Observations and comments on how aliens pass through solid walls

Observations and comments on how aliens pass through solid walls……

And how aliens assist humans to also pass through walls……

And other observations on alien abilities…… 

by Bobby Morrison


Having observed the grays, both the short and the tall grays entering the rooms in my house on many occasions I have drawn some conclusions about what I have seen and witnessed. I do not understand any of it; it’s way over my head. This is for you physics guys to figure out. When you do let me know.

I have watched and observed how aliens enter my house for the last three years and have come up with two distinct methods of how these entities pass through solid walls. Of course if I knew the physics behind it this these two different methods are probably related but I don’t see any correlation at this time.

The first and most common form of entry is the one we mostly hear and read about, that being a sudden bright flash of white light. It easily reminds one of a camera flash going off.  If happening during the night the room will be so bright it will appear to be brighter than being outside on a bright sunny day. I have never heard any sound associated with this type of entry. The bright light is less than one second and the room will be bathed in a very bright brilliant white light.

Witnessing this for years I never knew what this was. I figured a car’s headlights as the car turned the street which never made any sense at all to me but I had no other choices to pick from except this one. Once I realized what this sudden bright light represented I would become very frightened knowing that aliens had just entered my bedroom. Of course it did not take long and the grays never again entered my bedroom using this method.

One thing you can count on regarding aliens and that is once these aliens become aware that a human has learned something about them or of a particular way the aliens do something they quickly change their tactics. I only witnessed these entities using this method to enter my bedroom one or two times after I realized what it was. It has been close to three years and they have not again used this method to enter my bedroom.

Once they stopped coming into the bedroom like this I would see the bright flash of light in the walk-in closet. Once I witnessed this method of entry a few times they never again came into the closet this way. They then started entering the bathroom using this method. I caught on and they changed yet again. I would see them enter the hallway when a bright flash would appear. They changed again and used another bedroom. They would keep changing to try and keep me from witnessing the bright flash of light and their arrival.

For a while the bright flash would appear outside the bedroom windows but once I kept seeing this and commenting on it the grays stopped entering this way. These grays still use this method but they will enter the house downstairs or anywhere I should not be able to witness this flash of light and I will still occasionally see this flash of light if I’m not yet asleep.

I have thought long and hard about what this bright flash of light represents. My best description would be some form of teleportation. You are at point A and you want to be at point B so you tunnel through space and time to get to your destination. The bright flash is the gray(s) arrival and their later exit when the bright flash of light again appears. At one time I wondered if perhaps they ‘rode’ this beam of light but this did not make much sense to me.

Another analogy is using a VPN to tunnel network traffic from one point to another on the Internet. Not a very good analogy I’m afraid but doing the best I can do here.

One second there is no alien in your bedroom. A very bright flash occurs and you now have an alien in your bedroom. Having witnessed this occurrence many times I am of the opinion that only one gray can travel with one flash of light. If I see multiple flashes I know that multiple grays have arrived. I came to this determination whenever I witness several flashes in quick succession. And this is not something I want to witness as I know when several grays show up at the same time that something very important is about to happen. And it’s usually not good.

Whatever term or analogy one may want to use or come up its clear this technology is quite advanced. That could well be the understatement of the century.

I am going to assume that this mode of transportation is strictly used by the aliens; meaning if I am being abducted they do not use this method to take me from my house and bring me back. I could very well be wrong but I don’t think so and I will describe the two methods used to transport us humans from our house to the waiting shuttle craft and back into our house again.

Having observed myself being abducted on several occasions  there are two methods used to get me out of my house and neither one involves teleportation as I define teleportation.

I’m getting ahead of myself here….

The grays, to differentiate from other ET’s visiting planet Earth most preferred method of entering a building is through the windows. For some reason glass must be easier to enter or require less energy or less work. I don’t know. I just know for a fact they prefer to come through windows.

But coming through windows is not just coming through glass, as you generally have a screen, blinds and curtains as in my home but whatever window covering that may be on any windows they grays prefer coming through glass. This is a given and having asked them on two occasions they confirmed that window entry is their preferred method of entering any structure, be it home, work or wherever I might be when they come for me.

And if I am standing in front of a window when the grays come through, which I have of course, this is what I witness; I blast of air hits my face and body and the gray just shot by me at hyper speed. When this happens to me my jaw drops at what had just transpired. I saw something quickly go by. I turned and said telepathically; welcome.

