UFO Genre

What exactly encompasses the topic of Ufos and related research?

It is about exploring all things strange and unusual from Sasquatch to nanotechnology and all things in between? What most do not realize is the connection all these topics share. If we want to discuss extraterrestrial civilizations, which is a UFO topic we must also realize the possibility of their being responsible for the Genesis of human civilization. This would include theories about the possibility of our ancestors being from Mars or some other planet, relocating here in the distant past. This would bring the researcher to many areas of concern such as race, geologic evidence, and even the study of the virus since they are entities which defy medical definition, in the sense that they are not classified as a living organism or an inert entity.

The genre of UFOs would also include strange sightings of animals such as Sasquatch, Chupacabra, and other unusual animals since the chance of their being extraterrestrial in origin is a distinct possibility.

The subject of conspiracies whether it is about global warming/climate change,assassinations, random killings, or Presidential Executive Orders also fit into the genre of UFOs since these topics can be connected to the Roswell Incident and other government activities in the past, which indicate that the world’s main governments were given directives from ET contacts or are preparing for war with an extraterrestrial civilization, based on what they were told at that time. Thus, government control of the masses has to be a main goal when the truth finally comes out.

Assassinations are a large part of UFO research, since they may involve those who may leak important information about what the government knows and also stops those who may leak vital classified information.

Global warming/climate change must also be explored because it involves control of the masses and is based on theory without actual scientific evidence. Is it a directive from ETs, or desired government control in conjunction with fears of invasion?

The paranormal is also closely tied to UFOs and extraterrestrials since ETs seem to be able to hop from one dimension to another at will and at times bring influences from whatever dimension they are coming from with them.

Even the topic of overpopulation can be connected to the UFO phenomenon since we may be an extraterrestrial experiment or perhaps a ranch of self sustaining cattle designed to over populate for harvest when the numbers reach a certain point.

The subject of religion also has a place in UFO research since most dogma teaches of a supreme being with superior knowledge. This also raises the possibility that Christianity and other world religions may have been inspired by extraterrestrial intervention in past human history.

Biological research and physics are closely connected to UFOs and extraterrestrials since the possibility exists that the minute may also be the infinite.

Real spiritual awakening through realization and not the fake worship of false idols such as physical objects is among that closely related to the topic of UFOs.

Most anything one can imagine can be related to UFOs in some manner. The publishers of UFO Digest are keen in the realization of the wide arena of topics associated with the study of UFOs and extraterrestrials and I commend them for that.

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