Alien Abductees

When talking about alien abductees it seems a common practice is to lump all alien abductees into one category. An easy thing to do and I have done this myself so I know a bit about the subject.

Another common mistake is thinking that all abductees must be experiencing the same things and if someone comes along and says something different or sees things in a different way than someone must be lying, someone is trying to deceive, either intentionally or unintentionally.
I clearly recall having read two books written by abductees, and with each book I only read about half the book and I lost interest because these experiences did not match mine, therefore I assumed what I was reading could not be true. This book does not make sense to me; it can’t be true, this person lying.

Why did I make that assumption? An honest question deserves an honest answer; I was lumping all alien abductees into one category. This cannot be done.

I clearly recall on one occasion a woman emailed me and told me I was a fake, a liar.

She was the real alien abductee and I was fake because what I reported made no sense to her therefore I must be lying.

Having read what she reported made no sense to me and I assumed she was making her abductions up.

Which one of us was wrong? Simple question deserves a simple answer; we were both wrong.

We both assumed that we were both abducted by the same aliens and we both should have the same experiences and since we don’t one of us must be wrong. And it’s entirely possible we both were abducted by the same aliens but we could have both been treated differently and/or we both came away from the experience with different ideas. And it’s a fact the aliens will treat different humans differently. The aliens will do whatever it takes to gain your trust, to change you system of believes, to want you to be abducted by them, to think and believe they are humanity’s savior. I could easily go on for paragraphs with reason after reason but you get the point.

If you think these aliens are the greatest thing since sliced bread it’s obvious these aliens treated you differently than someone like myself who talks back, fights them every chance I get, tell them they lie and deceive and threaten them with death.

How do you think they are going treat me in comparison to someone who believes these beings are our saviors, our space brothers and here to save the planet?

What’s wrong is thinking or believing that others are wrong and you alone are right.
Experiences of alien abductees is as varied as the different cultures we find in humanity. Is one culture wrong and another culture right because each culture has different beliefs, each live their lives differently, or each have different religious beliefs. Of course not and why would we make that assumption?

So why would we make the same assumption that all alien abductees must all have the same experiences or someone is lying? We should not.

How many alien species is visiting planet Earth? I don’t know that answer, do you? Is two different species the answer? Could it be fifty or more different species?

Do you suppose that only one of these species is doing all the abducting? If you answered yes, why would you think that?

I think several different species are do the abducting. Some could be considered benevolent, some not.

If you are an abductee and have been taken by a benevolent alien species, treated like a guest or a visiting dignitary, been told the secrets of the universe and believe these aliens are our space brothers than it’s certainly obvious that the aliens that abduct you are not the aliens that abduct me.

So why would anyone lump us into the same group? Someone must be lying I would exclaim; space brothers? What have you been smoking?

The aliens I know could just as well be considered Satan or Lucifer as they are evil incarnate. They certainly are not my space brothers.

Now having said the above I realize that there are charlatans out there intentionally spreading deceitful information.

Why do they do it you ask? It’s human nature to puff ourselves up, embellish, or seek attention. Anyone who has ever fished could relate to how a 6” fish could turn out to be 12” in length when we tell our fishing story. I’m not too proud to admit I have been guilty of this.

Could notoriety or money be a motive for writing books and doing personal appearances?  Of course but don’t take this statement in the wrong context and think I believe that anyone who writes a book or does appearances is not telling the truth. And some of the misinformation is certainly just that; misinformation to confuse the masses. Will the real alien abductee please stand up?

I take what other people say at face value. I can read and listen and form my own opinion but I CANNOT make a statement that this person is wrong, this person is lying. I cannot do this as it would be wrong of me to do so.

I simply do not know. If what this person says or writes sounds logical and consistent then I put some stock in what this person says. After all I do not want to lump this person into one large group of abductees because my experiences appear to be different than theirs.

Why did I lump all abductees into a single group at one time I asked myself?

The only answer is ignorance.

Two abductees could be taken against their will by the same group of aliens. One person will expound how righteous, how sincere and how nice these aliens are and the other person will curse these aliens for how evil they are. Which person is wrong?

There are way too many variables in a situation like this for anyone to make a judgment on who is right and who is wrong. Both abductees could well be right.

And don’t forget to give these aliens credit for how they manipulate what we think, what we say and how we act. Remember we are mind controlled robots while in their presence and they could well make us believe they are the second coming of Christ.

Is it possible that alien abductees can be categorized?

At one time I would have said no to that question but it is very obvious that the answer is yes.

There are some terms I have used before when I write about my experiences around the alien grays and in order to explain how to categorize abductees I will again these terms.

I can read your personal abduction experiences and I can classify you as to which group you fall into, or my opinion of which group you fall into.

Again, I can form an opinion based on what you say, what you write and for me it’s easy to classify abductees. I could be wrong but I will be correct more often than not.

Before I get too far let me say there is another group, or other persons who claim to know more about aliens and abductions than us abductees and these same people state they are NOT abductees, but they know better than us.

