Yet More Views From ET’s Base of Operations

By Bobby Morrison 

Besides the vast caverns in this deep underground base there are also smaller private rooms of various sizes. I’m not talking about the upper levels of which I only know one more level and this level has the observation deck overlooking the main floor and long hallways going different directions cut through solid rock.

To the best of my knowledge I have never been down these hallways and I know nothing about this area of ET’s base of operations. I somehow think this is where ET lives when these extraterrestrials are not working down on the main floor but this is just a guess.

Moving along from one cavern into another cavern is by a long wide path, the floor of which is like the other floors, a highly polished surface that appears to be the rock floor of the cavern. I always marvel at how beautiful the floors are as I have never seen any like these. This path is approximately ten feet wide in most places but does vary slightly along its path.

In between each of these enormous caverns are supports of thick rock walls which are open in places and one will always notice the lack of any right angles or straight lines. Everywhere one looks you will only see curved geometry, even the table I have sat at with these tall aliens was round. This wide pathway moves us abductees from one cavern to the next along this path generally being escorted by the short grays.

The main thing I wanted to write about in this particular article is the swimming pool found at ET’s base of operations. What say you Bob, a swimming pool? Yes, says Bob a swimming pool but we abductees do not swim in it, we simply stand in the liquid. I use the word liquid and not the word ‘water’ for a reason which will become apparent in due time.

Before we dive into the swimming pool subject (no pun intended) at ET’s base of operations let’s pretend we just arrived and our small group is removing our clothes and dropping whatever we had been wearing right where we stand. You might look around and notice there are piles of clothes scattered about here and there. And you think to yourself, yes, it’s a good thing we don’t drop our clothes in one common pile as finding our clothing again would be a major hassle, and of course it would.

It’s often hard enough to find the correct clothing we arrived wearing and it’s not unusual to go home missing something or wearing someone else’s clothing. Not unusual at all, just ask me. This also includes being returned home wearing your clothing inside out or on backwards. This is not at all uncommon. If you ever woke up with any of the above examples, well, now you know.

When it’s your turn on the table for your initial exam you get on the table like a good mind controlled robot would. This is just a quick exam to see what is new if anything, not much to worry about here. If you are scheduled for a procedure this will be done elsewhere as the line of humans waiting to get on the table is long and we must quickly move on to the next item on the agenda once the quick exam is finished.

Medical procedures can be done privately in a small room or in a larger area where a few tables are in a short row. But the initial rows of tables are for quick processing to see who we are and what needs done once the schedule is checked. Our implants are auto magically scanned and this tells the aliens who we are as well as gives the aliens our complete history from day one of our life with these extraterrestrials.

If one is to be trained this night we would be escorted to the training area but just because you are scheduled for training or scheduled for a procedure does not mean this is all you were brought here for. One is usually escorted from one area to another area, from one scheduled item to another scheduled item.

And if you are escorted you would be escorted by those cute little androids, those short aliens. I use the word android for lack of knowing just what these creatures are. They seem to have all been cut from the same mold. Cute little guys they are, and it’s a good thing your sense of smell has been disabled or you would be gagging and vomiting from the obnoxious odor emanating from these short aliens.

But like I always say; cut em some slack, they can’t help it. In case you don’t think they are cute just remember, they think we humans are ugly to. They also think we are a pathetic race of beings but this is a subject for another article.

As you move through ET’s facility to the next item on the agenda you will often inadvertently pick up evidence on your body with/without your knowledge.

I’m referring to evidence like DNA from bodily fluids or from being handled by these gray aliens. More than likely though, any DNA on our bodies will be from the human/alien hybrids we humans are in close contact with on some of our visits.

I’m not implying that all of us are used in this way but having seen the line of humans waiting their turn with hybrids this is a very common activity here at ET’s base of operations. It’s quite pathetic witnessing what is happening and even more disgusting when you realize you are part of this disgusting practice the grays indulge in.

It would be very easy for us to come back home carrying all kinds of proof of ET’s existence and the grays cannot allow this. If you read any of my previous articles on ET’s base of operations you will get a better idea of what I am implying when I write about bodily fluids that could be found on us.

This takes us to the very large swimming pool found at ET’s deep underground base of operations. The reason I know about this pool is I have been in the pool but I was not swimming. I was being cleaned before my return trip home. Yes, some of us abductees are in need of cleaning before being allowed to go back home. And to keep our minds from wandering we watch videos on the enormous rock wall while we stand in this brownish thick liquid as it cleans our bodies.

