Higher Levels of Consciousness – TELEPATHY

Part 1 in the Altered States of Consciousness Series

By Bobby Morrison


Rene Warcollier (1881-1962) “the communication of emotions, ideas, mental images, sensations, or words from one individual to another without the help of the senses…”

Frederick William Myers (1843-1901) “The communication of impressions of any kind from one mind to another independently of recognized channels of sense.”

Well said gentlemen and rest in peace my friends.

It is my firm belief that all humans have the ability to communicate using telepathy. There are several words I could use to explain why we do not use this form of communication; dormant, disabled or turned off by default. I believe that all one needs to do is learn how to access and enable this ‘feature’ and with time and practice this feature, this telepathic ability becomes much easier to use.

This is no different than the other aspects of our life, practice makes perfect. Once we learn something new and exciting it takes work to achieve the level we wish. We can stop at any time or we can continue learning.

Each and every time I/we reach a plateau, we quickly find there is much more to learn, another plateau to strive for. I find as I get better at this ability it’s very clear to me there is much more to learn. This is like first learning to speak; first learning to read; first learning to walk.   Practice makes perfect.

I used the word ‘feature’ for a reason, as again, it is my firm believe we humans are endowed with a telepathic ability. Sometime in our far past someone or something figured out we humans should not have this feature enabled so it was simply turned off or disabled. I can only speculate why this feature was disabled, but perhaps because we are such a warlike species, or perhaps we were not ready; we can perhaps until the cows come home if we like.

One can assume any sort of reasoning one wants but the fact remains that our telepathic ability is not enabled. This ability is within our grasp if we but want the desire to try something new and very exciting.

But for very few humans that were born with this ability turned on most of us will never have the opportunity to experience what this must be like. Most of us will live and die and never know such a thing was within our grasp.

Most will think and believe there is no such thing except in the movies. A few might think Bob is full of it. Think whatever you like; what do you have to lose?

You have a lot to lose my friend. Remember you are a human; you are not an animal but a human that was created with many abilities that you are not aware of or known to exist. I have recently come to the conclusion that telepathy is the universal language. Allow me to explain.

Regardless of which language one may speak, the gray(s) use the same ‘telepathic language’ to communicate with all us regardless of which language or dialect we may speak. We in turn, regardless of which language we speak have no trouble understanding and comprehending what was telepathically imparted to us. Depending on the individual this may take work and practice to correctly interpret what the entities are telling us, and this universal telepathic language is far more complex than any human language on Planet Earth.

One may spend a lifetime learning this universal language and as I have stated before this telepathic language is so far superior to the use of vocal chords and speech that what we use now in our everyday lives is obsolete and antiquated by comparison.

It only takes the will to accomplish what one wishes to do.   But things just don’t happen by accident, it takes work and the willpower and when you have things lined up just right it will happen almost magically. And it will take you by surprise; it will shock you, and you will marvel at what you have accomplished.

Congratulations; you are now a multidimensional human being…

You can now converse with entities from other dimensions…

You can now converse with your alien visitors…

And you thought you would never amount to much. Let the adventures begin.

I’m going to repeat this because it needs repeating, so pay attention!

If this dummy can do it, anyone can do it. Again; the will, the practice and the attitude of:

Ask yourself this question. How Bad Do You Want It?

Always keep in mind ~ we are humans ~ we can do whatever we put our minds to!
And our minds were designed for more than what we currently use our minds for.

I do NOT say this is easy, because it may not be easy. And it takes practice, although I am sure some people could accomplish this much faster than I did and perhaps others who will never get there and finally give up. I was determined not to give up.
And when you reach that stage, and you will if you keep trying, you will instantly find that you are like a young child just beginning to read for the first time.

What? You thought this was easy? Silly Rabbit!

Becoming telepathic took me several months of trying and failing and blaming someone else. Then one day I thought long and hard about what I was trying to accomplish and I came to the realization it was my fault. I was doing something wrong. It is not the grays fault, it was my fault. I accepted the fault was mine and I was determined to find out what I was doing wrong.

And the story begins…

For many months I had observed the grays moving about my bedroom during the night and I tried communicating with them. As always I only received silence. Time after time I kept up my routine of trying to initiate communication with these visiting grays.

