Thoughts concerning the gray aliens I know

Thoughts concerning the gray aliens I know. NOTE; I speak of the gray aliens I know, not any other species so if you disagree with me you may be dealing with a different species of extraterrestrial than myself or else you have been tricked.

These gray aliens DO NOT care about planet Earth or what happens to this planet; i.e., environment, etc. These gray aliens simply do not care. These aliens are here for what they want from us humans, nothing more, and nothing less.

These aliens are NOT studying us.

These aliens are using us.

The gray aliens plans for humans are NOT benevolent, i.e., these beings are evil; i.e., the devil, Satan or Lucifer. And these beings are absolutely disgusting.

Their powers and abilities are much further advanced than anyone gives them credit for; i.e., like magic.

There is no Hollywood movie that comes close to depicting what their powers and abilities are and what these beings are capable of.

These beings have absolutely incredible patience; i.e., like vultures circling for the kill. They will go to great lengths to accomplish the task at hand and nothing, and let me emphasize, nothing will stand in their way.

These beings live nearly 500 years so time is on their side. We humans think in terms of decades or generations while these beings think in terms of centuries and millenniums. 


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