Obama and Putin cannot seem to play nice. And as usual the boiling point seems to be in the Middle East. And this seems to be over Iran sending one nuke toward Israel, while awaiting nuclear annihilation from Israel’s force. This seems absurd.

And it seems the same will be true in hindsight, as has been in so many other nuclear flare ups. I remember well the Cuban Missile Crisis, and yes, I believe that was real. I remember the fear of a child as I sat between my parents, and watched JFK talk on the television. I remember playing in my friend’s bomb shelters, and doing the duck and cover drill well into secondary education. I also fondly remember a poster describing the duck and cover position where you finally kiss your behind goodbye!

These international situations present me with a dilemma. The same dilemma I am presented with since day one of my life, mainly, what to believe? Who actually shot off the nerve gas? I don’t have access to the intelligence that could sway my opinion one way or the other. So, as an American citizen, how am I to actually decide how I feel, and what to convey to my elected representative in congress?

And since I can be kidnapped to Guantanamo, without even my wife knowing, I am loathe to trust my government. NSA has disclosed their snooping into everything we do. At this point, I would not be surprised if they even knew what I am about to write!


As I have done before on this site, I am again calling out ET!

The last time I did this, last winter, is still generating replies from around the world! Just last night I received an email from another “alien.” However, this alien had a very poor translation program, and I could discern no meaning from the apparent gibberish!

I pursued “Gary the alien” with a representative who had  applied for the “Great Alien Hunt” which also appeared here, who was very brilliant and did so all the way across the globe to England. And I will admit he was an interesting case with plenty of previously researched material from very impressive authors. Jenny Randles comes to mind. So I don’t lightly discount this correspondence.

However, at this time in world events, I feel we need much more than ancient ruins. We need a full blown appearance, all over the world. Just to put us in our place, and remind us what is actually important.

Again, bleeding nuclear reactors in Japan come to mind. World poverty and disease. Global weather.  And perhaps even learning again, that unbridled greed is tragic. And that we might want to treat others as we wish to be treated.


Mine says that we should do everything while keeping the effect on seven generations, in the front of our consciousness. Wise words. Yet as so often happens, most of us don’t practice what we preach. I still see litter!

I know of no shaman who ever dug a strip mine, or dumped toxic waste into the ocean, our soup of life!

There have been teachings of very wise men and women throughout history, but we fail to do our homework. Obviously, even if our prophets and gods were extraterrestrial biological entities, they failed in their missions.

So this is no light challenge I issue! It will be a great task if ET decides to join us. They will, no doubt, find an unpleasant welcome. And human beings if nothing else, are incredibly stubborn. We have proven that! So if they come to save us from ourselves, I say good luck!  Apparently we are incapable.


On certain points, I agree with Obama. Whoever perpetrated these nerve gas attacks must be punished. They must be taught the error of their judgment. Human lives are valuable! We are not meant to be cannon fodder.

But again, the government knows everything about us, and we know next to nothing about them. And before anyone objects that the government cannot keep secrets, please, that is stale. I offer stealth technology as an example.  So as a dignified human, and citizen of this planet, how am I to form an educated opinion on anything?

My good friend, Richard C. Hoagland, has famously said that the lie is different at every level. Richard Dolan says he peels one skin from the onion, only to freak out at the myriad of remaining skins. Every answer breeds numerous new questions. Plato said that the older one gets, the less he knows. I agree, having reached my “golden years.”

I authored a letter to my son titled, “The Sum of my Knowledge.” and it simply had two words. Question everything!

Though I should have added, “and find peace!” That is very difficult for humans, again apparently.

I would actually advise Obama this: Remember your roots. Remember that Syrians are also human beings. And to the best of my knowledge, no one but we, have declared the United States as the world’s policeman. So we have more, and hopefully better nuclear (notice the spelling and pronunciation) weapons than all comers. So what? Why does that necessarily give us authority to sit in judgment? At this point, I might rather trust ET. And may I request the one in the Spielberg film?


So calling all alien intelligence in this universe, please teach us some respect and common sense. JFK famously said, and I paraphrase, ask not what you can get but what you can do. Those seem like immanently sensible words, but he got shot! Hopefully these NSA guys won’t do the same to this old hippie. I’m just repeating something I heard!

I reference JFK due to the anniversary of the death of MLK. Again, our prophets go unheard and unheeded. I hate to be so negative, but these seem very negative times. The yin to the yang. Like me, I invite everyone to seek the positive, even in the face of nuclear war. Perhaps arriving at this brink, is a learning opportunity for every human being. Our lives are precious. David Icke says we are souls having the life experience, and again I paraphrase. But these too, are very sensible words. And if he is correct, will we be looking forward to an afterlife, or dreading the same? I’d like Putin and Obama to think about that as well.

I am not religious, never have been. I don’t like dogma. Sorry if I offend, but I am spiritual and realize there very well is a creator. I am not confident enough in my own judgment, or others for that matter, to say anything definitive in that regard. Nor do I presume to know its mind. Just seems arrogant to do so.

But if ET did have a hand in humanity, then they also should take responsibility for their own actions. Keep the earth’s crust from displacement, keep us around long enough to fix ourselves, and you might make an appearance. We could use one about now!



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