Strange Sounds Heard, Communication Between ETs, Whales and Dolphins?

Since my article “Strange Sounds Heard Around the World A Hoax, Perpetrated By A Cultist Religion” first appeared in UFO Digest back in January, I have been contacted by many people around the world who claim to have personally heard them. To this day, I continue to receive emails from people wanting an explanation of what they might be.

I haven’t come to any rock solid conclusions on the sounds that would actually prove their existence once and for all. I have tried many times to hear something out of the ordinary as I would listen at different times of day, under various weather conditions, and in different spots both near the city and out in the country. On a few occasions, I did hear sounds that closely resembled the strange sounds. However, in each case I tracked what I heard and found it to be coming from very ordinary human sources. Most of the time, it would be traffic from the near by interstate or distant trains some miles away. In both cases, sounds made by traffic and trains in the distant would create a noise very similar to that of the strange sounds.

A low cloud deck canal so play around with human made sounds as the sound waves will bounce off the clouds and create noise in areas that under clear conditions could not hear anything because the source is too far away.

Since the first strange sounds video appeared in 08/11, it has become very difficult indeed, to examine the authenticity of these sounds simply because of the sheer number of fake videos and reports that have come out since then. In a sense, any become buried under a mountain of lies.

Since my main goal is to legitimize the sounds as being real or a hoax, I will not present the rubbish and wild theories that many have chosen to give in this genre, mostly for their own gain in popularity.

For the sake of the many who wrote me, claiming to have heard the sounds, I will assume that the phenomena is real. In doing so, we must examine what they may be, where they might have come from, and why they have appeared.

Recently ,UFO sightings have accompanied the strange sounds phenomena, possibly indicating an extraterrestrial source. On the other hand, the recent considerable increase in solar activity could be to blame as well, since the agitation of protons and neutrons on such a massive scale may create some form of audible phenomena.

Earth sounds are a possibility, as most earthquakes will be accompanied by either booming sounds or rumbling noises.

Booming sounds have recently been reported in many areas and have virtually replaced the strange sounds phenomena. In the case of the booms or explosions, I believe them to because by Navy exercises some miles away. In most cases, of people hearing explosions the ocean or a large body of water is nearby. Such is the case in Clintonville, Wisconsin recently. Here, I believe the Navy was conducting war games some 20 miles or more offshore in either Lake Michigan or Lake Superior. Under the right weather conditions and wind patterns, such sounds could reach Clintonville while skipping cities in between.The actual strange sounds heard around the world could be extraterrestrial and actually for communication with whales and dolphins rather than for we humans. I decided to see what the strange sounds would appear like if they were sped up. In this case, they do resemble the sounds made by whales.

It may be that we humans are hearing the sounds entirely different, than their intended subjects would, since they are coming from the atmosphere intended for reception of marine life, below the surface of the water. It isn’t surprising that ETs would communicate with whales and dolphins, since they are very intelligent and the ETs, may consider them to actually be the earth’s most intelligent creatures.

We humans only consider ourselves as being the planet’s most intelligent animal because of our perception of intelligence. It may be that an extraterrestrial civilization would judge the intelligence level of a species on an entirely different level.

This would also answer the question of the booming noises, because dolphins would recognize the sudden burst of sound due to the similarity to their sonar pulses.

So, why are we hearing these sounds in places which are hundreds of miles away from the ocean? Simple, if the ETs are generating these sounds intended for whales and dolphins they would generate them from several points of origin, so all marine life would-be able to hear or sense them.

There are several theories as to why the ETs may be doing this.

It may be that the earth is in line for an impact from either an asteroid or extraterrestrial body and the communication is to let them know to move to a certain area of the world where it is safe.

It could also mean that we are close to nuclear war. In this case the message would be for them to move to the southern hemisphere since the exchange would mainly cover the northern hemisphere. So, if we start hearing that they are moving south, perhaps we should as well.

If the sounds are real as many claim they are, we have the following most likely assessment.

Where do they originate?

They are extraterrestrial in nature.

Why are they here?

It may be direct communication with certain marine life, mainly whales and dolphins.

For what reason?

Possible Apocalyptic. Perhaps guidelines and information for whales and dolphins, on dealing with humans and or coping with the pollution of the world’s oceans.

The marine explanation for the strange sounds is the most plausible and answers most questions presented by them.

If you think about it, we humans wouldn’t be the species the ETs would directly contact because we cannot mentally handle the thought of direct contact, much less than the actual contact itself. In the case of whales and dolphins, they would simply accept the contact without regards to the source.

Thus, strange sounds may not be so strange at all for many intelligent beings on this planet, just strange to the human population.


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