What If?

By Tony Elliott

Everything in existence in the universe, from the largest galaxy to the smallest particle is energy manifested into countless forms. Thus, great voids of space spanning billions of miles between galaxies are filled with latent energy that has yet to materialize into either animate or inanimate objects. Since this field of energy exists in all areas of the universe, continually creating new galaxies while others disappear, it would be a reasonable assumption that all things exist in a full circle and is consistently in motion with creation and dissolve.

While this is true of the universe on a grand scale, it must also be the case on the most minute sub atomic level as well. Thus, both the known universe we are aware of, along with that which remains unknown, must also exist in the submicroscopic level as well. If human technology was advanced enough, we would see the same vast universe of space under a microscope and also be able to view a subatomic world which would be identical through advanced telescopes.

The whole scheme of things from the grand to the minute seems to be governed by an all encompassing intelligence which is responsible for every action ever made by all things in both worlds.

With this in mind, I have often speculated that our entire existence of everything we know and that yet undiscovered exists within a living entity. If the entity in which we reside is human, this would signify that we have around seven billion existences in motion at present. The differing time factor from what the host entity experiences and that we experience at a subatomic level would be vastly different. An hour of time for the entity itself could amount to the entire time of existence for our submicroscopic universal existence.

If this is the case, it would explain why all in existence is simply energy in billions of forms and answer the question of the latent energy which exists everywhere in our universe. Of course, we would have latent energy everywhere since we exist within a living entity. This could also explain some of the UFOs seen which resemble micro organisms. It would mean some of them are living organisms which we come in contact with, since we exist within an entity of living tissue. Some UFOs that seem to be made of energy, displaying light and the ability to appear and disappear may simply be particles existing on the smallest scale which are the particles that make up energy itself. Sort of like the energy of light and the subatomic particles that it is made of. Such particles completely made of energy would appear and disappear all the time and continually be present at various times. It may be that this energy has an intelligence all its own and possibly could be directed by yet another intelligence. Intelligence is another form of energy which has no bounds and exists everywhere yet, can be isolated in countless individual living entities. Intelligence also exists within inanimate objects such as planets and whole galaxies. This can be seen in the fact that everything in the known universe is in constant flux which requires an intelligence to guide it through the process.

The theory of our existence within a living entity would also explain why outer space has a smell to it. Simply put, it is because existence within a living mass would have an odor to it as all tissue and liquid within it certainly does.

If this theory proves to be true the possibilities are endless as is our existence.


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