Marfa Lights and Related UFO Phenomena Explained

By Tony Elliott

UFOs have been observed throughout human history in all areas of the world from time to time, but there is one area where they are seen on a nightly basis. This is the area of Chihuahua Desert east of Marfa, located in extreme west Texas. 

 Called The Marfa Lights, they are appear shortly after sunset and have become such an expected event that a viewing site equipped with telescopes and information about the lights was built east of town.

The Marfa Lights or Ghost Lights as some call them, appear as luminous balls of light which have all the characteristics of UFOs seen in other parts of the world. They suddenly appear out of nowhere to the viewer and some will move along the ground at high speeds. Some perform fantastic aerial feats as most UFOs do while still others, seem to hover on the ground stationary. Similar to UFOs seen elsewhere, the MLs can suddenly disappear and reappear before the eyes of the observer.

The MLs have been seen in this area since the middle 1800s, when settlers reported seeing them there on their way west.


There have been many investigations into the phenomenon by both scientists and the curious but so far nothing conclusive has been discovered. The only thing anybody really knows about them is that they exist. As to what they are, where they come from or what causes them to appear remains a mystery. This is exactly the same conclusion made with all other UFO sightings in the world. They are viewed, photographed, and analyzed yet nothing more than the sightings themselves is proven.

There may be a connection to be considered with the MLs and other sightings of orbs of light or plasma balls. MLs are seen in this area of desert, which is very close to a climate transition line. Marfa is located in an arid climate and not too far away there is a semi-arid climate in Pecos.

The other hot spot for sightings is the Mojave Desert of So. California where sightings were so common that many believers would gather annually in the old days, for a glimpse of a UFO at Giant Rock just a few miles from the small town of Joshua Tree.

This area of desert in So. California is very near the climate transition line from that of arid desert to a Mediterranean climate, existing westward beyond the Cajon Pass to the northwest and the San Gorgonio Pass to the southwest near Palm Springs.

These climate transition lines can sometimes stir up violent windstorms in the desert areas, when conditions are right during the storm season. Such abrupt lines separating climates may also be the cause of other phenomena, such as the formation of plasma balls generated from the friction in the atmosphere caused by the constant fight for superiority between two differing climates.

Plasma balls could be generated by atmospheric friction on a wide scale, similar to lightening generated within cumulonimbus clouds from updrafts and downdrafts within the storm cloud itself. 

Until recently, the phenomenon of ball lightening was observed from time to time during thunderstorms, having enormous amounts of lightening but was unproven as actual fact. Now ball lightening has been recognized as actual electrical phenomena, which can occur during severe thunderstorms.

Luminous plasma balls, such as those seen in areas near climate transition boundaries are simply static electricity, generated from friction similar to lightening in storms only on a grand scale.

Of course, this theory does not give an explanation to all UFO sightings but it may explain the possible causes of some in particular areas, which seem to occur regularly.

However, most UFO sightings occurring around the world cannot be explained away with being the result of weather or climate phenomena and point to being crafts powered by intelligence such as those seen daily in parts of Mexico.

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