Setting The Record Straight, The Misconceptions Of ET Abductions And Religious Superstitions

I have been a UFO, paranormal, strange phenomena researcher and investigator for decades, having had many experiences in this genre from sightings of many strange objects; a Sasquatch sighting, aura visions, and a vast array of paranormal encounters of my own. As far as the extraterrestrial experience in general and abductions as they are called in particular goes, I find that many in this business are misguided. They make fantastic claims for personal monitory gains, come to the table with preordained ideas which are clouded by their personal belief systems, and above all a lack of understanding of the visitor phenomena.

For instance, we can examine the abduction experience. Many consider those who abduct them as evil, demonic, and lacking in any compassion. Such bad experiences stem from fear and the core belief system of the individual being abducted and have nothing to do with the extraterrestrials who contacted them or the nucleus of the abduction itself.

We must first consider the intelligence level of those who conduct the abductions. These beings are thousands and perhaps millions of years advanced from our own human civilization. Thus, similar to we humans experimenting on animals here on earth for research. We do not first, try to assure the animal that our intentions are good, or ask their permission, because from our standpoint it would be foolish and unnecessary. This is exactly the mindset of the visitors, as to them we are a lower species. 

The visitors we consider the Grays because of color and their insect like appearance, aren’t really Grays at all but beings that have evolutionized beyond that of a physical form to one of pure spirit and thought. They can appear as a multitude of different beings such as angels, demons, the traditional gray, an elf, fairy, etc. at will. The image they appear as, simply depends on a particular human’s ideal system.

All bad experiences with these beings, stems from the subconscious mind of the person being contacted. Some report medical procedures, unwanted sexual experiments, and even torture. Such scenarios are born from the mind of the person and not the experience itself. Hidden trauma is locked away in the minds of many humans in a multitude of forms from sexual abuse to a traumatizing event that may have happened which the mind wanted forgotten by burying the event deep within the subconscious. However, all will surface when contact is made because our greatest fears will be initiated by the contact itself. This is so, because the visitors want the greatest fears of the subject’s mind to surface so they can be faced and eliminated. Only at this point can enlightenment be realized for spiritual growth.

Human psychology also practices this method by making patients face their greatest fears before they can conduct normal lives. 

 As I have said before, fear breeds procrastination which leads nowhere and doesn’t accomplish anything.

Organized religion in general is the greatest obstacle standing in the way of spiritual enlightenment the human race has ever faced throughout history. It breeds prejudice by separating the masses in the name of a particular sect’s God being the true Godhead above all else. Fear of the wrath from a particular God if the Dogmatic text of the particular religion isn’t followed. As well as installs fear in the minds of followers who desire spiritual growth. I have said many times, one simply cannot be religious and spiritual as religion is nothing more than a method of control through fear. It is composed of adhering to specific religious texts, whereas spiritual enlightenment is realized from within on an individual basis from physical experiences and esoteric enlightenment and cannot be taught.

There are also the cults that disrupt the minds of their followers through fear in many ways. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and Eckankar are such sects that use fear and intimidation to keep their flock together and from experiencing true spiritual enlightenment through realization. 

The LDS church was formed in the mid 1800s, during a time when Americans were seeking higher spiritual knowledge. Both LDS founder Joseph Smith, Jr. and Paul Twitchell creator of Eckankar formed their ideal systems not from Divine Intervention but, from personal desires of power and inspirations of wealth.

Joseph Smith, Jr. based the whole LDS movement on a pair of golden plates he claimed to have found near his home in western New York. The golden plates have never been seen by anyone, the excuse for this is God decided to take them back. In this instance, the plates never existed anywhere except in the mind of Joseph Smith, Jr. himself. Thus, the LDS church was born from a nucleus of lies for the sole purpose of power, wealth, and control over the lives of its followers. In this case, sex was also used as a tool for recruiting new members in the early stages of the church. In the days when money was hard to come by for many the comfortable life of being literally being owned by one man who was guaranteed income from work created within the church  was too inviting for many women, and of course for many men of that time the idea of legitimately having a Harem was Heaven itself. 

No spiritual enlightenment here.

Then we have Paul Twitchell who formed Eckankar, The Ancient Science of Soul Travel (Eck) in the mid 1960s. Twitchell who seemed to be a jack of all trades, based this movement on Bio location, meaning out of body experiences. Eckankar basically evolved from Twitchell’s study of the Teachings of Scientology and many religious and occult groups. Some of Twitchell’s dogmatic doctrines were plagiarized from other religions.

Since Eckankar follows teachings from text, practices fear on its members by consequences to keep them in the flock, and have physical masters, followers must adhere to, no spiritual enlightenment should be expected here. What we have here, is another cult in the guise of a transcendental organization. 

Eckankar members who claim to have had initiated out of body experiences suffer from delusional enlightenment, triggered by the desires of experiencing one and from the mind manipulation of their elders.

In the case of the practice of Eckankar and the extraterrestrial experience, the mind of the subject is a powerful tool. Some can even manifest physical injury or psychosomatic symptoms of illness. Such instances are nothing more than a self induced Stigmata.

We therefore must realize that any organized religion, cult, or movement, whether it be transcendental such as Yoga and any philosophical movement or that of organized religion cannot teach anyone spirituality. Spiritual enlightenment will only present itself on an individual basis, through personal experiences and visions and cannot be taught by anyone or learned from a text.

Those in the business of helping abductees with their bad experiences, only help the abducted to hide from the true nature of their experiences and hold them back from spiritual advancement. These people are also in business, and making money from unsuspecting individuals is their primary goal. 



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