The Mania of Strange Sounds and Mysterious Booms

It would seem that the phenomena of strange sounds heard around the world continues. However, more recently during the last year the mysterious sounds are that of loud booms or explosions rather than that of trumpets or a huge piece of metal being dragged across the ground.

In my research of the strange sounds phenomenon I concluded them to be a hoax primarily because no mass reports from hundreds of thousands of people in the areas where they were reportedly heard were ever made. This would have been the case if the sounds were real and not a fabrication.

In the case of the booms and flashes of light being reportedly heard mainly in the United States and parts of Canada at present and over the last year there are many plausible explanations to this phenomenon as well.

The best way to get to the bottom of the boom mystery is to examine the phenomenon from two different aspects. This involves looking into both a logical explanation and that of an esoteric possibility along with diagnosing the nucleus of the phenomenon itself.

The booms have been reported both in the AM and PM with a majority of them being experienced during the dark of night. The booms almost always are perceived by a bright flash of light just before the actual boom itself.

Since the sound of the explosions are witnessed after the bright flash of light is experienced we must conclude that the sound is caused by whatever generated the flash of light. This is basic science where we know sound waves travel at a much lower speed than light. Sound waves travel at around 768 MPH, give or take a few miles due to conditions in the surrounding atmosphere. Light travels at 186,000 miles per second thus, one can determine the distance of the boom itself from where they are by the time it takes the sound heard after experiencing the flash of light. In determining the distance of a lightening strike seen to hearing thunder one must count the seconds from seeing the lightening to the experiencing the sound of thunder. This in essence means that every five seconds elapsed from seeing the lightening to hearing thunder equals one mile, the same would be true in the case of the booms.

Logical explanations for the booms.

Quite a few reports of the boom phenomena come from the Great Lakes area. This could mean that the military is conducting maneuvers involving live munitions at a distance from shore.

Over the past few years the government has been conducting secret flights of a hyper sonic aircraft capable of traveling thousands of miles per hour. The flight of this aircraft could offer an explanation to the boom mystery in the fact that such flights would create a sonic boom and quite possibly explain the flashes of light since electrically charged particles in the atmosphere from the craft itself would give off a flash of light as well as a sonic boom.

There are those who wonder if a war is taking place in another dimension or in outer space that may be responsible for the booms and flashes of light. This speculation doesn’t hold water simply because if a war in space were happening only the flash of light would be experienced here on earth, not the experience of sound since any audible noise would not be able to penetrate the earth’s atmosphere. From a dimensional standpoint I doubt very seriously we could be experiencing anything from another dimension.

From an esoteric standpoint there are many possibilities.  

The flash of light seen before the sound in the case of the booms brings back memories of my personal experiences in 1990 where I observed bright flashes of light on several occasions. At the time my experience with the light phenomenon came shortly before I began to experience what I termed Aura Visions. Without getting way off subject at the time I had no idea of what the flashes of light meant or where they came from. Only when video of the first bombing wave hitting Baghdad, Iraq signaling the start of the first Gulf War came on the air did I realize that the very flashes of light I experienced some six months earlier were indeed my seeing them physically long before the actual event ever took place.

In the case of the booms it could be that many are experiencing a psychic peek into a future where war is raging. Since the boom phenomena is for the most part a continental US anomaly the assumption that they may signal a war in the distant future suggests such a war would be that of a Civil War rather than with overseas foes. 

From a religious point of view the booms fit right in with the strange sounds phenomena of trumpets and the sounds of a heavy metal gate opening. The booms would herald the coming war between good and evil. Personally I disregard the religious explanation right off the top since there are so many stout believers in the end times fable that they would go to extremes in keeping the strange sounds and booms phenomena alive. Thus, the religious explanation has been compromised beyond belief. Even if true the religious explanation has been clouded in such a veil of fanaticism that if the prophecy really played out even those staunchly believing in it would be surprised it really was happening.

With the boom phenomena as with the strange sound phenomena what we have is a mania created by a few initial videos and reports that have blossomed into hundreds of thousands of the same.

The doomsters who counted on the world ending last December, 2012 because the Mayan calendar abruptly ended at that time and religious fanatics who promoted the strange sounds hoax as a heralding of destruction were left as embarrassed as those who predicted a Mad Max scenario all over the world when the calendar turned over to the year 2000.   

I don’t doubt that some booming sounds are real since even the most minute earth movements can generate sounds. However, the booms will prove to be an absolute hoax as was the strange sounds phenomena. Both of which were born from the minds of fanatics to be believed by the naive. 

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