Alien Grays and Human Genetic Material


Alien Grays and Human Genetic Material

by Bobby Morrison

I once thought we humans were abducted strictly for our genetic material for the hybrid program and that was the extent of it.

In my opinion this is only a small part of it. We are logically assuming this is the only reason, as logically it makes sense especially after we are aware of hybrids, all sorts and kinds of hybrids.

Some hybrids fully dressed could easily pass for humans. Some hybrids have human looking faces and then you see those two large eyes that give them away.

One of the most obvious giveaways is the hair on their head, very little of it, sparse and thin. It’s a dead giveaway for me when I see this.

I once witnessed a hybrid at the controls of one of the small shuttle craft and I just stood there staring in disbelief wondering how a human got a job on an alien craft. This female hybrid could have easily passed for a human you meet on the street and say hello to.

And hybrids fall everywhere in between human and alien. Any combination you can come up with is not only possible but entirely likely. I could  write an extensive article on just hybrids if and when I find the time.

After witnessing the mind boggling numbers of humans being abducted and taken to ET’s base of operations I started wondering if perhaps there could be other reasons for the sheer number of us being kidnapped, and abductions are growing exponentially I might add.

Then I think about the amount of blood and tissue samples that I have been donating to ET for many years.

I keep wondering if there is more to this story than meets the eye. There has to be more to this story; I mean how many damn hybrids does ET need to produce?

And where are the grays putting these hybrids? After so many years there must be tens of millions of them by now. Where are they? Look around and wonder if…..           

So I spent countless hours going over the many things I have witnessed and tried to come to a conclusion as to why these gray aliens do the things they do. What possible purpose could these actions serve I keep asking myself?

Of course, being a human I can only apply human logic and human logic cannot make any sense of and cannot adequately explain what I see happening.

Since I cannot think like a gray alien, I cannot figure them out or why the do what they do. All I can do is gather the evidence in my mind and try and put logic behind what is happening, and why it is happening.

The grays have been extracting blood from me on a regular basis for a long time. For years I never had any idea what these nasty looking bruises on my arms and legs were. I became so used to seeing these on my arms I never gave it a second thought. During the warmer months I often wear short sleeve shirts and occasionally someone would stop me in the hall and ask me; Bob, what is wrong with your arms? My reply was simple, Nothing, why do you ask?

Well; look at your arms, what are all those red marks?

I looked at my arms and replied, oh, those marks.

 I replied, I don’t know, I just don’t know, they were there when I woke up this morning but these were not on my arms when I went to bed. I don’t know.

Once I became aware of my life with aliens the marks continued appearing and I had no idea what was going on. I would take photographs and send them out to friends and acquaintances and two different people told me it appeared blood was being extracted under suction.

That made perfect sense to me so I checked my arms often for more marks and began taking macro photographs and in some of the photos one could clearly see a ‘shard’ or some object left in my arm. I have a number of photographs showing these shards.

Some of these shards appeared to have some type of symbols on them.

Not long after my photographing these bruises they started getting smaller and smaller. And smaller, and yet, even smaller. The red marks became so small I could not determine what it was without magnification or taking a macro photograph. Sure enough it was the same similar looking blood red wound with blood pooled right under the skin.

Then the marks stopped appearing on my arms. I found them on my legs so I would photograph them there. I would no longer find them on my legs and when I tell you where they start appearing  you will have a hard time believing but these aliens started extracting blood but from within my mouth. Yes, that is correct. I go to bed with no sores in my mouth and the next morning I have one or perhaps several sore spots inside my mouth. I look in the mirror and these sores look like the ones I found on my arms and legs. These grays will not stop taking my blood. I sometimes think of them as vampires. Hey, wait a damn minute, did I say that?

Once the grays realized I was on to the new location they were using they stopped taking blood from this area and are now back to using my arms to withdraw blood. The grays do their best to hide this area from me but it’s not hard to miss finding it because of the blood red color.

