It seems this year we have yet another strange acoustic event taking place on a worldwide scale, replacing that of the trumpet sounds reported during the latter half of 2011 through 2012. This time, it is a low pitched hum heard by about 1 person in every 50 and mostly experienced by older people above 50 years old.

The sound itself resembles that of the Taos, New Mexico hum which has been heard for over two decades in the area. Contrary to the strange sounds of trumpets reported around the world the hum is a phenomenon I too, am familiar with having heard it occasionally in different areas of the US since 1990. Personally, I haven’t heard it for about 12 years.

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The sound is a low pitched hum that seems to emanate from whatever structure you happen to be in at the time. It is most likely, rarely experienced outside in an open area since it seems to need something constructed such as a house, building, etc. to bounce off of or interact with. Thus, we must conclude that the hum is not a sound per say but a vibration which causes the perception of sound when it interacts with a structure. 

If you happen to have experienced this hum, you may have noticed that the perception of sound can be very high when your head is at a certain angle but when you turn your head just the slightest the sound seems to be either drastically reduced or disappears entirely. This suggests that the vibrations have a geographical point of origin and are not coming from every direction. With this in mind, we must conclude that the vibrations have a particular point of origin. Since the event is taking place on a world scale, one must also deduce that there are many points of origin rather than one central area where they are produced. This also indicates that the vibrations are very likely a manufactured event, rather than naturally produced by the planet itself.

If the vibrations are being produced by humans we must realize off the top that such an endeavor would be too large for average people to pull off on the scale the hum is being experienced the world over. Thus, we have to assume that governments are involved.

The hum is experienced mostly in the US, UK, Australia, in scattered areas along the Mediterranean Sea coast, and in some areas in the world on a much lesser extent. 

Interestingly, the hum seems to have not been experienced in Russia or China. This indicates that the US and UK are the countries responsible for manufacturing the vibrations, since it would be impossible for the US and UK to install equipment necessary for producing the vibrations in either of these two countries.

Since sound vibrations can be used to manipulate the mind we must realize that the hum is being used as a tool to influence peoples thinking on a massive scale. More of an explanation of how these governments are achieving this can be seen at the following link.

Mind manipulation by sound explains how the US and UK are pulling off the transition from relatively free societies to that of Socialistic Dictatorships without a peep from citizens. 

The people of the US are fantastic examples of a whole society under the influence of mind control. At no other time in history could the President get away with what Barack Obama has. Obama has been exposed of spying on American citizens through the NSA, the Benghazi incident, the IRS scandal, where the government spied on targeted Conservative organizations, and the list goes on. Obama has also essentially made himself a supreme Dictator by signing countless Executive Orders since taking office. 

With the events of 9-11 in general and the Obama Administration in particular the US government has transformed the country from a free society adhering to the Constitution to that of a Socialistic Dictatorship. 

All of this and much more would not have been possible without controlling the minds of US citizens on a massive scale.

President Nixon was impeached decades ago for far lesser crimes than what Obama gets away with on a daily basis.

One of the key indicators that American society has been mind manipulated is the fact that no one seems to question why we essentially have become a Socialist nation in the name of protecting us from Terrorism while at the same time, the US government is supporting Terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and several other extremist groups abroad. If American society were not mind controlled, we would have massive demonstrations taking place throughout the country, protesting this outrage. Yet, Americans remain silent and uncaring about what is being done to them, a true indication of mind manipulation.

One way to reduce the influence of this perpetrated hum is to try using ear plugs while sleeping. This will drastically reduce the influence of the manufactured humming vibrations from entering the brain. The fewer hours exposed to the vibrations the better. After a few days, one will realize a change in the mind from not caring about certain issues to suddenly realizing their importance. 

If you hear the hum, try to keep your head in a direction where the sound becomes drastically reduced or disappears. Next, realize the direction from where it is heard. I’m betting if you experience this hum more than once and determine the direction from where it seems to originate each time you hear it, you will find that it is coming from the same direction every time. What this means is it has a central point of origin which more than likely is through a nearby cell tower. 

Keep in mind that just because you haven’t heard this hum doesn’t necessarily indicate that you are not affected by it. This low pitched vibration is there and is affecting you whether or not it is heard. A simple case of ringing in the ears could indicate its presence.

It is important to remember that the Taos hum was first noticed in the 1990s. This indicates that the city of Taos was the first place for this vibration technology to be used. Since the Federal government has many secret installations in Los Alamos, which is just some 66 miles away, making Taos the perfect place to conduct the experiments.

This mind manipulation through sound vibration technology basically came into being through wireless technology, but has been used in experiments by the US and UK since WWII. 

This mind control and psy-ops operation via sound vibration is just the latest technology being used by the US and UK to influence the minds of the general population for the purpose of giving these governments Cart Blanche to do whatever they choose. Obviously, most of us wouldn’t approve of most of what they are doing and need to be manipulated mentally to conform.


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