 I mean; what they hell am I supposed to say when something like this happens? Witnessing this did not shock me or frighten me but it did surprise me.  And it still surprises me each and every time this happens.

And while I’m thinking about this; I can say for an absolute fact that after coming through the same windows for a period of time a residue will build up on the outside of the glass. You cannot see this residue from inside looking out. I decided to clean some windows one spring day and to my utter astonishment there was a residue on the outside of some of the windows I was cleaning.

 I started with glass cleaner. That was like elk hunting with a slingshot. I moved to rubbing alcohol; that was like elk hunting with a BB gun. I moved to Goof Off; that was like elk hunting using a 22 rifle. I went to my toolbox and got a scraper and put a new razor blade in the scraper. I don’t know why I wasted my time with this method.

I finally gave up. I did remove some of this residue on the windows that had the residue and only in the thinner areas but the work involved and the time spend on one window made me quite washing windows.  In the areas where the residue was built up I could not make a dent in removing this residue.

I finally came up the idea that this residue has actually become part of the glass, as if the process of entry changed the properties of the glass if only for a few microseconds. Again I’m trying to describe something way beyond my area of expertise and have no idea how to properly describe this where it makes any sense or where one can understand what I am describing.

 I kept wondering what in the hell was on the outside of several windows. Then it hit me. Of course; these are the windows the grays often use for entry. I believe if I ever wanted clean windows I would have to replace the windows with this residue on it as it will not come off. This residue now appears to be part of the glass.

 I decided to ask the grays to clean my windows. Good luck with that one. They don’t do windows.

Now let’s examine the second way the grays enter my house now that I have jumped around a bit….

Simply put, they come through walls and/or the roof or any solid surface used in the construction on the outside of your house, or for that matter any surface on the inside of the walls. They just come right through the wall. I know a good game for those with the time and money; try and keep them out. 

Now here is what I have observed many times at a distance of three feet from the wall when this happened; it sounds like the wall is cracking open. Yes, it sounds just like the wall is opening up, like a crack is developing on the surface of the wall. I am three feet away from the wall staring at the wall once I hear this cracking sound begin and I’m waiting for the wall to open up. It appears like the wall is going to open up then suddenly something flies by very fast. And it is the gray; just shot by me at hyper speed. I turn and telepathically say; welcome. I mean, what the hell am I supposed to say after witnessing something like that?

Sometimes I say; that was pretty cool, can you show me how you do that? Another time I will say; that’s cool, can you do that again in slow motion? I have witnessed this so many times yet each time I witness this it gives me the willies. I mean; how can something just come through a wall? Talk about lack of privacy when you are sitting on the toilet. I’m beginning to think they do this on purpose.

Having seen this many times and yet it still amazes me that any entity can do something like this. But this is nothing; you think that was amazing? You are going to be blown away by one method the grays use to take me from my bedroom. And it’s NOT my favorite method. But it is the most beautiful experience a human could possible imagine or ever experience. And yet it will be the most horrifying experience a human will ever be faced with.

Play along; you are in your bed lying on your back looking at the ceiling. You are not yet asleep but just staring at the ceiling trying to get to sleep. You see a very small and very bright light appear on the ceiling. You stare at it and wonder what it is. The small circle of light slowly starts growing and becoming larger and as it grows it begins dropping from the ceiling toward you. This small circle of light is the most brilliant color of white light you have ever seen; in fact you did not know that a color like this existed.

As the light continues growing in size and getting closer you notice that you can see inside this light. It now appears to be hollow inside, like a tube. By now you are wondering why a tube is is coming through the ceiling and what is going to happen. And the color inside this tube of light is the most beautiful color of blue you have ever seen. The most brilliant light blue color and it seems to be alive. As you lay in bed watching this you wonder; how can color seem to be alive?

The hollow tube is now getting close and you heart is beating so fast it feels like your heart is going to jump out of your chest. You are so scared yet you cannot move. You are mesmerized by this glowing light blue tube getting closer to you.  The tube has grown in size and about halfway between your bed and the ceiling it is now about four feet across.

Then you realize this hollow tube is no longer round. It has slowly morphed into an elongated shape as it gets closer to you. As this glowing blue elongated tube gets closer you feel cool air come over you and it feels like you are in a fog.

