began waking up to the lies they have been told since 9-11, shortly before Obama announced his desire to bomb the Assad regime and help the rebels who are Al Qaeda and various other associated terrorist groups. This announcement was more instrumental in exposing the lies we have been told since 9/11/2001 than any other single event.




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