I recalled many times while under custody of the grays as an abductee and while under their control I could easily telepathically communicate with the grays but now in my home and not abducted that somehow this telepathic communication is not possible. I was wrong but I never realized this at the time.

I assumed many times that there must be rules in place. The grays must not be allowed to communicate with humans unless aboard their craft or at their home base of operations. I came up with excuse after excuse why this entity standing in my bedroom moving about watching me would not telepathically communicate with me. I blamed the gray(s), and I told them so. Talk to me damn it. Don’t stand there like a bump on a log, talk to me. I know you can hear and understand me so communicate with me. What? Cat your tongue? Oh yea, forgot you probably never heard that expression. And you probably don’t have a tongue either.

But I never gave up; I kept trying to communicate with these aliens and I proved to myself many times that they did indeed hear me and understand me.

Sometimes I did not see a gray entity arrive but I sensed the gray being present and I wanted to know where the entity might be so I simply asked; please move so I can see where you are.  Most of the time the gray(s) would then move and once these entities make any kind of movement I could clearly see their location.

Other times, and this happened on many occasions I would feel my brain being penetrated by the gray(s), and most of the time this penetration was painful. I would tell the entity to stop drilling into my brain as the pain is uncomfortable. Almost without exception this gray would immediately stop the brain probe.

I had no doubts that these entities could hear and understand me but why won’t they communicate with me I always asked myself.

And in case this is your first time reading my rants I need to make it clear that the grays I deal with are invisible unless they move to the visible light spectrum or partially into the visible light spectrum. And when these entities move a little in any direction I can clearly see them, therefore why they don’t move until I look the other direction or close my eyes. But that was the past; my senses have become so acutely aware now I can see them with my ‘mind’s eye’, movement or not.

A high percentage of the time the gray would then move and I could clearly see the movement. I thanked the gray for doing as I asked and I continued my one-sided conversation, often times for just a few minutes but occasionally an hour or more. I wanted to communicate with them and came up with all kinds of reasons why our telepathic communication was not working and to be honest I never thought the problem was me.

This may not be the time to introduce what is currently happening but why not. I started this article some weeks back and there is now a new development in this telepathic communication with the grays.

Often now when I communicate with these grays I receive images of the grays face as we telepathically communicate. This took me by surprise at first but I have become very comfortable seeing the grays face as we ‘talk’; all I see is the full face, nothing more.
I fully expect this to become very common. I have unsuccessfully tried to convince the grays to move to the visible light spectrum and stay there. They just won’t do it!

Having taken some yoga classes in the past I had learned how to put myself into a very relaxed state. One night I decided to get very relaxed and perhaps, just perhaps this might help in my communication with the visiting gray(s). It was obvious nothing else was working.

The first time I did this I spent about 30 minutes getting relaxed and again tried to communicate with the grays. Nothing! Silence was all I got for my attempt to telepathically communicate with this being standing in my bedroom observing me.

I am not the sort to give up easily so the next night I tried again, but this time I spent an hour and a half getting deeper and deeper into such a relaxed state that I had never achieved before.

Once there I asked a very simple question; is anyone there? (What happened next almost blew me off the bed)

WOW, I was blown away by the response. I was so excited I completely lost my deep state of relaxation. I tried again and never did get back to where I was and the hour was getting late and 4:30am comes early so I decided I better sleep and try again tomorrow.

But sleep was difficult that first night as I lay awake thinking of what I had just achieved and experienced. It was my opinion then, and still is that this is something that very few humans have ever accomplished or perhaps ever will accomplish.

On that first contact the response I received from the gray was a sensation completely unknown to me and I assumed unknown to humans. I have never felt a sensation like this in my entire life and I knew this sensation was a response from the visiting gray. I told myself; at last, I had finally found a way to communicate with the gray in my bedroom that night.

Now I thought to myself; I need to make sure I understand and correctly interpret what these sensations are. It’s obviously an answer of some kind and something I am completely unaware of and have never experienced.

When the time was right the next evening I again started my relaxation technique and it was about an hour and a half later that I decided to once again ask a simple question. I was immediately hit with the most amazing sensations I have ever felt, telling me I had my question answered in the affirmative.

I then began asking a couple of questions and immediately had a reply almost before I had finished my thought. One of the first questions I had wondered about was the difficulty I had in initiating contact with the grays. I was quickly told the problem was with me and now that I found the solution it would take much practice to get better at this method of communication.