You wonder how color could seem so alive and be so beautiful. This elongated tube is now about three feet above you and it quickly drops down and takes the shape of your body. For some odd reason this hollow tube moved slowly at first but once it got close it came at me like I was being attacked as it quickly dropped down and wrapped me.

It wraps underneath you wrapping you in a cocoon and the tube seals itself. You are now inside this elongated tube and you observe the most brilliant colors you have ever seen but by now your heart is beating so fast and you are breathing so fast you think you might hyperventilate.

Now that the abductee is safely contained within this tube it now slowly starts moving upward. You can see outside this tube now that you are part of it and you notice the ceiling getting closer. You ask yourself; am I going through the ceiling and the roof? And you are and you do and into a waiting craft hovering overhead. The most horrifying experience of your lifetime and also one of the most beautiful experiences of your lifetime.

And the worst part of this experience is you can’t do a thing to stop this from happening because you are paralyzed and unable to move. Your body is so paralyzed you are unable to move one of your fingers. You cannot move your head. You can only move your eyes to look around. It took me a few times to discover a way to break out of this tube and stop the abduction.

 Since I am paralyzed and cannot scream I found if I take a deep breath and make as loud a guttural sound as I can the abduction will quickly break off and I will find myself lying back in the bed just as I was before I first witnessed the small light on the ceiling. But not to ruin a good abduction I can count on it happening again once I fall asleep or more accurately, I am put to sleep.

And here is a part I still find hard to believe. Once I am back in bed I was not dropped into bed but I am now underneath the covers just like I was before I first saw the light on the ceiling. Which means time went backwards a few seconds or a few minutes and I went back to the beginning of this particular abduction attempt.

 Not once, not twice but multiple times this has happened to me. And each time this happens it appears to me that time was briefly stopped and reversed. I am at a loss to explain how I could find myself back in bed with the sheet and blanket over me exactly like before the event started some minutes earlier. One microsecond I’m about halfway between the bed and the ceiling and the next microsecond I am about to witness the tiny bright light on the ceiling some time earlier.

And if you were wondering how the tube dropped down and encapsulated me while I was covered by a sheet and blanket, it did. If this tube can drop through the roof and ceiling and pull be back through the ceiling and roof it can also go through the sheet and blanket to wrap me and pull me back through the sheet and blanket to start my upward journey. This is impossible, it can’t happen you say? 

But this tube of light does exactly like I explained and like I always say; don’t ever underestimate the alien grays, their technology and what it is or is not possible. Because a human may think something is impossible does not make it so. Because your physics says this can’t be so does not mean it cannot happen. Do you think for one moment these aliens use the same physics we do? That would be very foolish to think or believe that concept. As long as we hang on these old outdated concepts we will never be close to their equal. 

The second and most common way humans are moved from their house to a waiting craft overhead is simple and straightforward. The grays simply float you through the windows along with themselves. You are levitated from your bed in a weightless state and are guided from your bed, through the windows and into the shuttle craft by your escorts, the A-Team. Not to worry you are in good hands with these proven professional abductors. I did not casually call them the A-Team for nothing. They deserve the title and the ranking.

The alien gray shuttle craft overhead has generated a field around itself and several feet out from the edge of the shuttle craft. This field extends downward to encompass your home. Inside of this field there is no gravity. Should your car be within this generated field it would a very simple matter to float your vehicle up and place in on the roof of your house if you had the desire to do so. Again you say that this is impossible, is it? If this race of beings can build a craft that can do what they do they why would everything else these aliens do be impossible?

But things do not automatically start floating in this gravity free environment. They abductors have to initiate some action for any object to suddenly change from being held down by the force of gravity to being in a weightless condition. Don’t ask me how they do it. I don’t know and they don’t talk about technology as this is a forbidden subject. The grays discuss many subjects with me but they will not talk about their technology. I have asked them many times and they will not discuss technology.

I doubt there are any limitations of what could be moved within this gravity free field. Using this theory one could imagine how easy it would be to build the great pyramids in Egypt. I’m not saying this is what happened but one could see how easy a task this would be. Once anyone witnesses the abilities of the grays you have to marvel at the possibilities of this technology. And this is but a very of the tricks up their sleeve. You are not in Kansas anymore Dorothy!

Bobby Morrison

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