The point of the previous paragraphs is to explain how my blood or genetic material is being taken from me on a regular basis. But it is not always just blood but tissue samples taken from my arms and legs. It’s fairly common to find areas where tissue was removed during the nighttime hours.

But thanks to alien medical technology these areas very seldom if ever have any pain associated with them and the wound heals in a matter of hours, not days. These wounds heal so fast you can sit and watch this happen. This is not an exaggeration either.

I have also awoken several times and found needle marks on parts of my body. The injection site may/may not be sore but it is clearly obvious some sharp object has been inserted into my body.

But this is not just me; this is countless numbers of humans, over and over again. I mean; how many hybrids do you aliens guys need? I as well as many abductees have been to locations at ET’s base of operations where we see rooms with thousands of glass jars (for lack of a better word) with tiny fetuses growing in these jars in a clear liquid. What the hell is going on I ask myself.

I look around the room and stacked from the floor to eight or nine feet high are row after row of jars, thousands of these jars, probably tens of thousands of them as I never did see the entire room.

On one occasion I got very close to within inches of these jars looking at the little faces of each of these tiny creatures as I moved down the row. My jaw dropped as I realized what I was looking at; one after another as I moved down the row looking into the eyes of each of these tiny fetuses, and each tiny face was a little different than the last.

I was not there by myself but accompanied by two females, one 5’ 2” and the other 5’ 6”, both hybrids, and not bad looking gals if I say so myself, but both were mean as hell. I could see the hate and disgust for humans as I looked in their eyes.

But I digress….·         


One matter concerning these aliens that always has me guessing and wondering is the matter of nutrition.

Did anyone ever stop and wonder what these grays exist on?

I mean; what do they eat, and how do they ingest it?

Is their nourishment solid or liquid?

Is that thin line for a mouth all that is left from the far distant past eons ago and no longer serves any purpose? (that answer is yes)

Do the grays absorb their nutrition, and if so what does their nutrition, this food consist of? (that answer is yes)

By now you see where I’m going with this. It’s too soon for me to form a solid opinion but from what I have witnessed, from my conversations with these entities and from the extent of the abduction program one thing becomes apparent and that is we have not seen the big picture, only glimpses here and there from various abductees accounts. Once one begins putting these pieces together a very disturbing picture begins to emerge.

The grays acknowledge that some form of absorption takes place but they do not use the word absorption as I/we would define the word and I am having trouble translating their explanation into English where it’s understandable. The other problem is this method of ‘eating’ or absorption as it were is highly complex as one might imagine and I do not have the background to understand what I am being told. If I can’t understand it I can’t translate my thoughts into English. This is a common problem with subject matter way over my head. I try to get explanations in more simple terms but this is generally futile.

When I converse with grays I always call them my friends but I want to clear that these entities are NOT my friends. In order to have any semblance of a normal life I stay on their good side. I’ve been their enemy and being their enemy makes one’s life a living nightmare.

One cannot imagine the power and the abilities these beings possess. If their mission in life was to extinguish human life on planet Earth they could have done so long ago. Should their mission in life in the future be to extinguish human life on planet Earth it will very simple for them to do so. But I would think and hope that other extraterrestrials visiting Earth would have something to say about this.

To give you an example of the powers these grays possess consider a large room with many humans inside, a meeting, a convention, a party, what have you. Two or three tall grays (because the short grays do not have this ability) could enter the room completely invisible and start dropping the humans like flies.

We would never know what hit us; suddenly all of us started dropping over dead. This is the kind of power these tall grays possess. I’m referring to the 7’ tall grays, not these short cockroaches that do most of the abducting.

But back to alien nourishment; in order to survive they have to have nourishment. They are not robots; they are not cybernetic organisms (but I’m fairly certain the short ones are somewhere in there), so what is the source of their nourishment? I don’t know and I’m certain no human knows but I have formed some opinions based on the enormity of the abduction program and the massive amount of genetic material collected from humans. I’m not ready to publically state my opinion of what I believe is going on but human genetic material has more uses than creating human/alien hybrids.

