A Note On Earth’s Subterranean Dwellers

Not extraterrestrial but terrestrial, i.e., inhabiting the Earth for tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years, and possibly living here before humanoids. They are not aliens, they are not extraterrestrials, but they are one of Earths’ earliest occupants.

Massive subterranean colonies found worldwide; these beings not able to survive on Earth’s surface for any length of time and therefore come out mostly at night but they can and do appear during the day but not for a very long length of time. Apparently Earth’s surface climate is not suitable for them, therefore the subterranean caverns around the world.

There are many different varieties and mutations of these underground dwellers.

They can take different shapes, appear as animals, appear as human and we all know about going anywhere they want anytime they want. They can penetrate any surface by simply going through it. And you thought you were intelligent.

A quick story; one night sitting in bed reading I heard an entity arrive through the bathroom window; I quickly looked up to confirm I was right. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom door, about 7 feet away to lock the entity in the bathroom so I could attempt to grab it. No sooner had I closed the door and this entity went right through the bathroom wall to my immediate right side and entered the bedroom. I quickly opened the bathroom door and observed this creature running a full speed right out the bedroom door and down the hallway.

I witnessed this creature go right through the wall. Certainly not the first time I have seen this and it won’t be the last time either. These creatures pop in and out of dwellings like you and I walking in and out of doors. And they do it in under a second.

I have a challenge for someone; try to keep them out! I was wondering about ½” plate steel. Their abilities have something to do with the molecular properties of materials.

Surface dwellers (humans) are farmed for their nutrients. Many surface dwellers are regularly taken to have fluid extracted to be used for nutrition while others are plucked from the surface never to be seen or heard from again. And from all the stories I have heard and read I’m thinking many humans are taken and kept deep underground in the subterranean caverns locked in cages and used as needed. Would not put anything past these creatures.

So, not only are we humans laboratory animals but we are also farmed, like picking a tomato from the vine or pulling up a carrot. Comforting thoughts indeed. I don’t know about you but it sure gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

These creatures nutrition is absorbed through the skin, the same way that waste is excreted. Ever smell one of the grays and notice a horrific odor emanating from this creature?

 Waste is being excreted and therefore the obnoxious smell. Not sure this is something the beings can control at all times. But I do know that once they realize you know what the smell is they will do their best to prevent you from ever smelling it again.

Number of missing persons has grown exponentially as has the number of abducted humans grown exponentially. The creation and deployment of hybrids has grown exponentially.

What have also grown exponentially are the tens of millions of fetus’s being grown in containers that are to be used as nutrition.

Never believed in the Devil, Satan or Lucifer but I’m having second thoughts and believe these terms evolved from human experiences; the occupants of these vast and plentiful subterranean colonies who use humans as their food source. Plenty of stories of humans being plucked from the surface, taken underground never to be heard from or seen again.

Once had a conversation with one of the tall grays; “Wanted to ask you about the room I saw with thousands of fetus’s growing in glass jars” “I mean; what the hell do you do with all of those fetus’s? You must be eating them.”

(I was joking when I asked the question and I only saw a small section of this incredibly large room)

I got a partial positive response from the gray; “Okay, let me rephrase my question I replied” I know you absorb your nutrition, you do not consume food like humans, therefore you must absorb a mixture of human proteins and blood along with other ingredients, is that right?”

(the gray’s response) Yes, you are correct, humans are our part of our food source.

Well, that kind of also opens up a can of worms regarding cattle mutilations and the cattle being completely drained of all blood. Have I not read that the blood of bovine is similar to humans?

Many things started making sense when I received that reply. I use to wonder why I have blood extracted from me 4-5 nights a week. I always wondered what the hell these creatures are doing with my blood.

It goes in the mix, this is what happens, and then absorbed through the skin of these creatures. Makes me feel good knowing I am feeding these creatures with my own blood. What the hell are they, vampires too?

But apparently; apparently certain humans have more preferred blood type than other humans. At least it seems that way.

If we were to try and exterminate these vermin we would be exterminating ourselves along with them. These creatures are so deeply entrenched within the bowels of the Earth to exterminate.

I always fall back to a response I have received from the tall grays on several occasions; I had voiced my concern to these tall grays about what they were doing to us humans and I always got the same response each and every time. The exact response no matter which tall (7’ tall) gray I approached and complained about what they do to us humans, I got the same response.


Just one question; how can we rid the Earth of these vermin? 

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