Strange Sounds Heard Around The World. The Report.

Since my last article on ‘Strange Sounds’ appeared here in the Digest, I have been contacted by more than a few people who mostly wanted to let me know that they have heard them.

Others simply wanted more answers as to what they could be, or my thoughts on the whole phenomena. I began seriously researching this topic only very recently, because so many friends and readers requested it of me. Even though I knew about them before, having viewed the Kiev, Ukraine video as soon as it came out. My first thought when I viewed the Kiev video was that it was a prank. This was because the sounds heard in that video were identical to sounds I have heard in many movies. With that, I dismissed the video as someone having fun.

After digging in on researching the phenomena, I find that hundreds of videos have appeared on You Tube made by people who supposedly heard them. I found that some were using the videos to preach their own Doomsday Doctrines and in doing so, were defrauding the public for donations of cash.

In essence, the strange sounds have become a net sensation and are approaching the public viewing level of videos of UFOs and other strange phenomena.

Many who contacted me claiming to have heard the sounds were from a few localized areas in Canada, the rest were from the United States, but those from the states were mostly about inquiring into the sounds themselves, not claiming to have heard them.

My research has taken me into several areas of possibilities dealing with a number of probable causes and effects from scientific evidence, geological locations, and other information I’m sure didn’t even occur to many. At present, I have a comprehensive report dealing with all aspects of this phenomena that goes beyond a typical assessment of the situation. The report is way too extensive for a simple magazine article. Thus, I have made it available as a published Kindle, which is available at and soon, a downloadable PDF will be available at my web site which is currently under construction. The report is available now at the following links.

Kindle edition “Strange Sounds Report”

UK link


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  1. Hi . yesterday morning (2012
    Hi . yesterday morning (2012.07.12 at around 1:30AM) i heard strange noises like a big creaking crane is putting steels on each other . i called my sister onto the balcony and she heard too . i thought maybe on the train station they are working something with the trains, filling them or something like that . i joked even on facebook that -whats that noise? Godzilla?- . than later yesterday a friend showed me those strange noises from around the world . i was kinda shocked… it sounded like those, but it wasnt as loud… today morning i went to the train station for info and they didnt worked yesterday at 1:30 AM . i went on a consctruction site and asked a person, he said he doesnt work there, but his father lives there and didnt said anything about late night work (+ i dont believe people work on construction site at that hour…) . the strange is there at around 3:30AM there was a heavy rain that day… i red about HAARP… i m sure its not about the end of the world and angels blowing trumpets, but i believe in that HAARP experiments… i live in south-east Slovakia, close to ukrainian border(the sounds seemed to come from east) . p.s.: excuse my weak english

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