NASA Wrong Again As Usual –> With a Rebuttal From Shawn D. Goldman

An article appearing in the, 8/18/11, titled “Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilizations, say scientists” is basically a report on the latest foolishness from the enviroclowns masquerading as actual scientists and engineers employed at NASA. Concisely, the latest NASA report states their concern for alien civilizations who may destroy humanity based on their observations of high atmospheric Greenhouse Gasses, which indicate to an alien race that the human race would have no regard for other races because they have no concern for their own planet.

What this shows me, is that NASA has completely gone political in every aspect of their operations and chosen to peruse a political agenda rather than having any interest in concrete based science research and space exploration. 

In the first place, our pollution level represents our stage of advancement. We still have to burn fuels to run engines that power all modes of transportation we have. It will be awhile before we reach the point where we can power what we ride with something as simple as magnetic devices where we can use the forces of attraction and repulsion from any planet, solar system or galaxy to power our ships. 

Any alien civilization observing the human race knows exactly what stage we are at by our pollution levels. Such high atmospheric and surface pollution levels are not only signs of the type of industry a civilization has but is also an indication of how many wars may be raging currently and have taken place in the past.

If NASA’s little Green Minded Men were actually taking samples of our atmosphere they would find a very minute amount of CO2 and wonder what kind of racket the US government was involved in trying to get everyone concerned about something that wasn’t really a problem.

Rather than judging us, based on pollution levels any alien civilization will base any action taken on us by our governments. This is a scary thought since the US government is corrupt, incompetent, deceitful, greedy, criminal, selfish, controlling and above all deceptive. 

With this in mind, we should be obliterated at any given second. However, it has nothing to do with our pollution levels or internal problems as an indication of our threat to extraterrestrial civilizations that would cause them to destroy human civilization or any other civilization, for that matter. Any advanced race capable of observing other less evolutionized civilizations, will keep them from veering too far into space where they could be a threat. For this reason, I believe is why we have all but scrapped any desire to go even as far as the moon and instead, chose to militarize space near our planet. We have dumped space exploration because we were told we must by an alien civilization. We have essentially made the Reagan idea of Star Wars a reality but only as a military advantage for fighting ETs rather than what it was originally intended for in protecting us from earth bound missiles with nuclear warheads. Again, a foolish notion since UFOs continue to appear, fly and disappear at will, regardless of what type of satellite systems we have in place. Proving we are only great and powerful in our own minds and nothing more. 

NASA has more than proven itself as a government puppet, only interested in promoting greedy agendas based on preordained projections from computer models. Such as the Climate Change lie, whose nucleus comes completely from the false pretense of rising CO2 levels warming the atmosphere, rather than providing solid truth based science. Thus, NASA cannot be trusted to provide real science, only scenarios for the purpose of furthering political motives.

As far as the Global Warming/Climate Change farce is concerned, I believe we are in a “Wizard of Oz” situation. We are told all these lies and warned of the dire consequences if we do not heed them. However, in the end we are going to find this central envirofool directing all his lies in the smoke and mirrors of deception to keep the people hypnotized in a zombie like state, oblivious to reality.  

Thankfully, there are many Dorothy’s and Toto’s around to expose such crooks.


UFO Digest Editor’s Note:

In Rebuttal from Shawn D. Goldman


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