The time has come for All Americans in particular and people worldwide to voice their opposition to war in Syria. Every US citizen needs to flood the offices of their elected officials from Congress to the White House with telephone calls, E-Mails, and personal appearances demanding no more wars.

Since 9-11, the US has wasted the lives of thousands of young men and women in the military as well as killed over a million people in the countries it has waged war against. 

Currently, the US has an unacceptable lousy economy with disastrous unemployment rates in all areas, and this has been the case since 2007. This is because the US government has spent itself into oblivion, financing useless military intervention in countless countries the world over.

Now it is Barack Obama’s desire to get us involved militarily in Syria. The excuse used this time is that the Assad regime has used chemical weapons against rebel factions fighting against that government. What is conveniently not mentioned of late is that evidence surfaced several months ago, citing the Syrian rebels as being the first to use chemical weapons.

The rebels we would be helping are fanatics as seen in the YouTube video of the rebel cutting out the heart of a Syrian government soldier.

In America, we now live under a Socialistic Dictatorship where individual freedom that was once enjoyed by all and guaranteed by the Constitution is a thing of the past. Since 9-11 and the passage of the Patriot Act, as well as the many Draconian laws passed since and the countless Executive Orders signed by George W. Bush and Obama America is now a Monarchy.

From being searched and groped at all airports before being able to fly on a commercial plane to having our telephones tapped, current American life resembles that of the old Soviet Union rather than a free country. All this because the US government says it is necessary to protect us from terrorism. Yet, we are supposed to believe this when at the same time the US government is supporting the very terrorist organizations abroad we are told are our enemies.

Basically, since Barack Obama took office we have supported terrorist groups both financially and militarily gain power throughout the Mid-East, northern Africa, and Indonesia. In each case, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and several other terrorist groups have come into power via US help.

We can clearly see that the US government is not sincere about the War on Terrorism and that the whole idea was a lie from the beginning. It is a facade because the US government wouldn’t go to such extremes to protect its citizens at home while at the same time support the very people abroad they say they are protecting us from. If they really were fighting terrorism this would not be the case.

In reality, what the US government is doing today would be the same as declaring war on Nazi Germany during WWII and then helping them on the battlefield and supplying them with arms and money. The bottom line is back then, America would have been seen as a country out of its mind in doing such an insane thing. However, today that is exactly what is happening since war was declared on terrorism in general, then we turn around and help them abroad.

It is time the American people take charge of their government by making their voices heard in demanding no more wars.

It is also time for people of all countries to make their opposition to any American involvement militarily anywhere in the world known.

We must all band together and stop the irresponsible American government from killing anyone else in the world as well as demand a return to the Constitution in governance.

Contact info for US Congress.

US Senate.

The White House.

Let’s make it known we’re serious.




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