Truth Not In Government’s Vocabulary


By Tony Elliott

The Global Warming/Climate Change fanatics and scammers that make up the whole machine behind the lie continue on a daily basis sending out news of the dire picture of a warming world. The information gets more ridiculous with each news event. Within the last few days, two stories came to my attention, which demonstrate their desperation in trying to sway the public into believing in this myth. What is most interesting is the intelligence level of these news releases, which seem to be geared to the illiterate. This due to the ease of finding them outright lies, without a shred of actual evidence to back up their claims.

Man-made Global Warming: Myth or Fact?

The first article appearing in Yahoo news 2/01/11 titled “PHOTOS RELEASED TO PROTECT THREATENED AMAZONIANS” shows a photograph released by Survival International of what they claim is a  tribe of Amazon Indians never before discovered. This same photograph presented was taken in 2008 was from a man who has admitted it was a publicity stunt aimed at raising awareness of logging. Indigenous tribe’s expert, José Carlos Meirelles, said the tribe had been known of since 1910, and had been photographed to prove that they still existed in areas endangered by logging.

So this story’s main objective is to stop logging in Brazil’s rain forest and used by the Global Warming/Climate Change fanatics in the quest for the dire need for as many trees to be left to convert the CO2 into O to prevent a Greenhouse effect.

Again, in this instance a lie is presented to the public to further an agenda. 

The second propaganda release comes in the article titled ” Polar Bear Swims for 9 days,426 miles to find ice for refuge”   the article goes on to say regardless of the debate over the origins of climate change, there’s no disputing that the Earth has warmed considerably in recent years.  With this warming, the world’s polar ice is melting at an alarming rate, displacing the creatures that have long made these regions their habitat.

The warming conditions in Alaska sent one polar bear on an epic quest for an ice floe — in a tale that is by turns tragic and inspiring. The female bear — whom scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the University of Wyoming were monitoring via a collar equipped with a GPS tracking device — spent nine days swimming across the Beaufort Sea in the Alaska region in a desperate hunt for ice to settle on. At the outset, she was accompanied her cub, which sadly didn’t survive the 426-mile trek through the freezing waters; she also lost more than 100 pounds during the search.

“Our activity data suggests that she swam constantly for nine days, without any rest. Which is pretty incredible,” George M. Durner, a zoologist heading up a study of polar-bear migration, told Murphy. “We have observed other long-distance swimming events. I don’t believe any of them have been as long in time and distance as what we observed with her … How often does this happen? We’re trying to get a handle on that.”

A recent study found that the Arctic Ocean is the warmest it has been in hundreds of years and environmental groups contend that officials in Alaska are not adequately protecting the state’s polar bears as their habitat rapidly disappears. Murphy notes that current Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell is seeking to suspend Endangered Species Act protections for polar bears in order to expedite oil and gas exploration in designated protected zones for the species. 

What they purposely neglect to tell us in this story is that the trek this particular Polar Bear made was quite normal and part of the migration process all Polar Bears make every year. These guys just don’t sit on the same chunk of ice 24/7 all year long. They move from place to place with the natural cycles of the climate in the area as most wild animals do elsewhere in the world.

The absurd reasons given to us for this bear’s migration is right out of a science fiction novel since actual observations of the Polar Ice Pack show no reduction in either coverage or thickness of the ice. 

Over the last ten years, the poles have had an increase in ice; contrary to the flawed information, the public has been given.

It isn’t concern for Global Warming/Climate Change or other environmental reasons that we are lied to from this political machine. It is purely for both political and financial reasons this is being done.

From a political standpoint the world’s governments in general and the United States government in particular stand to control their citizens from every aspect of their lives from basic living standards to dictating our very way of life.

From a financial standpoint, those with investments in Green Technology, alternate energy sources and from general Carbon Trading have made millions from the Climate Lie. If these same investors get most governments, especially the US government on board with their nonsense billions will be made. Governments make out great too, in increased taxes on just about everything we use and buy while all the extra  booty comes from the Cap n’ Trade scheme imposed on virtually all businesses.

Global Warming/Climate Change is the biggest lie ever told in human history.

The US government cannot even tell the truth concerning the weather and climate when the facts are there for anyone to see, so it’s a false hope to believe that any government, especially the US government is ever going to release information or documents disclosing an extraterrestrial existence. 


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