Put Simply, Global Warming/Climate Change Doesn’t Exist

The topic of global warming/climate change continues to be debated by those who believe in it and those who do not. I have been studying climate and weather since childhood and have perhaps more overall knowledge of these sciences and other related sciences than some of the geophysics involved in this genre than most meteorologists.

 I have made an extensive study of the claims made by United Nations organizations in general and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) the WorldMeteorological Organization (WMO) in particular and other UN based climate branchesm,v. My findings are based on facts from actual weather and climate records and physical evidence.

 The whole global warming/climate change idea is just that, an idea and nothing more. GW/CC has become more of a green idealism based on a religious like belief that humankind is a virus and by just living modern life, civilization is killing Mother Earth who is the God figure in this Church of Climatology. This sort of thinking was born in the early 1990s with the UNs Agenda 21. The whole nucleus of Agenda 21is based on human caused climate change and the solution to the problem is reducing the human population down to one billion globally. This would be done by creating a world centralized government in which the UN would assume. Then they will implement policies to eventually destroy the industrial structure of the world’s leading superpowers, and drastically reduce individual freedom of all citizens in complying with strict environmental laws. The reduction of the human population in such a short time would have to be done with legalized euthanasia, involuntary euthanasia such as state sponsored chemical and biological pathogens introduced to the overall population causing a massive pandemic and certain death to all who get sick from it, as well as using wars.Essentially, the GW/CC idealism sprang from Agenda 21.

 Let’s get one thing straight about GW/CC; there shouldn’t be a debate about its authenticity at all since it is based on conjecture. Not a single claim from the GW/CC so called experts is based on scientific fact at all and comes entirely from manipulated computer models, deliberately doctored satellite images, graphs, and forecast models designed to show a desired scenario of the world’s climate and no tactual facts.

 They were caught lying about the Himalayan glaciers disappearing when a team of scientists found no melting ice at all or any reduction of ice when they went there on a fact finding mission not too long ago.

 Sure, the world has glaciers in the process of melting but while this is happening, others are increasing in size, both in thickness and area. This has been going on since the ice age and will continue for thousands of years. It is called cycles. The process of cycles also holds true for the ice at the poles as ice will increase and recede over the course of time. Thus, no GW/CC, it’s just nature on living planet.

 The question of extremes in weather is also misleading since the sinister forces of global dominance want us to believe that extreme weather and temperature events are becoming more prevalent.

 Indeed, there are more weather related disasters going on today than just a few decades ago. This is due to the massive increase in the human population now living in areas in the millions that were uninhabited only a few decades ago.

 Today, it is all about who is affected by weather events and not the events themselves, since extreme weather has been around since the dawn of the earth’s atmosphere.

 We also have been lied to, regarding areas under drought conditions. Over the past few years,drought has been called in most sections of the continental US. However, inmost cases when the actual precipitation amounts are examined in any so-calleddrought stricken area, one finds that in most cases the drought area has had near and sometimes above average precipitation over the course of a two year period. The question of how this can happen is answered by how much available water a given area has and not how much precipitation the area has received.Thus, a state like Texas for instance, is constantly under drought conditions regardless of how many inches of precipitation has fallen simply because the massively growing population uses more and more water, depleting the resource in both lean and normal years of precipitation.

 States such as Kansas are always in drought based on water needs for human consumption and raising crops, not because of actual rainfall. Most of Kansas is scrub brush country and this didn’t happen by accident just normal climate conditions for the area.

 Most areas of the world would have to have nearly doubled their annual precipitation they normally get just to keep enough ground water available to meet the needs of the population.

 There isn’t any need for this scare of lack of water since modern society should be keeping up with the demands of a growing population by using desalinization plants. The entireMid East would be void of most of its current population if it were not for the use of desalination plants in that region. Currently, the world has more water than we could ever use, even at double the current population by transforming salt water into fresh.

 Getting back to climate, the GW/CC alarmists have been hard at work trying to convince everyone here in the US that global warming is happening using the mild winter of 2011and 2012 as an example. What they deliberately fail to show us is what a devastatingly bitter cold winter it was in the rest of the northern hemisphere.Last winter was a prime example of weather conditions during a season having nothing to do with a changing climate pattern.

 As I have stated many times before in several articles, I challenge anyone to present me with just one piece of concrete evidence that proves GW/CC as real. Thus far, no one has been able to do so since actual weather, climate, geophysical records, and physical evidence prove otherwise.

 Recently, it has been discovered that the world’s climate was warmer during the Roman Empire than it is today and that we have been cooling ever since.


Most actual meteorologists do not agree with the GW/CC scheme, primarily because of their broad range of understanding of the atmosphere. Those who promote the lies have very little formal education in the science of meteorology and are either well educated in other non-weather or climate sciences or are outright political activists and environmentalists, with no knowledge of atmospheric physics at all.

 Believing what we are told by these clowns is like going to your mechanic for medical advice on an ailment, or asking your attorney advice on automobile mechanical problems. The bottom line is you wouldn’t.

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