Less than five minutes had lapsed and I lost contact. At first I did not realize I had but when I no longer received a reply to a question I had posed I knew something had happened. This was a very common occurrence in those early weeks of learning.

Those early first telepathic sessions were very difficult to keep going as I would lose my contact when I drifted out of the level of consciousness I needed to keep communicating with the gray(s). It took me much practice to retain or hold onto this level to continue my communication but with each session this became easier and I was able to reach this level faster than the time before.

My initial attempts to reach a higher level of consciousness took me an hour and a half. Within two or three weeks I had this down to an hour, and then a half hour. Once I reached the 15 minute mark I was ecstatic but reaching this higher level of consciousness became easier and quicker with each successive attempt. To clarify; I did not attempt to contact these entities telepathically each and every night. My early attempts might be two or three times a week at the most.

I reached the five minute mark, then three minutes, then one minute and currently I can be at the level I need to communicate with the grays in one or two seconds and often times in under a second. The previous sentence was true some weeks back but now the telepathic channel is automatically opened once any of the grays suddenly appear, whether at home, work, or in my car driving.

I found early on that what I needed was a trigger to make this process quicker. The trigger could be a sound, a word or a thought. I now have several triggers I can use and simple pulling up a particular thought or hearing a certain sound and I am instantly at the level where communication between myself and any gray can occur.

With my initial telepathic conversations I would only receive sensations. I would have difficulty interpreting what some of these sensations meant in the way of an answer. I quickly realized that I would have to rephrase a question to get an answer I could understand.
With time my telepathic sessions included ideas, emotions, mental images, and scenes that always had and still appear to be in real-time with myself being in the mental image or scene. This image or scene is not like a photograph or a video clip but as real as if I was part of the scene or image which I seemed to be part of. These mental images and scenes seem to be real-time.

My most interesting mental images to date were being above the Earth in orbit looking down at planet Earth. I found myself simply floating between Earth and the Earth’s moon. I turned to my right and the moon appeared so close I thought it would be an easy matter to drop down and pay a visit.

My next mental images consisted of the gray’s amazing flying machine, the saucer, not the small shuttle craft but the very large multi-level saucer and then the tall gray’s themselves standing in front of me and all the while we are above earth in orbit while these scenes played out.

I often refer to the large saucers as dream machines because these enormous saucers are one incredible piece of technological art. Every time I go to the airport and fly I think how outdated commercial aviation is. New York to Los Angles in under 5 minutes, just imagine that.

Mental images have now become very common in my telepathic sessions as well as a wide range of sensations, ideas and emotions that were completely unknown to humans, at least this human.

The grays often show me images that pertain to events in the past or those of the present. I have been shown images I was not familiar with and became confused and asked what this image(s) pertained to and was told it was in the future. I always ask myself; is this true? I do not know that answer.

I have no way to confirm these future events but I have confirmed some things shown to me in the present I was completely unaware of at the time.

In one recent event I was shown something that had happened some weeks earlier, an event I was completely unaware of and the next day I confirmed they gray(s) were correct. This was not something pulled from my unconsciousness memory but something that had happened at my house that I was not aware of until told.

Recently I have begun to receive words, which took me by surprise as up to this point there had been none.

Those first telepathic sessions reminded me of my early childhood when as a child I first learned to read. Receiving sensations and emotions from the gray(s) was something entirely new to me and I had to learn how to interpret these.

Most of the time this is not difficult but when I’m confused I ask for clarification and I always get it. Mental images are self-explanatory but often confuse me as to past, present or future.

If I am to tell another person what I was told I must translate my communication into English and I often have great difficulty in doing so. The English language does not have the words or phrases I need to adequately explain some communication.

And I cannot translate word for word but must use phrases like; “something like that” or “kind of like this.” Some things are simpler, like yes, and no but in telepathy there is no yes or no, it’s not that simple. But I can easily translate and use the words yes and no to explain an answer to a question.

But like a child learning to read I have become much better at my telepathic sessions with these gray entities and with each session I become more proficient and learn more about these entities. You might be wondering; are these gray aliens telling me the truth? I don’t know. Some things I have confirmed and others I cannot confirm.

