Views from ET’s base of operations

As an abductee I have witnessed many things at ET’s base of operations. Some of the things we abductees witness appear to be logical such as being on an examination table, having implants installed or upgraded. On the other hand many things are a mystery; such as ‘training’, viewing thousands of round glass jars with an apparently living growing fetus inside each jar. We can guess what is happening and each of us has their own opinion of what might be happening or forms an opinion based on what we are seeing or experiencing. 

There are also instances of witnessing things that seem to defy logic. I’m taking into account screen memories which may be used to influence what we are seeing and guide us in the wrong direction from what is actually happening.

But when I witness the same strange behavior of these grays over the course of many abductions I realize these gray aliens are really strange. I keep wondering; why in the world are they doing this, and what is the purpose? 

One of the most common of the strange occurrences I have witnessed is the sexual activities taking place. I have seen this so many times and I keep wondering what the purpose(s) of this could be.

From my point of view this is what I witness and observe; human males involved in sexual activity with hybrid females and hybrid males engaged in sexual activities with human females. I will leave this subject at this description as I could go into details that would not be fit to read and would likely embarrass many readers as well as myself for thinking and writing about this. 

A little later down in this article you will read of my description of ET’s base of operations, or one of the bases of operations as there certainly must be more than one base of operations. There is one particular area at this base where this activity takes place. There are a number of tables similar to gurneys arranged in this area and this sexual activity not only takes place on these tables but on the floor or any place where two individuals have enough room. 

Frankly, I’m embarrassed to write about it and this is not something I think might have happened, or something I was told, or something I heard but something I have observed and been part of many times. I could go into detail describing the female anatomy of these hybrids but I have no wish to embarrass myself or my readers. 

And the sheer number of humans involved at any given time is staggering. I have come to the opinion that these gray aliens are pimps. Sounds funny calling aliens pimps but it’s true. The only difference is they are not getting paid any money but being paid in emotional highs. Well, you take what you can get, right? 

And standing around each table or area where this activity takes place are several of the taller grays. Note, I mentioned several around each table, not several around all tables. I have yet to see any short grays in this area, only the taller ones. And these tall grays are standing and staring; these beings are really good at standing and staring and these grays usually have their hands behinds their backs. Just standing very close to the table, slightly leaned forward and locked in that infamous staring technique we abductees know so well.

So I think to myself; okay, I can understand human males being involved with hybrid females as perhaps the idea is to impregnate these hybrid females. 

And it might be, but there is more to the story I believe. My theory is there is no possible way a male hybrid can impregnate a human female and vice versa, no way a human male can impregnate a female hybrid. I could be wrong but the odds of any impregnation taking place are remote regardless of whom is doing whom. If not impregnation, then what the hell are these pimps up to? 

As most suspect or believe these gray aliens have very little emotions. They do have some but very little. And it’s entirely possible these beings have no way to procreate and sexuality as humans know it is probably non-existent, at least in my opinion it is. I theorize that these beings stand around observing and tapping into the human mind to experience this emotional high since this may be the only way they will ever know what this is like. 

It becomes obvious that they are feeding on the emotional high of human sexuality, and is also quite obvious that these hybrid males have been trained to be part of this activity. 

This is only one of several strange going-on I have witnessed and I may select another strange event for later examination. One thing about gray aliens is there are plenty of strange circumstances and events to discuss. 

Regarding the alien base of operations; the place I am most often taken to is deep underground, (I assume) and I know for an absolute fact the entrance to this base, or one of the entrances is underwater, a large body of water and the craft enters a very large tunnel after being underwater for some length of time. I have thought long and hard about where this base might be and my best guess is the western United States. And this place has multiple levels, how many I don’t know. 

My reasoning for the location is the time it takes from my house to the base and from the base to my house, approximately five minutes each way. A gray saucer can cover a lot of ground and water in five minutes. And I believe this tunnel entrance is several miles from where the saucer drops into the water. And by now you are wondering how I keep track of the time I’m abducted and the time I’m returned. I covered this subject in one or more articles here at UFO Digest. 

This base has a series of enormously large caverns with ceiling heights of 50’+ A wide curving ramp gently flows upward to an observation deck, approximately 30-40’ above the floor. From this level hallways go off in different directions, very long hallways. To the best of my knowledge I have never been down any of these hallways but I have been to this observation desk at least two times and the view looking down will stagger your imagination. 

Imagine rows of bright shiny tables, a human on each table. And if the table is empty it’s only because the next person in line is not yet on the empty table. 

And as you gaze around the floor below you see so many humans you cannot begin to count them, it would impossible with all the movement going on. You notice off to the left corner are groups of humans; one group of humans are removing their clothing, just dropping their clothing on the floor, while nearby is another group of humans sorting through the clothing on the floor, finding what belongs to them and putting their clothing on. So you must be thinking that it would be easy to make a mistake and put on someone else’s clothes, or put your clothes on backwards, or inside out. It is easy and it happens all the time. 

The group putting their clothes on, if they wore any are getting ready to depart and the lucky arrivals who are now removing their clothing are just beginning their visit which generally last two hours but it could be less and it could be more. The length of time any human spends visiting ET’s home depends on what is on the schedule that night. My personal best record to date is being gone for 8 ½ hours. There are plenty of 4-5 hour abductions on my past calendar entries but not much I can do about it. 

And later on in the morning when you wake up and wonder how you went to bed with your nightgown on backwards, or wearing someone else’s underwear or wonder how your pajamas got turned inside out, you just scratch your head and you will probably never figure it out. 

The ET’s check the calendar and the schedule as each new arrival gets on the table.

Oh; I see Bob here is scheduled for an implant upgrade, or I might be scheduled for training or it could be both, so after the initial examination I leave the table and either go directly to the next stage of my visit by myself or I might be escorted by the short grays since I have been naughty on some past visits. 

I myself have a habit of running around the base being chased. It’s just something I enjoy doing so I am almost always escorted as one never knows when I might just take off and go up the long sloping ramp where I’m not allowed to go. The next level up is apparently off limits to humans, therefore why I want to go there and given the chance I will go up there.

But I always get caught and while running up the ramp I look up ahead near the top of the ramp and I see a group of tall grays waiting for me. And they always say the same thing to me; where do you think you’re going? I never respond when they catch me, what use is it?


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