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    While carrying on a conversation with myself Sunday night, January 16, 2011, which I do most each and every night because this quiet time is when I formulate what I want to put into words the next day, I came to a realization; that an article of mine that appeared in the UFO Digest on December 13, 2010 was incomplete. Went something like this….

Dude; you screwed up the article in December, the article on how humans pass through solid objects….

I most certainly did not and don’t call me dude.

You did, go back and read it; you left out the 3rd way humans get abducted.

I did not, leave me alone or I’ll turn you off.

    But I did read it again and realized I had left out a very important part. And since I am going to make amends and write this article to correct my error, I also wanted to explain in more detail how we humans can pass through walls and windows.

    I wondered how I could have left out the third method but then the answer was easy. I am familiar with how aliens abduct me, and not the way that some people are abducted. So here is the third way some abductees are abducted.

In case you missed my article in December 2010 here it is;

    You will notice the name of the article is not how humans are abducted but how ET allows us humans to pass through solid objects, like walls, windows, etc. Same difference though. Here is the 3rd and easiest way humans are abducted;

We open the door and walk out!

    That is it in a nutshell. And this is really quite easy but it’s obvious this is more common in rural areas than heavily populated cities and suburbs within those cities.

    ET sends telepathic messages to us and instructs us to come outside and the abductee does what they are told.

    But I am always taken out through the walls or windows or the ceiling and roof.

    And while thinking to myself last night I again realized that when I say we humans are floated out of our house while passing through solid walls I realized I needed to be more specific about how this happens.

    In case anyone wondered; ET does not use the same physics as we humans do. And I will attempt to prove it, bear with me.

    Before I can explain how we are floated through walls I need  to use an example to better explain how this process works.

    Anyone here know what I mean when I use the term VPN or Virtual Private Network? Yes, Marilyn in Michigan knows what I am referring to; very good Marilyn.

    A VPN uses protocols to ‘tunnel’ through the Internet securely. As we all should know by now the Internet is certainly not private and in most cases is not secure. But if you need to go from point A to point B securely VPN’s are often used.

    But there are other ways of doing this same thing but I want to use VPN as an example in explaining alien technology.

    So a VPN is in effect a ‘virtual’ tunnel. It’s not a real tunnel; you can’t see it, you can’t feel it, you can’t smell it, and you can’t hear it. It’s virtual, it appears to not exist but it’s often used and it works great.

    If you read the article linked above you see I reference floating through the curtains, shades, windows and screen, and vice verse when being returned.

    Now ET could easily pull the curtain back, raise the shades, open the window and remove the screen and then repeat the process over and over again, but as we all know ET is lazy and prefers to use physics to attain their goals. And let’s face it; why not? Why go through all those steps when you can go skip this time consuming process and simply pass through these objects without having to move them out of the way?

    Here is how this works, not the physics part but an explanation to better understand how this process works.

    ET arrives and exits at my house by going through walls, and if ET wants to take me with them, then I must also go through the same walls. But there are several very important facts you need to be aware of; primarily you or me as humans cannot be the first through the wall, and just as importantly we cannot be the last through the wall.

    Here it comes; ET opens a virtual tunnel. You can’t see it, you can’t hear it, you can’t feel it but the tunnel is there none the less.

    Regardless of how many humans are being abducted through walls it takes a minimum of three A-Team members to abduct one or more persons. It could be more than three but three at a minimum.

    ET simply opens the tunnel, some type of space time continuum thing or something like that (it’s over my head) and we floats through the wall(s).

****the steps are****

ET opens the tunnel (don’t ask me how, please)….

The first ET enters the tunnel and exits the house….

Humans exit in single floating file following the first ET….

ET’s on the end exit and closes tunnel….


    But there could easily be more than three grays and when we are returned the process is reversed.

    Now generally speaking there are two ET’s on the end, slightly offset creating a wedge effect, see following Microsoft Visio diagram. My first attempt at using Visio so please excuse.

Now, does Newton or Einstein in any way explain the physics behind this?   

This my friend is physics the alien way, or more exactly since there are so many different species of extraterrestrials visiting this planet, the gray alien way, and only the grays I know.

    Let’s imagine the tunnel happened to close while someone or something was not quite through the tunnel. Well, you might find half of your body inside the house and the other half hanging outside the house with the wall in between your midsection. But this won’t happen as long as the last one’s through, the two grays, close the virtual tunnel after they exit the tunnel. Only the grays can manipulate time and space and open and close this virtual tunnel anywhere, anytime they need to.

