Remembering 9-11, The Questions Remain

The 10th anniversary of the so-called terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon has arrived and yet we have the same questions yearning to be answered today, as in the beginning.

Regarding the attack on the Pentagon on 9-11, 2001, as I have said many times previously. If an airliner really hit the building as the government says it did. Why then, the refusal to release the hundreds of videos both from the Pentagon itself and from the surrounding buildings which assuredly have the incident in full view? It would seem the government should be more than happy to show the public that a plane hit the building, if indeed it was an airplane. However, the only video the Feds would release was a micro clip of a streak hitting the building immediately followed by a huge explosion. This particular clip really does not prove a thing other than the fact that something did hit the building and exploded. As to what it was cannot be determined because of the speed of the object itself and the original speed of the tape showing the object.

The physical damage to the Pentagon as well as debris from the impact is inconsistent with what should have been seen if a passenger plane was the object striking the building. 

The fact is more damage to the building than really happened should have taken place if a 757-passenger plane was the object in question and some identifiable plane parts would have been seen in the area. Yet neither the structure damage to the building or identifiable plane parts could be found. This leaves inquiring minds with an IQ above moron, to conclude that the object that hit the Pentagon was not an airplane at all and this reason is why the Feds refuse to release videos of the incident. Simply because videos of the actual event would show something else entirely, disproving their claim it was a passenger plane.

What about eyewitnesses? There should be at least 50 people who actually viewed the incident given the area and time of day. Yet no one has come forward with the details.

There are many reasons for this silence. They could have been silenced by the government, afraid to tell the public what they saw or simply do not want to get involved. For whatever reason the fact remains there are several eyewitnesses to this incident.

I would like to hear from anyone witnessing the attack on the Pentagon and welcome E-Mails from anyone who actually viewed this happening.

The demolition style collapse of the Twin Towers as well as building seven, which was not even hit by anything, is most disturbing. Yet building seven collapsed in the same manner as the Twin Towers. It was reported that more than 100 first responders say they heard explosions and viewed flashes as the towers were falling. The most incriminating evidence of all is the fact that nano-thermitic composite material was found in the dust from the explosion and collapse.

The law of averages would not see the same type of collapse in all three buildings since building 7 was not constructed at the same time as the Twin Towers. However, we are supposed to believe this fantastic claim from the Federal government that all three buildings would collapse in a free style fall. To believe such nonsense is in itself, science fiction.

The official story that all three airliners were hijacked by a handful of terrorists armed with only box cutters is also very fantastic and most of all unbelievable. Such a scenario is not believable once you put yourself in the same situation as the passengers. Since the objective of all three hijackings was to crash the planes into buildings, therefore automatically making them suicide flights, I doubt very seriously that anyone on those flights would have just sit back quietly and let themselves be killed without putting up a fight. Anyone would risk being slashed by a box cutter to take down a terrorist whose plan was to kill them. Thus, terrorists armed with only box cutters forcing these airliners to crash is not viable.

From the very first moments of hearing about the 9-11 attacks back in 01, my immediate gut feeling was that this was an inside job planned and executed by the US government or those in charge behind the scene to further an agenda. At first glance, it seems very clear that securing most of the world’s oil supplies and production by occupying countries suspected of harboring terrorist groups was the main objective. Since going after Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, thus occupying that country, going after Saddam Hussein in Iraq based on false information that he had Weapons of Mass Destruction and trying to succeed in getting the go ahead to invade Iran based on flawed information that they were developing Nuclear Weapons. The US would have succeeded in occupying most of the big oil producing countries in the Mid East, under the guise of stopping terrorism.

However, the whole “war on terror” is a twofold objective. First, to secure the world’s oil preserves. Then, implement socialistic restraints and intrusions on the American population under the guise of fighting terrorism. Today, Americans are living under a Federal government that has removed more personal freedoms and civil liberties from them, than at any given time in history. In the name of fighting terrorism, we now accept the government scrutinizing our every move on a daily basis. We now allow the government to automatically bug our telephone calls, track each movement we make on the internet, examine our personal bank accounts and financial decisions, and pat us down before boarding any flight. All this, in the form of the Patriot Act, which we are told, is to protect us from terrorism. However, what it really does is just spy on American citizens.

Whether you are for or against illegal immigration, the fact remains that any government as concerned with terrorists and their getting into this country, as the US wants us to believe it is would have immediately sealed its borders after the initial attacks. However, this never happened and our borders remain as open today as they ever were. This shows any thinking mind that the US is just using 9-11 as an excuse to socialize its citizens and really is not concerned with terrorists getting into the country.

At the present, we have the largest expansion of Federal government than at any time in history in the disguise of keeping us safe. The US has hundreds of new agencies in operation today than before 9-11 in this false claim of safety, but the bottom line is we need no more agencies now than we did before 9-11 because agencies like the FBI, CIA and NSA should be able to handle the intelligence and security necessary now as before 9-11.  

9-11 and the millions of lives lost because of it worldwide, is the biggest tragedy in modern history. It is also a stark reminder that dark forces are always in play in the quest for gaining complete control over the masses. In today’s modern society, fear must be used to implement laws and regulations which strive to remove any form of personal freedom from a country built on freedom.

Through fear of an unseen enemy Americans have allowed their government to act similar to the Chinese government in dictating law rather than preserving the Constitution.

The War on Terror has created an enemy which is unseen, can be anywhere at any given time and consists of many different factions of differing interests. In other words, there is an all-encompassing enemy waiting for the right moment to attack and kill as many as possible and the terrorist could even be your next-door neighbor. Thus, we are being honed into fearful rats, which scurry into a crevice when big brother issues a warning. 

The very fact that the events of 9-11 took place at all is an indication of it being an inside job. Such an elaborate scheme, which supposedly took so long in planning, would not have had the chance of getting off the ground with the security agencies we had at that time. 

The whole 9-11 incident is something that could not have happened if the US government was operating in a normal manner.

9-11 is also the reason that presently we are experiencing the biggest economic disaster since the Great Depression. Since trillions of dollars has been spent on this farce and trillions have went missing such as the over 2- trillion dollars reported as unaccounted for by Donald Rumsfeld on 9-10-2001, just a day before the 9-11 attacks. It becomes increasingly evident that both the orchestration and execution of 9-11 as well as the costs of perpetual war since then, is too excessive for US economy to sustain. The dirty dealings of profit sharing from the war by those in power, and those directly involved play a major role in the lousy economic picture America is in today. 

Our current economic picture is just one of the many results from a country living on a lie. Until those responsible are brought to justice and at least some of the trillions recovered the US will continue to suffer undue economic hardships.

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