Strong Possibility L.L. Cool J May Be In On Murder Chris Dorner False Flag

It’s amazing how stupid the US government thinks the general population is when it comes to False Flag operations, and even more amazing is how no one ever questions the huge discrepancies that stare them in the face.

Case and point: The case of Christopher Dorner, ex Los Angeles Police Department officer and former United States Navy reservist who supposedly went on a shooting rampage in LA that left three police officers wounded and killed four people, two of which were LAPD officers.

Dorner was reported to have been killed in a standoff with law enforcement officers at a cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains east of LA, 2/12/2013. Supposedly, law enforcement deliberately set the cabin on fire to smoke him out, which led to Dorner’s death. It was reported that his body was charred beyond recognition However, positive ID was made by “medical examiners” from dental records.

It was also reported that a wallet containing Dorner’s ID was found 2/7/13 at the San Ysidro Point of Entry near the US-Mexico border. Yet another wallet, containing ID was found among Dorner’s charred remains at the cabin.

The reason Dorner’s whereabouts became known in the first place was supposedly because a married couple discovered him at their residence in the area of the 1200 block of Club View Dr. South of Big Bear Lake, California. Dorner was said to have tied up the couple who discovered him and left the residence in a stolen vehicle. The account goes on to say the wife managed to free herself and call police which eventually led to the scene at the cabin.

The couple are identified as Karen and Jim Reynolds of which the condo resort they lived is owned by Karen Reynolds and Jim Reynolds is listed as a partner.

Let’s get one piece of information straight from the beginning. It is absolutely not believable that Christopher Dorner is a carbon copy clone like double for L.L. Cool J. Since the pictures of both of them are identical this leads anybody to the conclusion that the character known as Christopher Dorner is fictitious and never existed. I cannot emphasize enough that the odds of two men having a clone like resemblance even down to identical scars and weight, is impossible. The odds of L.L. Cool J being fully aware of the use of his photographs as Christopher Dorner are very high considering L.L. would be concerned with his identity being linked with a cold blooded killer who has gained national celebrity status. The fact that L.L. hasn’t made a stink about it suggests that he is involved with the Dorner case either by being persuaded by the government to keep quiet, or he is directly involved working alongside the government in this False Flag.

Interestingly, L.L. hosted an inaugural ball on the night of Barack Obama’s reelection where they did have a conversation. The date was 1/21/2013 which gave plenty of time to discuss the details of the government’s desire to involve him.

The following are links comparing L.L. Cool J to Christopher Dorner.

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Christopher Dorner;

In the case of not just one wallet found at the Mexican border, but two, the other wallet found miraculously intact at the burned out cabin is insane. Not too many people find it necessary to have two sets of ID but, we are supposed to believe Chris Dorner had two sets. The most amazing thing, concerning Dorner’s ID is the fact that it was found supposedly unharmed in a cabin completely destroyed by fire. If Chris Dorner was like everyone else in carrying a wallet in his back pocket, it too should have been destroyed. This scenario brings back memories of IDs of the 9-11 hijackers being found at the Twin Towers site among absolute burned out ruins. There are no odds of finding wallets unscathed in either of these situations. It just is impossible.

Not too much is known about the couple that Dorner supposedly tied up except that they were owners of the condo resort where they resided at that time.

There is also suspicion that drones were used on the day Dorner was supposedly killed and that they may have been responsible for starting the cabin fire.

Information on this and the Dorner Manifesto can be found at the following link.

The Chris Dorner case, the Aurora theater massacre, the Sandy Hook shootings, and many other travesties, including the events of 9-11 are examples of False Flags being used to manipulate the public into accepting a Socialistic regime where the American Constitution has been disregarded and a Dictatorship now resides.

The most recent involving shootings are False Flag operations perpetrated on the public for the sole purpose of disarming all citizens in the face of a coming Cavil War. It is all about Gun Control or a total outlawing of guns in general.

The US government knows that Civil War is inevitable since they keep pushing the envelope with the transformation of government from a freedom society based on the Constitution to their vision of a Socialistic nation based on Tyranny. Thus, they have to disarm the greatest threat to them which is the people of the United States themselves.

We need to recognize the difference between propaganda and actual news events. Propaganda will always have many claims which cannot be proven under scrutiny and have fantastic accounts associated with the scenario, which is the case with the Chris Dorner False Flag. Real news will have facts which can be substantiated under the most thorough investigation.

The farce of the Christopher Dorner and L.L. Cool J look alike is simply not believable by the simplest of minds. It isn’t questioned because many distractions present themselves to the public every day, creating a smoke screen to divert the masses from finding out the truth.

The threat of North Korea and Iran having nuclear weapons and always threatening to use them is a diversion from the sinister goings on by the US government. It doesn’t matter that either country has such weapons, if they do, because for instance, North Korea couldn’t deliver them to a target the size of China if it wanted to. Iran like the “weapons of mass destruction” supposedly in Iraq before we unjustly invaded it, really does not have the weapons it is accused of having. They are tools to keep the public afraid and distracted.

Today, America is experiencing the rise of a Nazi like regime not seen since Hitler’s reign. Today…we witness history repeating itself.    



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