Yet More Views from ET’s Base of Operations

Yet More Views from ET’s Base of Operations Views from ET’s Base of Operations – Part IV

In the past I have wrote about the subterranean caverns deep within the bowels of Earth where the vermin reside and I wanted to update some details I have left out in previous articles.

I have racked my brain for some time trying to figure out where the entrance to one of these bases is; the base I am usually taken to and I always knew the entrance to this base was underwater but I never had any idea where this large body of water could be.

After reading this article;

I told myself, of course; the large body of water in question has to be the Pacific Ocean off the California Coast. It makes perfect sense to me now. Drop into the water several miles offshore and travel underwater to reach the tunnel entrance.

I recall many times observing the outside of the craft while flying and it suddenly getting pitch black outside the craft. I kept thinking the craft was flying up high but I never saw any stars or planets; just pitch black darkness outside the saucer.

Then after some length of time while still looking outside the shuttle craft entered a large flat tunnel which was brightly lit. This tunnel is wide enough to accommodate several small shuttle craft entering or exiting the tunnel all at the same time. The tunnel has a continuous slight upward incline until it reaches near the end where it stops and we humans exit.

The part I always neglected to mention about this tunnel is that while flying along this uphill incline at an amazing rate of speed I see huge closed doors on the right side of the tunnel while entering.

It takes some time for the shuttle craft to make it to the top where the craft stop and us humans deplane the saucer. But for many miles while moving along at an incredible rate of speed I see these massive doors on the right side. These doors must be hundreds of feet apart judging from the speed this shuttle craft is moving through the tunnel and these doors remind me of hanger doors one sees at an airport or military bases.

The doorway entrance we humans enter and exit is approximately 10-12’ wide while these massive doors I see closed are enormous in size. I have yet to see any one of these doors open as the shuttle craft flies along but judging from the size of the doors it’s apparent that something very large could easily enter or exit through these doors.

So what would enter or exit through such large doors I kept asking myself? Of course, the saucers themselves would be entering and exiting these doors. Because of the space between each massive door I assume there are factories behind these walls, factories where these saucers are probably made and assembled. Just a guess but these vermin are so deeply entrenched within the bowels of Earth that it makes common sense that they have factories where they produce the goods they require and need. Aircraft not only need to be produced but also upgraded and maintained.

Having seen a number of different saucers on the outside and more specifically very close and personal on the inside I can easily see that some of these saucers appear to be antiques while others appear to be almost new looking. There are some of these saucers that look so old they need to be in a museum or need to be retired. I assume a well-made flying disc properly maintained is good for a hundred years or more. Just a wild guess though.


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