More views from ET’s base of operations…

By Bobby Morrison

After your arrival at ET’s base of operations and you deplane the saucer (all gray craft are saucers) you and the group of humans (if you were not alone) who just arrived along with yourself enter the wide door to find the biggest damn underground caverns you ever laid eyes on. Since I mentioned caverns, we normally associate this word with another word, ‘natural’; I can assure you these are NOT natural caverns. They may have been natural at one time and if so these caverns have been enlarged and there is no sign of anything natural in this underground home.

You are told to undress, if you wore any clothing to begin with, and you drop your clothes where you stand. You might notice all the activity at this place, hundreds of humans and extraterrestrials moving about and the humans all appear as zombies. All of these people are expressionless and appearing to be drugged, doing what they are told without question.

The first step after undressing is making your way over to the rows of tables. You know the drill, you’ve been here before. If there are no empty tables you stand in line and wait for a table to open up. When a table is open you walk over and get on the table. The narrow table does not seem cold on your naked body but it should be because it looks like polished stainless steel.

 You may have been here 24 hours ago but it matters not as you still get on the table. ET wants to know if there have been any changes since your last visit. Once you get on the table your implants are automatically scanned (the table I assume), and your entire history is available from your very first ET encounter to present day.

The initial exam does not take long. ET checks the schedule to see what plans are in place for you on this particular visit. After your initial exam you are quickly whisked off to the next item on the agenda, or the schedule as it were. Yes, you probably had no idea that you were on the calendar and scheduled to be picked up at a certain time and date did you? Don’t get me wrong, not all humans are abducted this way but my opinion is most are. Some aspects of your life are preplanned and you don’t know it. Not only don’t you know it but there is not a damn thing you can do about it either.

As you go about this underground base you notice it is so quiet at ET’s base of operations you could drop a pin and you would be able to hear it hit the solid rock highly polished floor. The floor appears as solid rock with no joints or seams, very smooth with a high polished gleam to it. There are a series of enormous caverns one after with a very thick rock wall between each cavern with wide cut out doorways to pass between each cavern. ET has quite a home here in these deep underground caverns and passageways.

You look up and the ceiling is so far away but it’s not just a ceiling but its rock. You notice the walls in many places are also semi-flat and solid rock walls. In some places there are walls like the ones found in your home but there is no color, nothing stands out.

What does stand out the sheer number of naked humans walking around in these enormous caverns? These humans appear to know nothing; they appear to see nothing, just doing what they are told. Get on the table; get off the table and follow me; go stand over there; turn over on your stomach and we humans comply as if we were robots receiving commands.

And we are….

But, not all us and not all the time. Sometimes a human will snap-out of this sedated state. There may be some screaming and yelling but it does not last long and the human is once again sedated but this time the tall gray makes sure this individual will not regain their awareness again. A single stare into your eyes from a tall gray alien is all it takes to disable any human and bring them quickly under control.

I have come out of my comatose state during my abduction many times but I don’t scream, well, I did once when I thought the goons were going to drill a hole in my foot, but otherwise when I do come out of this sedated state I know exactly where I am.

I had foot surgery a year or two ago and once I was able to walk again without the use of a crutch I was abducted and I clearly recall lying on a table in a small room. Three of the tall aliens were at the end of the table holding my leg up looking at my foot which was still bandaged.

All was fine until one of them reached up and pulled something from above. It ended up only being some type of x-ray device but at the time I got excited and started yelling at these aliens. What is that thing I asked? Is that a drill, what is that thing? Are you going to drill a hole in my foot?  One of the tall beings walked over and stared at me and that was all I recall of that incident.

When I do come out of my comatose state I might talk to another abductee and I sometimes get a verbal response to my question but not usually. I look in the other abductees face and all I see is a drugged person unaware of what is going on around them. This other person has no expression and appears to be asleep and it’s obvious this person is drugged, not literally drugged but mentally drugged by the infamous staring technique used by these tall bastards.

I often just stand and look around while I’m waiting in line for my turn at whatever is next on the agenda. I look at the walls, the high rock ceiling so far away. I watch the tall aliens working on humans lying on the table. I marvel at the highly polished floor and tell myself it sure is a beautiful floor. And one thing that always gets my attention is how clean this place is.

But quite when I come out of my comatose state I often start running. I don’t usually know where I’m going but I just run. I think it is fun to turn around and see the aliens chasing me. But there were times before I started running when I would just walk around all by myself.  I would walk by the long rows of tables and occasionally stop and watch what is happening. One of the tall grays turns and we make eye contact.

If you have never made eye contact with one of these tall aliens you are in for a treat. Making eye contact with the short grays elicits no feelings, no fear, and no terror but with the tall grays it’s just the opposite. I will always immediately break off eye contact if I am able to do so because I know what this tall gray is capable of once the gaze is locked.

I quickly break off my eye contact and keep walking; very slowly I walk down the long rows looking at the humans lying on the tables. Some of them are on their back, some of them are on their stomach, some are sitting up and with each human on each table is at least one of the tall grays. Sometimes there are two tall grays working on each human.

By now some are saying to themselves; this can’t be true. The aliens would not allow you to just walk around like this. It is true; at one time when I was a trusted abductee I was allowed the freedom to walk around. Instead of standing in line waiting for my turn I would just start walking and looking around. I never bothered anything or anyone; I walked and just observed what was going on. The tall grays allowed this as I caused no trouble.

Then one day I quickly lost my freedom when two short grays came to escort me to my next appointment. Each of them grabbed one of my arms and I don’t like to be touched so I broke free and I ran. I just ran and ran and they short grays could not catch me. But the tall grays did and my freedom was a thing of the past.

From that point forward I was always escorted anywhere I went. I still occasionally break free from their grip and start running. Then one day I saw that large wide ramp curving around and going up and ran up that ramp but was stopped at the top and escorted over to the observation deck.

And the view from this three or four story observation deck is breathtaking, and also downright pathetic. The view from up there gives one the idea of how extensive the human abduction really is. I again told myself; this is pathetic, this must stop, this is just not right. One of the tall grays telepathically replied; this is how it is and how it will always be.

“This is how it is and how it will always be”Darn, sure wish I had a dollar for every time I was told that.

And you know my friends; for the longest time I never believed that but I do now. When I was first told this by the grays I figured it was lie to make me more passive. Over and over I confronted different tall grays and I told them; this is not right, you can’t do this us. And it was always that same response. ”This is how it is and how it will always be.”

I say to myself; this is pathetic, this is not right; this should not allowed to happen to us. But if you give it much thought you will quickly realize there is nothing you can do. You cannot stop this from happening. You might say this is your karma. You have no choice in the matter. You do your best to live a normal life, often times without enough sleep, and occasionally waking up in pain screaming after you are back in your bed. 

This won’t stop, it never will. It will stop for each one of us abductees only when we die. But it continues with our spouses and our children, and our grandchildren, and their spouses and their children and their grandchildren.

 I have traced this back to my grandfather and grandmother after the turn of the century. (that’s 1900 for you young folk)My grandparents, their nine children; me and my brothers and sisters and their children.

This abduction, this kidnapping of humans is growing exponentially with each new generation. These aliens need human genetic material; why I always ask myself. What are they doing with all of this?

You might be surprised. It may not be what you think.

The dictionaries should have a new definition for the word evil.

EVIL, as in gray aliens.

This is not a Hollywood movie; you can’t get up and walk out of this theater and forget what you saw and what you experienced. You will never forget the pain and the torture. You will never forget that face and those large black almond shaped eyes staring at you.

This is the reality show that will never be shown on TV. 

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