Strange Sounds Heard Around The World A Hoax, Perpetrated By Cultist Religion

On the surface, it appears we have a new phenomenon happening worldwide in the form of strange sounds. These supposed sounds are similar to trumpets, the moving of metal, or a squadron of WW II bombers. In August 2011, I decided to view some newly released videos and I happened to view the first You Tube video from Kiev, Ukraine. When I listened to it, my first feeling was that it was a fake.
Since then, hundreds of videos have come out with these same sounds, seemingly being reported from around the planet.
 Explanations of the sounds range from Earth sounds deep underground, atmospheric conditions as a result of solar flares, the Earth’s magnetic pole shift, distant thunder, HARP, and Heavenly trumpets being played by Angels. Most of these areas where the sounds were supposedly heard are heavily populated areas. Such as Montreal, Canada, were there were no reports made to police, TV or radio stations, newspapers or government officials. Up to the time of this writing, 01/21/2012 there have been no official reports made by anyone, of these sounds—anywhere in the world.
The closest to being official was the Costa Rica sounds, reported by No Link News, but this source is not credible in the sense that it is not a mainstream news source, as it reports strange and unusual news items. If the sounds really were happening as we are led to believe, there would have been thousands of official reports of them, from a slew of cities around the world. The sounds were supposedly heard recently in Montreal Canada along with Detroit, Michigan. These two major cities have over a million and a half people living there, and if the sound really occurred, even at a bare minimum, there should have been at least a hundred reports made. Yet, absolutely none were reported.
 Let’s look at some facts involved with the sounds themselves.
 Many videos have been found to be frauds such as the Costa Rica videos, because identical background noises were heard in other videos said to be from elsewhere, thousands of miles away
The sound in most videos have identical duration and sound pitch, indicating the sound was introduced into the videos from other similar videos.
The individuals who have released these videos are also heavily involved with UFO, chem-trails, other strange phenomena and conspiracy theories.
 The sounds are very similar to those from two movies recently released, War of The Worlds and Clash of The Titans. You Tube examples are in the links below.
The similarities are too great to ignore.
Now we come to the reasons involved of why someone or a group would orchestrate such an elaborate hoax.
What really got me to thinking was the fact that these sounds are designed to present an apocalyptic picture at a time when 2012 is perceived to be an end, according to the Mayan Calendar. My first thought was that the hoax had to be from a religious organization or an individual involved with Bible prophecies, which present this view.
In each instance of my investigation into the sounds, the name Paul Begley seemed to keep coming up. This man is Pastor at Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox, Indiana. Paul Begley has built an enormous presence on the internet, preaching “End of Days” Gospel Revelations, and trying to tie both natural and human world events into evidence of a coming Apocalypse. He also mentions UFOs, extraterrestrials and related content in his internet sermons. The strange sounds are a major topic of his rhetoric for end of days preaching, and come as too great of a tool to legitimize his prophecy. Thus, the chances that he and other members of his religious organization are deliberately releasing videos of this sound are too great to ignore.
His birthplace is hard to locate but I located it to be Kyev, Ukraine. This is most interesting, since the very first video containing the sounds supposedly came from Kiev, Ukraine.
Paul Begley would have plenty of reasons for promoting these sounds as apocalyptic prophecies, as it has immediately boosted his listening audience and increased the number of followers to his church.
These strange sounds, supposedly heard around the world are a hoax with a nucleus traced back to the clever mind of Paul Begley and his many followers of a Biblical prophetic doom. The evidence is too overwhelming and is increasing every day.
What we have here is a man, by way of You Tube and the internet, who has created one of the biggest hoaxes since the broadcast of War of The Worlds. A worldwide tale, which was narrated by Orson Wells in 1938, where millions panicked and believed we were being invaded by Martians.
I would also point out that such videos also play around with the mind of those viewing them. If viewed by enough people the pure suggestion will affect them, and they will believe they hear the sounds as well. It is similar to past articles where I have called attention to the fact that for example, if enough report seeing superman, many will swear they also seen him flying overhead. It is simply the power of suggestion.
Paul Begley has mastered the art of subliminal suggestion in his quest for a cult following. He is playing on everyone’s 2012 doom prophecy beliefs and turning it into big monetary profits for his organization. This old phenomenon is called using false prophecy for monetary profit.
The Community Gospel Baptist Church is a private organization established in 2008, with unknown income. This church has no connection to credible known religious organizations, operating legitimately in the world.
What we are witnessing is the birth of one of the largest cults in the world, and its influence is increasing as each day goes by.
Think about it, God isn’t responsible for these sounds. Zeus, Jehovah, or the God of any religion hasn’t decided to bring an orchestra to this world, just for our benefit and isn’t likely to in the near future.
The planet isn’t suddenly producing noises it never has before from deep within, or in the atmosphere.
The ones producing these noises are a handful of religious cultists, who desire to play on the fears of the masses for their own financial and status benefit.
This is why it is so important to thoroughly examine each new phenomenon that may come out this year with a skeptic eye.
Every item I write about in UFO Digest and other related publications, I make sure each topic is investigated with a fine tooth comb. I approach each topic as a skeptic who has to convince himself of its legitimacy. I honestly try to find concrete proof, which would convince me that it is real.
In the case of the strange sounds, I have no doubt that they are false and are presented by malicious individuals for personal gain.
In the UFO, paranormal and strange phenomena genre, we who strive for truth and present facts are continuously fighting those who bring to the table, nothing more than useless gibberish and fantastic claims which amount to nonsense.
In today’s world, we must all become aware of how to determine fact from fiction. 
This can only be done through the research of topics, in finding the evidence needed to either legitimize a claim or toss it, because it is baseless.
On the surface, many stories sound sincere, but upon examination of the facts, many are found to be nothing more than rubbish.

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