Three Important Dates In UFO Research

In the annals of modern day UFO research, there are three important dates that come to mind.

(1) The first atomic bomb test, 7/16/1945 at the then Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range near the town of San Antonio, New Mexico known as Trinity.

(2) The first modern day sighting of a UFO, 6/24/1947 by Kenneth Arnold while flying near Mt. Rainier, Washington.

(3) The Roswell Crash, 7/2/1947 where allegedly an extraterrestrial space craft crashed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico.

With these dates in mind, it seems that the detonation of the first atomic bomb, which sent out seen and unseen radiation into space, caught the attention of extraterrestrial beings from beyond our solar system, which signaled that the human civilization had become capable of producing weapons of mass destruction. The Trinity test also made them aware that not only were we now able to destroy ourselves, but also may soon become capable of interstellar space travel as well in the coming centuries.

It was just under 24 months between the Trinity test and the first sighting of flying discs. The timeline suggests that either it took the light and radiation some 12 months to reach them and 12 months for them to get to Earth or 24 months to reach them and they immediately came in vehicles, which can cover vast areas of the universe in no time at all. Thus, this extraterrestrial civilization has to be within the range it would take light to travel within a 24 month period.

Since light travels at 186,000 miles per second, the distance of the extraterrestrial civilization would be as follows.

186,000 MPS x 60 seconds 11160000 x 60 minutes 669600000 x 24 hours in a day 160704000120 x 24 months (730 days) 1173139200876000 from Earth. The closest star is Proxima Centauri estimated at little over four light years from our sun and in the neighborhood of Alpha Centauri. It has been long suspected that life may exist in this area of the universe.

Since light and unseen radiation will not go in a straight line from point A to point B from one galaxy to another because of the rotation of the galaxies themselves. It may be that light reached the Alpha Centauri area much sooner than expected by Earth scientists. This area of space should be the focal point of any search for life beyond our own.

It is safe to assume that our Earth bound human civilization has been constantly monitored since the beginning. However, the physical appearance of UFOs shortly after the Trinity test is more than likely a deliberate show presented to us, letting us know that we are being watched and in some cases can be manipulated. This was experienced at some nuclear missile facilities where we lost control of the computer system responsible for firing them for short periods of time when UFOs were nearby, and such incidents continue today.

It is also safe to assume that since 1945 extraterrestrial communication has also vastly improved, by them setting up bases on nearby planets, moons and other space bodies allowing for immediate knowledge of our situation. 

This brings us to the Roswell Crash. Since any technology capable of covering such vast areas of the universe in so little time would be impervious to mishaps such as a crash. Then we must realize that the Roswell Crash was deliberately staged as an excuse, to prove their existence to both our governments and the whole terrestrial civilization and as a means of legitimizing communication between Earth governments and themselves.

What little technology acquired by us from the crashed disc was scientific advancements, in which they selected for our civilization and not anything that would give us an advantage over them.

Since the Roswell Crash, it should be clearly understood that both the United States government and a few other governments in the world are having contact on a regular basis with an extraterrestrial civilization. If this is true, the advanced extraterrestrial civilization is assuredly directing our governments to take a certain path, which the ETs have set forth. It may also be that we believe we can fight them and have been in a state of war since 1947.

The Cold War and the War on Terror may be nothing more than a deception by our governments as an excuse to improve the military to a point where they believe we can defeat them.

It is safe to say that we humans are not allowed into space as we have seen no interest in real space exploration since the moon landings in the late 60s and you can bet there would have been many missions to the moon and Mars, if we weren’t told to stay out of space.

However, with an entity such as the ETs and their vast capabilities it is a sad mistake to think we could defeat them in a conflict. As we may find out.  

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