Today’s Science Is Politically Driven Pseudoscience With No Basis

Our modern day science fields remarkably resemble those of ancient times, when hardly any concrete proof in discoveries were made with guesses and presumptions presented as the entire field itself.

In today’s modern world, scientists from all nations hardly announce a valid discovery of anything, but constantly fill the mainstream news with theories. One of the latest surprises to science is the discovery by paleontologists of ancient whale bones in Copiapo, Chile more than a half a mile from the Pacific in one of the driest deserts in the world. 

This discovery shouldn’t have surprised anyone with a fourth grade education, since it is a known fact that all areas such as the Pacific Ring of Fire in particular, are changing all the time and have had land which is desert now, under the sea only a few thousand years ago. Other deserts in the interior sections of the United States, Europe, and Asia have also been seabeds’ periodically in the past with fossils of both ancient and modern sea creatures embedded into the soil.  

Southern California’s Colorado Desert for example, extends from the San Gorgonio Pass to the northwest, the Little San Bernardino Mountains to the north, down the Coachella Valley and Imperial Valley to Mexico. This is an area where the Gulf of California once extended as far north as the city of Indio. Thus, geographically speaking, the beach at one time was just south of where the cities of La Quinta and Rancho Mirage are now located. 

What is responsible for the retreat of the Gulf of California to its present location in Mexico is a small rise of just some eleven feet in the delta on the north shore of the gulf itself. This small rise was caused by either an earthquake or massive amounts of soil flowing into the area from the Colorado River, during severe flooding in ancient times.

There have also been discoveries of ancient cities beneath the sea in some areas of the world, indicating a fluctuation in sea levels over the course of many years. Scientists have known this for decades and have no excuse for being surprised at finding fossils in deserts.

Recently, a discovery of a planet some 600 light years from Earth which NASA claims to be very similar to our planet has them excited, because of the suspected distance of the planet from its star and suspected rotation making it supposedly a habitable environment. Again, scientists releasing speculation, not scientific discovery.

Since NASA is a government entity that receives funding from the Federal government for all its projects it has become as incompetent as the government always has been. NASA also has to follow the Federal government’s overall guidelines to keep within a specified agenda, which means it will not announce any scientific discovery or breakthrough that doesn’t fit into the overall picture as deemed by its financial supplier.

The only hope of genuine discovery about life beyond our own and about our planet itself, will only come from individuals and organizations that are not associated with the US government.

We can take weather forecasting as a prime example of where we stand today scientifically. We have satellite monitoring of storm systems all over the world, Doppler radar, and a slew of highly advanced technology which should make forecasting the weather a breeze. However, the accuracy rate of predicting the weather even in the next 24 hours is at about 50%. Yet, we are supposed to believe as gospel what we are told about star systems at 600 light years away and almost daily, we are led to believe in forecasted climate change in the coming decades. The ‘Supposed Scientific’ findings say it is due to the ‘Supposed’ discovery of rising levels of CO2 and CH4 which together, make up less than a fraction of 1% of the total composition of the overall atmosphere.

What we have here is agenda driven politics and a quest to meet certain financial goals, degrading science to nothing more than a tool of achieving the big picture while suiting these needs. 

Actual science has been replaced with a pseudoscience, where theories can be presented as fact without any basis.

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