Time To Pull Our Heads From The Sand

Recently, well within the last few years, the government of the United States made a big public relations push. They promised that any petition gaining 5,000 signatures would be answered. So naturally, we UFO folks asked if these were real. Our answer was that there is no evidence of extraterrestrial visitation, period. And if there were, there is no evidence of a cover up.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t born yesterday. We have uncovered many government documents through the Freedom of Information Act, the Twining memo comes to mind, that expressly say the phenomena is real, and we probably being visited by intelligence from other worlds. Mr. Obama, you cannot have it both ways! 

UFOs either exist or they don’t. If they do, as so many government documents admit, then how can one say they don’t with a straight face. And if they do exist, as these documents claim, then there most certainly is a cover up.

The only question to my mind is who is driving those UFOs? We can argue whether they are extraterrestrial, a natural phenomena, or something extra dimensional. That is beside the point. No matter who is behind the wheel, they are definitely a national security interest. They are always tracked by our most sophisticated systems, that is unless they are able to differentiate UFOs from nukes. If not, I suspect NORAD, etc, keeps a close eye on everything in our airspace, and around the globe for that matter. So why do we accept these blatant lies? 


Perhaps, as famously said by Jack Nicholson, we can’t handle the truth!

Otherwise, why do we continue to allow such nonsense. Our heads are buried in the sand! Does anyone really believe that all the records were burnt in a fire, of the ONLY nuclear bombing group in the world? Well, that is what we are told happened to the records of the Roswell base in the late forties. Conveniently when the famous Roswell crash occurred.

Does anyone really buy that the British or the U.S. actually lost the Rendalsham papers? That has been proven false

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