Welcome Aboard, Nick!

Once upon a time, we saw a UFO.

I don’t know about you, but this blew our minds. When someone sees their first UFO, it can effect them in so many ways. Some good, some bad. But no one walks away from such an experience unchanged!

Well, for me, it spurred great curiosity. Granted, as just a regular Joe I had nowhere to really turn. Sure, I sent a report to MUFON and a few other sites. But certainly never expected any reply, as there are so many reports turned in daily. In fact, I began searching as many of those reports as I could tolerate. I was trying to find something that looked like what I saw. And I did! I found several. I was amazed that so many UFOs could look so alike, but nothing ever appeared in the main stream media. Or more accurately, nothing serious ever appeared. You had to climb to the higher numbers on your remote to find that type coverage. And even then, the programs were few and far between.


Lo and behold, an email showed up in the old inbox from Nick Pope! I thought that he was so popular he had an automatic answering program. But I opened it, and to my ever lasting surprise, it was Nick himself. And he fully answered my question and went into much detail. Granted, he could not tell me who was in the pilot’s seat on that craft, but he could definitively say that there was definitely something here worth investigating.

Now, that may sound quite general in nature. But coming from a man who worked the UFO desk at the British Ministry of Defense, it had deeper meaning than most general statements. This meant legitimacy. Just as decades ago, when J. Allen Hynek was in charge of Project Blue Book for the US government, his sudden decision to express the same sentiment as Nick was just as impressive.

You see, it is not about what is said, as much as who is saying it. In these examples, along with numerous astronauts, pilots and military men, we move much closer to defeating the ridicule paradigm associated with flying saucers and aliens. Dr. Steven Greer has done wonders to help expose these witnesses, as well as James Fox. Their events and documentaries regarding this historic press conference at the National Press Club just might have been a turning point in the battle for disclosure.


The answer is simple and extremely unfortunate. Money. It’s always about the money. Just ask Woodward and Bernstein who were told by Deep Throat to “follow the money.” That advice brought down a president. It is powerful, and it lies at the essence of the largest government lie in our lifetimes. Government has known of this phenomena, and probably much more, since at least the 1940s. When we crashed those atoms together, it stirred up those UFOs!

So why not disclose? Because then, the government would have to admit that a different kind of propulsion exists. One which allows a craft to look as if it defies gravity. One which allows the occupants to endure gravitational and inertial forces that would make human soup of pilots and passengers.One that allows sensational speed that can come to an abrupt halt. When you think about these aerial maneuvers, and analyze any of the math, you have to go way out into Einstein country to figure out how it is even possible. But it is, and the people who bring you your transportation, soft drink containers, etc., don’t even want to think about such a thing. So the politicians who make our decisions based on who gives the largest campaign checks, just shut up about the whole thing.


It is true that the enemies of disclosure are among the most powerful and influential corporations in the world. Their pockets are infinitely deep. Yet, like Achilles, they have a soft spot. And that is consumers. Without consumers, they have no income and profit, which is the life blood of the organization. Therefore, they will fire every bullet in their guns to keep from losing their markets. And who can blame them?

It is true that we all fight to protect our way of life. I can’t blame the corporations for their past actions because I am unsure any of us would have behaved differently. And I cannot really fault our politicians because they are slaves of the system. And the Trojans looked at Achilles as unbeatable. Why even try? Then a lucky shot in the foot did him in. A weird synchronism that brought down the mighty. Well, the same can happen here, simply by the strength of numbers. And yes, I realize that is an old song and dance.

But we pick away at the boulder of disclosure a bit at a time. We turn in our reports to the UFO agencies, all private. We turn in basically useless reports to the US government, who now turn them over to private concerns. We write articles and books. We make television specials and documentaries. We just keep chiseling away! And once in awhile, a big old chunk of that rock falls off. And that is what happens when someone like Nick Pope joins the team calling for serious investigation, publicly!


His new column at UFO Digest will add instant credibility to all at this site. And I can vouch for the readership. I recently wrote a series of articles here regarding a person who claims to be an alien, Gary H. I asked for volunteers to help me with this investigation. Since I am located half a globe away, I needed eyes and ears in England. Well, the volunteers lined up. The response was almost overwhelming. I try to make it a policy to answer every comment and email I get. And in this instance, those range from Australia, to Canada, and all over the United Kingdom. And these are highly qualified people. And not only that, they must operate from their own bank account. They get no compensation and must cover their own expense. Yet, the volunteers lined up, and continue to do so. I wish I could just say yes to them all!

That is the power of the readership at this site, and now that Nick is aboard it will only increase. So put on your hard hats, folks, cause a big old chunk of that rock is about to fall!

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