It seems I had been involved in some rather disgusting practices on my visit this time and the grays cannot allow me to carry alien and/or hybrid DNA home with me, therefore I get to visit the pool and watch the video on the enormous flat rock wall as I and dozens of other humans stand in this liquid while staring at a video being shown on the massive wall in front of us.

The videos I have stood and watched were of beautiful scenes here on planet Earth. On video was of a beautiful stream with salmon swimming upstream. I clearly recall saying to myself I knew what type of fish these were and another person to my left and ahead of me told me they also knew what type of fish these were. I still don’t know if I spoke out loud or what I said was telepathic but it surprised me that someone responded to my private thoughts.

This large underground pool is filled with a liquid which is heavier than water and a darkish color. I have tried to see my hands will standing looking down but unable to do so. As we humans are walking down the wide path and get close to this pool we enter the water on the right side of the pool. The bottom of the pool is sloped and taller humans walk further out into the pool while shorter humans don’t walk out as far. Each of us walks out far enough so we are standing with our shoulders just covered in this darkish liquid.

Whenever I have been in this pool I look around and all I see is heads sticking out of the water. This made be chuckle as the scene was quite funny only seeing heads and nothing else. Each of us walks out just far enough to cover our shoulders.

I clearly recall on one of these visits I woke up after being returned home to my bed and found liquid in one of my ears. At the time I lay in bed wondering how liquid could have got in my ear. It reminded me of times I had been swimming and getting water in my ears. While wide awake wondering why water was in my ear the memory of the pool and the video came back to me very clearly so I replayed the events in my mind so I could write about them later.



On the subject of abductions; not all humans are abducted for the same reasons. There is what I call ‘key’ people who are the main focus of the abduction and then there are the victims of opportunity other abductees. It’s just as easy to abduct several humans as it is to abduct one and the aliens will not usually ignore those quietly sleeping even though these people are not the one(s) they came to abduct.

You might be wondering why I struck out the “victims of opportunity” phrase. This might be hard to swallow if you are a first time reader of my articles but while originally writing this a few days ago I was asked to not include the phrase “victims of opportunity”.

A later article will explain this in detail but the aliens want us humans to be “willing” and the word “willing” does not go well with the phrase “victims of opportunity”, therefore why I struck the phrase out. I could just have well removed the phrase but simply striking through the phrase is acceptable to the grays.

These aliens read everything I think and write and rather than upset them and make my life miserable I occasionally take their suggestions. Hence, one suggestion was not use the phrase victims of opportunity. There; I complied with the grays request. I’m sure they will be happy I complied.

Just remember one thing if you forget everything else; we humans must be willing to be abducted. The grays define “willing” the opposite of how we humans define “willing”. This subject will be an entire article of its own.

Although not key people, all humans can be used for different purposes at ET’s base of operations. In my opinion if a key person was not available for abduction the victims of opportunity would be left alone in most cases.

Key abductees are different; these people see and hear things their spouses and others cannot see or hear. These key people receive and hear high pitched tones on a regular basis that others never receive. These key humans hear buzzing or electrical sounds that ebb and flow and suddenly start and end while others in the room cannot hear.

These key people will come down with strange illnesses that often last for several days or several weeks and then suddenly disappear, and medical science has been unable to diagnosis or finds a cause for these strange illnesses that I and others come down with. The abductee can only suffer with this strange malady until the illness clears up, and it will if it was caused by these aliens.

Key abductees also are implanted with additional implants that other abductees may not be implanted with. Key abductees are also subjected to a range of different procedures at ET’s base of operations that other abductees may not subjected to. Key people are often trained when others are not.

I do not profess to know enough about this subject to write a comprehensive article about but it is apparent to me talking to and reading other abductees accounts that there are key abductees and there are those who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

To ET it really makes no difference; the A-Team (abduction team) showed up for one human and finds there are guests at the house this night. To ET this is like winning the lottery and not purchasing a ticket. Regardless of who we are we humans are all mind-controlled robots once the gray aliens take over our brain and abduct us and all of us can be used for one or more purposes. And taking control of us and turning us into robots can be done from a distance without so much as even touching us. 

It is my opinion that at some time in the not too distant future we abductees will be used by the grays for some sinister purpose. I believe the grays will take control of us like they normally do and have us do their bidding to carry out their plan, whatever their master plan is.

Once these aliens take control of us they will move us mind-controlled humans into position for some purpose and we will have no control over what we are forced to do as we will simply be acting like robots. I believe this will happen within my lifetime.

At this time I cannot be more specific about what I think is going to happen in the future but one thing for sure; disclosure will be forced upon the human race in a very unpleasant way.



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