MY PREDICTIONS FOR 2012 article, Revisited

The recent outbreak of tornadoes in the United States have many wondering what could be the reason for such an early start to the severe weather season and why storms are so intense.
In my article “MY PREDICTIONS FOR 2012”, I stated that 2012 would be a year for severe weather, not only here in the US but worldwide. Not only will 2012 be bad for tornadoes, the hurricane season will be as bad as well in many parts of the world. A variety of extreme weather will predominate the whole year. We have seen this thus far in the bitter winter conditions in Europe, drought conditions in some areas, floods, and even balmy weather for many most of the winter here in the US in places where winter usually means a deep freeze for most of the season.
As I said in the article. It isn’t Global Warming/Climate Change, greenhouse gasses, or even pollution. Simply put, this year’s severe weather is caused by solar flares. 2012, will be a banner year for solar activity and the results are extreme weather.
I’m sure many will question the cause of the devastating hurricane season here in the states as well as why there were so many strong storms of a tropical nature in the world this year when the season for them begins. The answer will be the same here as it was for the tornado season.
2012, may bring strong tropical storms to northern Baja California, Mexico and into southern California this fall as well, since weather patterns will favor a more northerly track on the Pacific coast.
2012 will be a very costly year both in monetary costs and casualties. So, hang on. Tornado Season has just begun.

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