2012 has arrived, and with it comes a variety of predictions, of which most will be untrue. It is very similar to the “Mad Max” situation many predicted for the year 2000, when it was thought computers would simply shut down after 1999 and send society into another stone age.

I suspect 2012 will roll over into 2013 with human civilization still in existence.
I do not make predictions based on psychic ability, as I do not consider myself a fortuneteller. What I can do is estimate a situation based on previous and current events, which will more than likely present themselves as a future event over a particular time frame. In light of this, what we can expect in 2012, as in previous years is no disclosure on UFOs or about proof of alien civilizations existing in the universe or having existed in ancient times on other planets such as Mars, for example. To do so, would take away the supreme power of governments in the minds of the masses. Thus, this will never happen unless governments are directly forced to disclose by visitors from beyond.
In light of the fact that 2012 will be a banner year for solar flares, since the sun is going through an active period, it will be safe to assume that 2012 will be a time when the US and the world will see much more severe weather. We should have a few deadly outbreaks of tornadoes in the US this year, as well as being hit by a few hurricanes. Since Katrina in 05, the US has been spared from being hit by a very strong hurricane with few exceptions. However, with the solar activity at a high point this year, hurricanes in the US and around the world should be more in both number and intensity.
Enviroclowns will be quick to blame it on Global Warming/Climate Change because of human made Greenhouse gasses, but you heard it first here what the real cause is. The cause will not be from the earth or its own atmosphere, it will be from the Sun and they cannot link our supposed Global Warming to that, or their whole premise will be shot.
Severe weather will also make news around the world as floods, storms of tropical origin, extreme temperatures, and drought will be more predominate.
2012 should be a wild year for weather extremes.  

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