And I have received some very interesting feedback from these grays about human genetic material and its uses and I don’t like what I am telepathically receiving.

This reminds me of the standard greeting I now use when I begin my telepathic conversations when the grays arrive.

Friends, aliens, extraterrestrials, lend me your mind.

For some reason these entities get a kick out of me saying this when I begin conversing with them. But I must stress, I cannot read aliens minds, and I believe this is impossible for any human to accomplish. I only converse with them telepathically and they seem to enjoy this very much, not all of them of course but most of them.

I have on occasion been able to telepathically listen to conversations between two grays. There are no secrets I can keep from them, nor do I attempt to do so. The grays know they can trust me and if they make any recommendations or ask I refrain from any act or a way of doing something I generally comply.

A very good example is I had been communicating with an astrophysicist who works for NASA at the Johnson Space Center. The grays asked that I break off contact with this individual and I eventually did but it was not right away. Gray aliens are very patient.

I do not know why they requested this but I’m sure they had their reasons as everything these entities do is for a reason. I had met and talked with this person and he gave me his business card and he is who he told me he was as I checked out his credentials and his work at the Johnson Space Center in Houston and some of his numerous articles on advanced propulsion.

And while I’m on the subject of conversing with grays; I never suspected this telepathic communication would become a curse but it has. I cannot explain the extent of this now as it would take a lengthy piece of writing to do so. Suffice to say, telepathic communication with these grays is both a blessing and a curse, and the worst part about this is I cannot reverse it.

I have tried many times to not open the telepathic channel but I fail each time. I am unable to stop this from happening; this telepathic ability with aliens is now on full automatic.

It’s like I opened Pandora’s Box and it’s too late. But I made that choice and I will have to live with it. Live and learn.

I do NOT recommend this to anyone. At some point in time you will be sorry you ever learned how to telepathically communicate with these extraterrestrials; at least the grays I know. I don’t know about other ET’s, only these sick minded entities I know as grays.

While I am on this subject I wanted to relate some facts about my telepathic communication with these grays. This information will be included in detail in a lengthy article in the near future on consciousness and telepathy but why not give a sneak preview now?

Once I sense these beings I have instantaneously opened the telepathic channel. I do not have to do anything, the channel is immediately open. In the beginning stages of learning how to open this channel much work and time was required to get to the level where communication can take place. Now it’s immediate, and therein is one problem which readily becomes apparent if one gives this much thought. I cannot think or plan something in my mind.

About twice a month one of these tall grays will show up at my work. I have no idea why and this gray won’t say. Once I sense a gray arriving I am immediately able to converse with them telepathically and I always ask; what are you doing here?

We exchange greetings and the gray quickly leaves. I have yet to figure out the reason for these visits. Just for fun I something dare the gray to move to the visible light spectrum, pull up a chair and I’ll show them what I’m doing.

An example of how this telepathic ability has become problematic is let’s suppose I am going to take a trip or go on a vacation. So I think about this trip, this vacation beforehand and I try and plan some things in my mind but I’m continually interrupted by the grays joining in. I did not ask them. I was not talking about them or talking to them, and I want them to stay out of my brain but these entities are listening to my thoughts and suddenly join in and give me their opinion. I can’t stop this from happening. This sounds funny and it is but it’s not funny being interrupted time and again.

At first it was an annoyance but it has now become problematic. I often end up telepathically screaming at them to get the hell out of my mind and leave me alone. The gray(s) will get silent for a while and then once again start injecting their thoughts about whatever I am thinking about. In other words; my mind is no longer mine, I share it with the grays.

Beware of what one asks for is the lesson to be learned here.

The opinions expressed in this article are mine alone; I speak for no other human, abductee or otherwise. I am not a writer; the only thing a writer and I have in common is we both probably use a computer and word processing software and this is where the similarity ends. In case you wondered.

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