    I know a nice game for those with the time and money, try and keep them out of somewhere. And let me know what works.

    Abductions are dangerous work but done correctly problems seldom appear. When problems do occur it’s usually because there is someone new on the A-Team and this gray made a mistake. Grays are programmed for abductions but it’s still OJT, on the job training. Practice make perfect.

    I had an abduction last month that went wrong. I came out of my sedation and found myself paralyzed and after breaking free from being paralyzed I started telepathically screaming at the gray, went something like this…

(bob) Damn, what the hell was that dude, was that supposed to be an abduction?

(gray) Yes, it was

(bob) Well you must be an amateur. Is this amateur hour at Bob’s house?

(gray) Yes, I am new at this, still learning.

(bob) Go get someone with experience… please. I’m not supposed to know about this or wake up in the middle of being taken. Go practice on my neighbor next door if you want to practice.

    No sooner had those words left my mind and one of the experienced A-Team members took over and I was quickly sedated, paralyzed and went for the midnight ride.

   Speaking of abductions or ‘kidnapping’ as it were did you ever wonder about the sequence of events that must take place before any abduction can be successful.

    Several things must take place for us to be taken and for us to have no memory of this rather horrifying event. An example follows;

    First and foremost a scout shows up at my house, after checking his Blackberry and sees that Bob is scheduled for an implant upgrade in the early morning hours. There is absolutely no reason to send the entire abduction team (A-Team) as Bob might not be ready for some hours so only one entity needs to show up and observe and plan the abduction. Once the abduction is close the alien sends the signal and within 5 seconds the craft is in hover position over the house. The abduction is getting close. The craft generates a field several feet outside the craft and downwards to encompass the house. Anything within this field is subject to float from gravity being disabled.

    This exact thing happened last night, Sunday night, Jan. 16, 2011. The scout was there watching and waiting. I saw the gray pacing back and forth. I could clearly see this gray was the short entity, 4’ 8” – 4’ 9”, so I asked;

(bob) you must be here for a reason.

(gray) Yes, I am

(bob) And since I see you are an A-Team member that only means one thing, abduction, am I right.

(gray) Yes, you are

(bob) Well good luck my friend, I have other plans, now go home.

I reached down and pulled up the strap and put it around my torso. The gray just stood staring at me and could clearly see no abduction tonight so he/she/it quickly left.

But I digress……

    A series of things must happen to be successfully abducted. I use the acronym SPS which means

Sedation – Paralyzation – Smell

What the hell is Bob talking about? Smell?

    Yes, SMELL ….. Did you ever smell one of these grays? If you have not done so I don’t recommend it because you will never forgot the most obnoxious, horrendous, disgusting, pathetic odor to ever cross your nose. Sometimes I feel sorry for them for the way they smell as they can’t help it.

Here are the three things that must happen to be successfully abducted.

    -S- SEDATION Anyone familiar with consciousness sedation? I see a hand in Ohio, yes Robert, you are near Dayton aren’t you? Thanks, and I am also very familiar with consciousness sedation. Once we are sedated using this method we seldom remember anything during our time while being sedated. This is very similar to the grays method of sedating us humans.

    -P- PARALYZED The second thing that must happen is we are paralyzed so we cannot move. Generally we can move our eyes and still breathe but unable to move any part of our body. I have come out of my sedated state many times and found myself unable to move but I could look around using my eyes but I was unable to move my head or any part of my body.

    -S- SMELL Our sense of smell is almost always immediately disabled because you may be paralyzed and sedated but if this odor came in through your nose you would go into vomit mode and since you are sedated and paralyzed you could easily die by chocking on your vomit. I know all about the vomit mode, been there and done that. That alien smell is sickening.

    I have also been sedated and paralyzed and suddenly smelled the grays working on me and came close to vomiting until the gray saw what was happening and quickly disabled my sense of   smell.

    So as I said, at least three things must take place. There are probably more but if there are I don’t know what these things are but I am very familiar with these three necessary requirements.

    And different grays have different ways of doing abductions. One gray might start with sedation while another gray might start with paralyzing you, and yet another who might really smell bad will disable your sense of smell first to keep you from waking up.

It all depends on the circumstances, the subjects being abducted, and the work load that night. There is no wrong way, each A-Team member has their own preferred method.

I often forgot my standard disclaimer so here it is:

The thoughts and opinion expressed herein are mine alone; I speak for no other human, abductee or otherwise. As always my opinions are subject to expire at midnight.


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