These people know the real story; they have studied the phenomena, they have extensively researched the subject and they have advanced degrees to prove we abductees are wrong.

That’s cool with me. Each person is entitled to their own opinions. But I would sure like to introduce these people to the evil gray aliens I know and see how fast they change their tune.

I am only going to divide alien abductees into two main groups, and within these two main groups it is possible to further separate into more groups given enough research.


These are the person(s) the aliens really came to abduct. Key abductees are not people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. These humans were targeted at or before birth and have been tracked since birth. These people became acquainted with aliens at a very young age
whether or not they remember any of it.

This is a generational thing most of the time; their parents were abductees and probably their grandparents. Key abductees were implanted at a very young age and get regular implants and implant upgrades on a regular basis throughout their life.

Key abductees have tracking implants and regardless of your location on this planet when it’s time to be abducted it matters not to the aliens where you are. I have been abducted on every vacation I have ever taken, including when I was in Southeast Asia on vacation. If you are on the schedule you get to go for the midnight ride. You can run but you cannot ever hide.

Key abductees are continuously monitored. Just because you do not see the alien that just appeared in your bedroom does not mean you are not being monitored. You are like a rat in a cage, and just because the man in the white coat does not stop and open the door and take you from your cage does not mean this man is not watching and observing you.

Key abductees are generally made to drink unknown fluids, injected with ‘who knows what’ and many of us come down with strange illnesses that last for weeks or months.

Key abductees regularly hear high pitched frequencies, tones, buzzing and electrical noises that others in the room cannot hear. Key abductees have very heightened senses’ of awareness that other abductees do not. Key abductees can clearly see and hear the aliens while others in the room (victims of opportunity) do not see or hear the aliens.

We think we must be going crazy ~ why can’t my spouse see the alien that just walked past the bed? Why can’t my spouse hear these very loud high pitched frequencies?

Key abductees have the ability to telepathically communicate with the aliens at any time and not restricted only to the alien’s base of operations.

NOTE: telepathic communication can occur with any abducted person at the aliens base of operations as this telepathic ability can/is enabled on arrival and disabled on exit. The difference is key abductees have the ability to communicate with the aliens at home, work or wherever they may be. Many may not know this ability exists but the ability is there none the less.


These are people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. These are people who are spouses or family members of key abductees. For the aliens it’s just as easy to abduct a houseful of humans as it is to abduct the key person the aliens came for. As far as the aliens are concerned it’s like winning the lottery and not buying a ticket.
Victims of opportunity are people who were driving down the road and suddenly found themselves face to face with an alien craft and/or alien creatures when they came around the corner. Surprise!

Should you be staying at a relative’s house when the aliens appear during the night to abduct one of the key humans; well guess what happens to you in most instances? You are now a victim of opportunity. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. But the best part is you will probably never know what happened to you, just some really strange dreams that seemed very real (screen memories).

Having broken alien abductions down into two main groups it is possible to take each group and further break these two groups down into subgroups. That would take a lot of research to accomplish which I will leave to someone else.

These two main groups are not hard and fast rules imposed by these aliens but generalities. There are certainly variations to both of these groups.

A victim or opportunity could easily become a key abductee (a promotion), and a key abductee could easily become be a victim of opportunity (a demotion) or be completely dropped from the abduction program.

A good example is a key abductee or for that matter any abductee becoming disabled and no longer able to walk on their own. If you can’t walk under you own power they don’t need you anymore.

Being abducted by aliens isn’t a charity benefit.

The grays may abduct a victim of opportunity and find out they can use this person in other areas victims of opportunity are not used. You have now been promoted as a key abductee. Don’t you feel lucky?

A fine example of what I mean about abductees being able to walk on their own or they can’t be used concerns a foot surgery I had last year. I was unable to walk on my own without crutches for three weeks. I noticed the aliens checking on me to see my progress as I healed. As long as I used crutches they left me alone. The very night I got up and went to the bathroom without the use of crutches was the very night they jumped at the chance to once again abduct me.

I knew full well this was going to happen once I became free of using crutches to get around. In case you are thinking I could have faked it and made them think I still needed crutches; well you don’t know these gray aliens very well.

Anyone knowing about the grays base of operations knows how massive this base is and these aliens will not carry anyone around, but one must be able to walk once you deplane the arrival craft.

Walking slowly is not a problem but not being able to move under your own power is a problem for them and these aliens will drop you from the program once you become unable to walk under your own power.

I’m certain there are many other reasons one could be dropped/demoted from the program or added/promoted to the program. I only mention this one reason I am very familiar with.

Keep in mind I only refer to the gray aliens and their abduction practices. I DO NOT know about any other alien species or how they may carry out abductions.

A quick note on WILLING which will one day be a separate article;

If we abductees are all willing; then we are not really being abducted after all. We agreed to go with the aliens, did we not? You say No, you did not agree? My friend, you did agree, you just don’t remember it. They aliens won’t take you if you don’t agree to go with them. You don’t have to believe me, just ask you abductors. They don’t lie. Would your space brothers lie to you?

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