As much of a shock to me as my first telepathic session was, I was also shocked to learn that these taller entities have personalities. I would have never thought that these entities had any personality what so ever but they do and the personalities vary greatly between them.

But while I’m on that subject, the short gray(s), the ones I refer to as the A-Team seem to be all identical, and rude, and crude, and obnoxious. Having said that one of them will on occasion want to communicate with me but the session seldom lasts more than a minute or two. These short entities suddenly break off and won’t converse anymore. I can see them moving but they refuse to converse with me.

And for personalities with the short grays; forget it. Non-existent. They are at my house for one reason and one reason only; and since I call them the A-Team you might guess what that reason is. They are true masters at what they do, and let’s face it, if you are going to be abducted (kidnapped) you want to be abducted by the best.

I know immediately whether or not the invisible entity in my bedroom is the tall gray (7’ +/-) or the short gray (4’ 8”- 4’ 9”). If it’s the short gray and they are here to abduct me and won’t converse with me I have a little fun with them and try and make them upset.

I like to pull out my strap (life line) and hold it up for them to see and I then tell them; see this you idiot, no abduction tonight. I then put the strap around my torso and watch them squirm and I imagine what this A-Team member might be thinking, something like;

Rats, Foiled Again, this human is a pain!

And often the fun starts as they seem to get a little hot under the collar at what I just did. They often start flying across the room at a very fast clip, swooping down close to me to try and frighten me. I just laugh and congratulate them on the show they are putting on. They often get so close when they fly by I can feel the gust of air as they pass overhead. And speaking of things these short grays excel at, intimidation is certainly one of these.

These short aliens were created and programmed for specific purposes and my opinion is the primary purpose is to take Bob and company from our beds for the midnight ride. Let me be clear though; the tall beings can and will take over or initiate any abduction if need be or if the abduction is too important to be left to the short dingbats.

This is not an occasional case of a few humans being kidnapped; this is a case of millions of humans being abducted. This abduction program is a 24/7 program with a non-stop continuous flow of humans entering and exiting the grays home base of operations.

But for what reason(s) do the grays continue abducting humans?
There are many theories of why humans are being snatched from their beds, their cars, while hiking or walking, from their place of employment and in a case that happened to me while I was in the military, while I was on watch one night.

My theory of why we are abducted will be covered in the manuscript I am currently working on. I hope to have the book published by the end of this year.

As if we did not already know it, these entities are extremely secretive. Getting information out of them if often like pulling teeth; I have learned that to get them to confess something I must prove I know something about the subject, and the hybrid program is a perfect example. I covered this subject in previous articles here at UFO Digest. Enter my name in the search box and hit enter to view past articles.

And now for my final thoughts on consciously making the effort to communicate telepathically with these evil gray aliens;

Don’t do it. It’s a curse and it cannot be reversed. And it only gets worse.

You will quickly find your mind is no longer solely yours, but you now share your mind with your alien friends. As you were already aware, these aliens monitor our thoughts and hiding any information from them is a lesson in futility.

This was the always the case and I knew it and it really never bothered me these grays had the ability to read my mind. What bothers me is their continued interjection into my thoughts.

Some examples may be in order; I cannot plan anything without constant input from my evil friends. Should I have a vacation or travel plans coming up in the future and I find myself thinking about hotels, car rentals, etc., I am continually interrupted.

I now often find myself telepathically screaming; GET OUT OF MY MIND AND LEAVE ME ALONE.

And the grays do for a short while and again without having given them much thought they once again interrupt my train of thought when they butt in and interject their opinion, agreement or disagreement with what I am thinking. It’s almost to the point they want me to clear everything with them first before I can make any decisions on my own.
And should you wish to ignore my advice and continue anyway, I wish you the best in your endeavors.

One final thought on living in a telepathic society. It’s not for humans. It appears telepathy restricts or inhibits many of the different emotions that we humans are used to having and using. Can anyone of us visualize living in a world without music, drama, theater or sports? These gray aliens live in a silent and colorless world, and none of us would want to change places with them.

The thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are mine alone.  I speak for no other human, abductee or otherwise.

I do NOT claim to be a writer. The only thing a writer and I have in common is we both use a computer and word processing software and this is where the similarity ends. As always my opinions are subject to expire at midnight.




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