The latest so-called terrorist attacks in Paris, France are nothing more than replays of US government inspired staged terrorist events that have been played out both in the US and around the world for decades.

In the latest case of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, we are told it was carried out by 3 gunmen, Cherif and Said Kouachi, brothers, and Hamyd Mourad. Of course, officials say all 3 were linked with terrorist organizations and the US stated that they have been on a terror suspect list for quite some time.

What qualifies this incident as yet another false flag operation carried out by the US, is the fact that one of them conveniently left his wallet in the car after escaping. This was also the signature from US clandestine operations in the past with a terrorist wallet found at the Twin Towers site on 9-11 and a wallet lost a couple of weeks prior to the standoff with Chris Dorner in California.

Wallets and IDs found belonging to terrorists are a clear indication of US government involvement. The possibilities of finding wallets belonging to these suspects is astronomically slim, yet we are supposed to simply believe this propaganda. In the case of the wallet found at the wreckage on 9-11, this would be a physical impossibility since it would assuredly have gone through the crash, fire and destruction of the building it crashed into.

What gives the Paris attacks away as a staged event also is the video. This video was shot in a perfect location at just the right time. I doubt very seriously, if anyone would have simply happened to be in this location, and just happened to have the phone or equipment to film this at just the right moment.

In examining the video, which shows the suspects getting out of their car and walking with guns in hand. We see a man dressed in military garb, assuming he is a police officer, perhaps he really is, laying on the ground long before the suspect came near him.

I watched this video several times and noticed that at the exact time the suspect fired his gun, the barrel was not pointed at the officer in relation to the puff of smoke supposedly made by the bullet hitting the ground. The puff of smoke next to the man’s head appears to be the result of some pyrotechnic device the police officer had in his hand and quickly released after the shot was taken.

If the police officer really had been shot, blood would have been splattered on the sidewalk and he would have immediately went limp because death would have been instantaneous. Yet, even after supposedly being shot in the head, he calmly lowers his hands and head, something not consistent with this kind of mortal injury. 

For those of you who might say the bullet hit his torso area and he was wearing a bulletproof vest is why he did not go limp. If that were true, the puff of smoke would have been nonexistent since the bullet would not have passed through his body. The only explanation that makes sense is that he wasn’t shot by the gunman in the video.

Even more disturbing is the supposed suicide of Police Commissioner Helric Fredou.

Just hours after beginning an investigation into the terror attacks, and shortly after a police debriefing, he is said to have used his own police weapon a SIG-Sauer to shoot himself in the head. 

It isn’t believable that a man in Fredou’s position as Police Commissioner investigating a crime of this magnitude would even entertain the idea of suicide, much less than actually carry it out. The Fredou investigation must have really concerned someone in the US clandestine field.

Immediately following the Fredou death, a news blackout of everything connected with this case was implemented. Yet another indication of the government not wanting the public to know any details into the whole incident.

This link shows numerous inconsistencies with this incident.

The reasons for such a government produced act is simple, the US government needs the fear of terrorism from citizens in Europe, as well as at home in the states to become their number one concern. This enables the US to conduct military operations in places where under normal circumstances would not be permitted, as well as keep the Draconian Socialist Dictatorship at home, without much opposition.

The Paris incident also permits the people of the US to allow the government to either ban or restrict gun ownership by American people. It also allows the government to continue unconstitutional laws allowing surveillance, phone tapping, TSA Gestapo tactics at all airports, as well as continue such laws as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

We must learn to recognize US government theatrics by analyzing every story and not take anything at face value. As it is, we only have propaganda outlets here in the US, not legitimate news organizations interested in reporting the truth. 

The United States today is truly the new USSR, the United States Socialist Republic and the world’s number 1 supporter of terrorist organizations.

The scare tactics are getting old and predictable as they continue to use the same script with every staged terrorist incident.


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