On March 12, 2014, Chris Caesar wrote an article that Jack Pickell, a news producer for “Boston Globe” posted mentioning two points I made in my UFO Digest article “THE IRANIAN CONNECTION: THE DISAPPEARANCE OF MALAYSIAN FLIGHT MH370“. In his article, “9 crazy conspiracy theories about Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370” he mentions my suspicions of the two Iranian nationals with stolen passports as being the prime suspects in hijacking the airliner and the fact that I believe they may have taken the plane to East Timor. Mr. Pickell believes these points were simply crazy conspiracies. What he conveniently forgot to mention was just how right my article was in calling it a hijacking so early on.

As for the impossibility of the plane making such a drastic drop in altitude;

It seems as time goes by and the search for the plane widens and intensifies, my crazy conspiracy theory on this disappearance isn’t quite so crazy. 

It is a fact that everyone involved with this incident now believes foul play was the likely culprit and the 20 Freestyle Semiconductor employees are the focal point in the hijacking. 

What we know now is the plane flew for several hours after disappearing from civilian radar. Thus, no crash site will ever be found simply because it was successfully landed at some undisclosed location. I would be very suspicious of any official claim to have found the wreckage of MH370 since so much time has passed and such a vast area has been searched for debris with nothing found so far.

The difference between the mainstream journalism that Chris Caesar and Jack Pickell are part of and the type of investigative journalism in my genre is we go beyond just reporting the news as face value. We take it to a new level in actually analyzing every aspect of a news event and investigate it thoroughly to present the most likely scenario. In the case of the missing Malaysian flight MH370, mainstream media was quick to speculate the plane crashed. What this did was upset family members and friends of the passengers with thoughts of the deaths of their loved ones. I on the other hand, offered them hope that they may still be alive by simply examining the facts of the whole incident. 

We may not always be right 100% of the time, but neither is your local meteorologist in predicting tomorrow’s weather even though equipped with the latest technology from satellites to Doppler Radar.

In this genre, we also have our kooks and individuals who will say anything to gain attention. This has never been the case with me, as I am very careful of what I report. In the case of the missing plane, we may never know what happened. Even if certain governments do find out it was a hijacking for sinister intentions by a prominent government entity, the world may never know because withholding such information could prevent a war.

My advice, Caesar and Pickell…is for you to continue to simply report the news and I will make sense of it.


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