Things That Go Bump in the Night

What are these shadows I see on the wall moving around?

What was that ‘popping’ noise I heard shortly before I saw something moving?

Who are these strange mysterious creatures coming into our homes, and what do they want with us?

Why are these creatures kidnapping us and taking us from our homes.

What are all these experiments these creatures do to us?

What is this so called ‘training’ we are involved in while with these creatures?

What are these mysterious creatures injecting into us with those long needles?

What is the strange fluid in a clear odd shaped glass that we are asked/told to drink?

Why do these creatures need to keep implanting us with objects in different parts of our bodies?

What is the purpose of the surgical procedures performed on us by these mysterious creatures?


The questions are almost unlimited and the answers are as difficult as being able to view the backside of the moon with a telescope.

But this is nothing new; mysterious beings have been with mankind since he first appeared on this planet. It’s just that we can’t see them, most of the time that is.

I would guess the reason we cannot see outside of the visible light spectrum is a very good thing.

The Infrared and Ultraviolet light spectrum is where many strange creatures can be seen. Humans cannot see these creatures but digital cameras can.

I can’t tell you how many UFOs I have captured on my digital camera, yet I did not see these wonderful flying machines. I only know these flying craft stay mostly in the IR spectrum where we humans cannot see them. So I take random shots with my camera whenever my camera is with me, which is most of the time.

Just point and shoot and don’t be surprised at what you find in your photographs.

The same is true of creatures that exist outside the visible light spectrum. These creatures are there, whatever they are or called, they do exist. All one has to do is point and shoot. Of course the hard part is next, trying to determine if your photograph contains any weird looking creatures that you had no idea were in your house.

I prefer to turn the flash off, and take my photos late at night or the early morning hours. Especially when I see something moving and my camera is next to the bed I just might grab the camera, jump out of bed and start chasing whatever it is I see moving around my bedroom.

Is it hard to get photos of these creatures? You bet it is. They move light lightning, go through walls, windows, ceilings and doors. And I suppose it’s just as easy for some of them to pop into another dimension to escape my pursuit.

These creatures will do what it takes to avoid the camera. I always ask these creatures, whatever they are, why they are so camera shy. They never answer that question but it’s obvious they don’t want to be photographed.

In order to get a photograph of one in the late night hours or early morning hours I wait until I see movement. If I see movement I know something is there. I can’t see this creature, whatever it is but I know about where it’s at so I might just jump up and give pursuit. And if you think taking one or two photos is going to get you the creature of your dreams, then you are dreaming.

You will have to take many photographs. Over the course of time you will take hundreds of photographs, and you will need to analyze each photograph. You will quickly find you will get very bored with this kind of photography, and say it can’t be done, or there is nothing there, it was my imagination or my eyes were playing tricks on me.

But the worst part of trying to photograph these elusive creatures, whatever they are, is they don’t like being photographed. They don’t like a human chasing them with a camera in hand. And if you are persistent enough like me, you just might make them mad, you might upset these creatures.

Upsetting these creatures, whatever they are is not a good thing for the person doing the chasing and taking the photographs. I can tell you from personal experience that once these creatures get upset that they will make me pay for my actions. And they always do make me pay a price for chasing them and trying to get a photograph of them.

Immediately after taking my random photographs I can forget about sleeping the rest of the night.

I know it’s payback time, and I deserve it for being foolish enough to chase and try to photograph something I may have seen moving around my house. Obviously I do not try and take photographs of inter-dimensional beings, aliens or whatever they are very often.

Sleep deprivation and excruciating pain is the price I pay for my actions, therefore I think long and hard before I give pursuit with camera in hand going after things that go bump in the night.

But I know I will never get a rare photograph of these elusive creatures unless I keep trying. It’s like most other things in life though; if you want something bad enough it’s going to cost you.


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