With Jade Helm, the largest military exercise in US history about to commence, along with China conducting huge military exercises in the South China Sea complete with its own manufactured islands. Russia is holding it’s own version of Jade Helm, and a host of other countries participating in military operations, one gets the idea WWIII is about to start. However, we have to ask ourselves, if the world was getting ready for a world war, no one would be practicing for it in the open as we now see with all the military activity and the public sure wouldn’t know about the plans. Yet, we seem to have the whole world getting ready for something big.
With a world war more than likely not the reason for all the military maneuvers, we end up with a few possibilities for it.
(1) World leaders somehow know that we are about to be invaded by an extraterrestrial civilization, who has either contacted us with their intentions or we know it is imminent because of some ancient script or artifact saying so. It could also be in connection with the Roswell incident where we were told of such an invasion coming in the near future. Although highly unlikely, it is a possibility.
(2) With the increased seismic activity and high number of volcanoes erupting around the planet, the world’s scientists may see a worldwide cataclysmic event soon to come where the military will have to be used in the ensuing chaos and destruction.
The possibility of this happening is a bit better than the alien invasion theory, although also very unlikely.
(3) It could be that since we have vastly improved our capabilities of seeing into deep space over the last few years, scientists may have discovered an enormous comet or asteroid on a definite collision course with earth soon to hit us in the next few months. Such an impact would destroy much of the surface of the planet and kill most life on it. 
This theory is a possibility with much higher odds and probably is what’s going on here. If we were to be impacted by even an object, the size of Houston the shock wave would flatten most areas on the surface of the whole planet, not to mention the explosion itself. It would vaporize everything for over a thousand miles from ground zero, as well as the fallout would spread worldwide causing a new ice age.
(4) The other possibility is the sun. It may be that the sun is going into a period of instability and may at any time wipe the surface of the world clean of all life on the effected side unlucky enough to be facing such a massive solar flair while leaving the opposite side unaffected. Thus, what we would end up with is half of the planet destroyed while the unaffected half would be 
quite normal, but in chaos after the event.
This possibility is second behind the asteroid theory in probabilities.
With this in mind, I believe it is safe to say that the world is facing something catastrophic, inbound from space. The type of event that will end life, as we know it.
Another indication that something like this about to happen is the massive worldwide construction of subterranean highways over the last few decades.
The bottom line is the powers in charge have known this catastrophe was going to happen for many years and have been preparing for it right under our noses.

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